Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Giveaway Winner and Just Me Raving On (this could be long)........

Well i wasnt really gone. Just pre-occupied. My Step sis and her kids have been visiting for the past 5 days so its been all systems Go here. AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.
I havent seen my Step Sis and my niece (she is 5) for over 2 years and had never met my nephew (he is 16 months old now), so there was plenty of cuddles and kisses from Aunty Shann let me tell you :) I wish i had photos but they are mostly on mums camera and she hasnt had a chance to email me them yet. CMON MUM PULL YOUR FINGER OUT AND GET MOVIN' !!!!
Anyhoo we had so much fun while they were here, did some touristy stuff, went to a farm yesterday and fed the baby animals, had a tractor ride etc etc...good fun!!!! Me being the Farm lovin gal that i am i loved it! Yes girls underneath the pretty pink stuff i am a country girl who loves the smell of cow poo!!! LOL
The word of the day yesterday was 'MAGNIFICANT' and i am proud to say it came out of the mouth of none other than my Sam who exclaimed that the Roosters were MAGNIFICANT. Thats my boy!
Oh and drama of the day was our friends little girl swalowing her 2$ coin and starting to choke..ENTER Super Shann (yes thats me, i wear my pink cape on weekends mostly) and her quick thinking and grabs the kid, throws her over my lap and gives her a few good thumps on the back to cough it up! All was well in the end (albeit a tad scary for her and her poor mum) and that poor kid will never speak to me again for thumping her so hard :(
And so ends a day in the life of Super Shann.

Ok so moving on.....
Mr Sam was in no mood to have his picture taken today (grumpy and sad coz the visitors have gone back home)so i had to do it myself.
In they go !!!!!


Congrats Priscilla! I will be emailing you and letting you know you won!
Thanks to all you lovely gals who left comments to enter. Im sure there will be plenty more Giveaways from me to come!

Ok now i'll just show you a couple of pics of some pretties i made a few nights ago.
First up is this sweet sweet trio of Lavender Strawberries. I just loooove this fabric for them, its so ummm 'strawberry-ish' LOL

Next is a PINK PINK PINK Tussie Mussie that i used Rachel ashwell Rosalie fabric on, my favourite fabric i think.
Ive listed this and the Lavender Strawberries on Ebay.

Well thats all from me today, the oven is now calling me to clean it. Oh yes its all non stop partying and fun and games here!

Tutt Taa
Shann xo


Alison Gibbs said...

Shannon sounds like you have had a fun filled 5 days with your step sister and her kids.

Katrina said...

You are a dead set super hero!!! I can't believe you had the quick wit to grab the little girl and do that. Some people just go all crazy when there is an emergency - but not Shannon. She is as calm as a cucumber! I bet though, if it was Sam you may not have been so calm. I know I wouldn't!! Glad you had a good time with your step-sis. Family are the best fun!
Chat soon
Katrina :)


Katrina, I had to do it with Sam one day and i was amazingly calm then too. Afterwards when it actually hit me was when i freaked out !!! LOL I was a mess.


Yes, well now you all know why I have been absent too, and yep you were amazingly super-hero woman. I will post some pics when I recover (& DH is also out of my hair) in a day or two.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Shann! Sounds like you had so much fun!! Sam is so CUTE!!! What a smart little guy :) I love what he made Lori for her birthday too! He takes after mommy!

LOVE the tussie mussie and the strawberries!

Glad your back too.

Joyce at Salisburys Corner said...

sounds like you had fun

oooo i so want that tussie you made its stunning!!!

Ive decided I will make christmas ones soon and the kids can decorate to sit at the table!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Well... it's true, you are a hero! And you're like me in that you dealt with what you had to and then just freak out! LOL! But that's ok! At least you took care of what needed to be done, super Shann! I love your pretty tussie mussies and your strawberries!! Very pretty!

Sweet Remembrance said...

You are such a Super Hero...
Good job! I love the strawberries, too cute. And thanks Sam for picking me, I am one lucky girl!

KARA said...

wow shann you are a superstar.
I love manure too a good old country girl as well LOL. wouldn't be able to tell in my shows though.
How fun to have your family, love the new goodies, those strawberries are soooo cute.
Well done to the winner lucky girl

Laurie said...

You've been a busy Super Shannon!
No wonder you've been so quite. Nice save on your friends little girl. I would have been panicked!
It's good to hear you had a nice visit with your family. Toodles!