Sunday, 23 September 2007


Ok girls HELP IS NEEDED big time here !!!
Sam and i have become srtangley obsessed with Halloween this year and we need your help. Being in Australia we dont celebratee halloween and well quite frankly and honestly i think that sux big time.Theres so many horrible things going on in the world...why cant we celebrate a fun night and give the kids some candy and some giggles !!!!! Oh and Mummys need candy too...hee hee.
So for my dear lil' Sam, my gift from God, my reason for breathing, we are having HALLOWEEN in our home this year!! YIPPEEE i am soooooo excited just thinkin about it :)
I plan to decorate our front room (i really want to have bats hanging from the ceiling..hee hee) and have the blinds right open on halloween evening as that room looks out to the street. We are even going to make a big sign to let all the neighbourhood kids know that our home is open for TRICK OR TREATING !!!
Sam is jumpin around like a fool at the thought of this.
I asked him who'd he'd like to dress up as and he said 'MALEFICANT' from Sleeping Beauty

LOL yes my son is a huge fan of hers!! Thats gonna be fun making that costume :) Me , im just gonna be a Witchy Poo i think (as Shane said, i could just go as myself then...hardy har har husband). Well ive got the black cats already (Lori should i dress them up too??hee hee).

ANYHOO if you have some traditional Halloween decorating ideas, recipes, ANYTHING really kool you'd like to share with me, i would LOVE some help. My email is
Oh, we really want to make a big Jack-o-Lantern too, so any clues on getting that done would be MUCH APPRECIATED.

Oooh i cant wait, its like christmas, only scary and with more Candy!!!

Lots of Hugs N Kisses,
Shann and Sam ( Halloween Wannabe's )


tammyCA said...

Halloween is such fun. I love thinking of what to make for my kids costumes & then getting compliments on them.
Let's see...there are some amazing carving patterns for jack o lanterns - look at Martha Stewart there - I think the last issue of Living has some.
We always have spooky music playing when the treaters come to the door. One year (before I had kids even) I did a little diorama of a pumpkin patch with my little dolls & set it up in the front window. I had to tell everybody to look cuz they were in a hurry to get the candy & run on. lol.
You can also have a Halloween party & have bobbing for apples, creepy fun goodies, apple cider...
And, after all that you will have a bunch of wired kids from all the sugar. lol!
Have fun!
p.s. where did you find the Halloween pics above? Those look like the vintage ones (from the 60s, that I remember).

Cheryl said...

Couple of ideas... 1.) buy some 2 liters of orange & fruit punch soda, make new labels which read "Dracula's blood" & "pumpkin juice" or that green stuff, I think thats mountain dew? Anywho, call that "bug juice"
Also, if you take a small paper bags you can stuff it with newspapers...kinda smush it into a round pumkin shape. Create a stem by twisting part of the paper bag. Paint it to look like a pumpkin. (Thats a very easy child craft) ~Cheryl

Gail McCormack said...

I remember my daughter having a halloween party, lots of guests coming as ghosts, white sheets and white powder on their faces, how about that a few white sheets hanging from the ceiling? might be easy but effective
don't forget lots of photos for us, you'll make it all fun I bet!

KARA said...

its not much of a british holiday either shann, but I have joined a couple of halloween swaps as I am half american and love the holiday, I would love to send you and sam some of my goodies I have if you don't mind.
Email me your addy if you want
what a great thing to do for that gorgeous little boy

Adla said...

Hi, I'm new to this blogging land and stumbled across your blog.Sounds like you're boiling yourself a pot of tremendous fun.Best of luck with the preps.:)Do visit me at Ta for now!


Liz said...

Hi, just love your blog - I have finsihed our paper dress swap Yeeeeh!!! :):), and have emailed the address given, but it has been returned -Help!!!!!

Laurie said...

We don't do the whole scary thing. Last year I made the costumes from The Chronicles of Narnia. Mikaela was Susan and Camille was Lucy. They looked so cute. You will have to post pictures of Sam in his costume for us all to see.

Katrina said...

Hi Shannon, The whole Halloween theme is a little foreign to me too. Like you, we didn't really celebrate it. We may have had a dress up here and there when we were in primary school but that's it. I can't wait to see what you get up to!!
Katrina :)

Jaimie said...

Oh that is too bad there is no Halloween where you live. But who knows, you may start a new tradition! We have the usual jack-o-lanterns, and black and orange candles on the mantle works nicely. You can purchase dry ice to make a spooky fog. Check on the web for some really good ideas and good luck!

Bejeweled said...

Oh! How fun you are celebrating Halloween this year!

This site is a pumpkin encycopedia!

The dry ice fog is a great idea too!


Thankyou so much girls for all your helpful info and emails!!
I really appreciate it.
Luv Shann xo

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Definatley check out the Martha Stewart website, her Halloween magazine has some great stuff in it!!

Jules said...

Same here Shannon i think its our exposure to the U.S via the blog world>i have gone all halloweeny too which in Australia is like wanting a drink in the desert isnt it lol.
I do think its catching on here slowly slowly In the meantime i better add something Halloween like to your Birthday list