Friday, 7 September 2007

Everythings Coming Up Roses

Yesterday was a happy day so i celebrated by painting sweet pink roses....
The reason for the happiness and roses??? (not that we ever need a reason for roses)......Shanes Catt Scan results came back and showed us that all was once again looking good with his cancer :) So we are very tickled pink in this house.

So i sat up again late last night and painted my pretty roses on an old timber draw panel. I am really pleased with how they turned pink and pretty and of course very girly and sweet. I have listed it on ebay already.

But today i have been crazily cleaning up my office AND our Guest Room (in anticipation of my step sister and her kids who are arriving next week...YEAH !!) and whilst i was re-arranging (yes Katrina, just like you...are we mad???) and decorating i found my gorgeous Faux Iced Christmas Tree i made last christmas. I was soooo excited, jumping around like a fool saying Shane Shane look what i found!!! of course he was like Oh Ok yeah, its a tree.... Why do men not get it?????
Anyhoo here it is :) I sold a heap of these on Ebay last year so i think i shall start taking orders for more, they were so fun.

I sent my Cotton and Candy Swap off last week to sweet Miss Dolly over there @ From My Cherry Heart and i totally forgot to take photos of everything i sent. I did remember one thing but...the cute Tussie Mussie i sent her.
Now Dolly DONT LOOK if you havent received your parcel yet. Or if you are like me and hate surprises and snoop everywhere for your presents till you find them....THEN YOU CAN LOOK :) I loved making this for her and i hope she loves it. I even used the sweetest cherry fabric.

Now onto my most favourite subject... SAM hee hee
Well poor darlin has been feeling awfully left out because mummy keeps getting parcels from the 'Parcel Man' (way too many ebay purchases etc etc) and he never gets any, so he took it upon himself to yell out to the Fairies and God to bring him a parcel please. So i sent Shane to the shops the other night on a mission to buy some pencils and things to package up for Sam.
The next morning as it turns out i got another parcel (oops another one from Gail) so i sent Sam out to see if there was one for him on the front porch too.....
Well the squeel of delight and the smile on his face could have lit up the whole sky, and as you can see, its from The Fairy's and God and even had Fairy Dust on it.
Plus i added a postage stamp to it otherwise the smart little rat would have asked why there wasnt one if it had really been posted...???

He ripped that open quick smart too ! By the way, ignore the dummy in his mouth , its a night and morning thing....we're workin on it, slowly but surely :)

Thanks for popping by again,
Im off now to my warm lounge room to sit and have a hot chocolate and watch something trashy on tv LOL

Shann xo


Gail McCormack said...

First of all the best news is Shane is OK, you must all feel on top of the world!! You can remember your roses painted on the drawer as "Celebration Roses". It's funny the things you write about Sam, I'd love to write little bits about my kids but they can read and they'd get cross at me!
xo Gail

KARA said...

oh shannon, I swear you are the worlds most amazing mom, what a fab idea, look at his cute little face, it honestly brought a tear to my eye.
Congrats to dear Shane great fab news yippee.
Now for those gorgeous roses, what an artist you are - I want it, I am saving my pocket money for a piece of your gorgeous art.
love to all

Alison Gibbs said...

Well done Shane! Great result.
Love the roses Shannon.
You've changed your stuff on the dresser!!Where's the lovely bust?


I had to move it for the photo Alison, dont panic :)


Alison Gibbs said...

Good to hear as it looked real pretty


Ummm, yeah, I would be lookin' for the bust too, seeing as how it was a present from moi. Just don't let those pesky kitty kats near it. Alison is obviously a woman of taste.

Katrina said...

Hi, I already congratulated you and your hubby on your great news earlier! Happy Days!!!

I am wanting that roses print, but have no idea where i would put it! In the laundry??

That is a great idea you did for Sam. I like to buy bits and pieces from ebay for them and the looks on their faces when I say it's for them is hilarious!!

Chat soon
-Katrina :)

Anonymous said...


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Shannon, I am so happy that Shane's test came back okay!!!!!! That would be jus the best news!!

Your little man is so cute opening his new treasures!!

I love the pink Christmas tree!!! How much are those, I think I have to have one, lol!!!


FrostingsNSparkles said...

That is WONDERFUL news, Shannon. Wishing him continued good health (((hugs)))

Your roses and your tree are gorgeous!!! And Sam looks so happy, what a great Mummy you are!!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What wonderful news about Shane, I am so happy for you all!
I'm lovin' that pink tree; I had to enlarge the photo so I could drool over it even more!
And so cute about the package for Sam; reminds me of when my boys were little, and my parents would send them mail, even though they lived only five minutes away! Just tickled them to bits!

Sue said...

Great news, everything's coming up roses!!Love your painting, dresser, and most of all, Sam's delivery!I used to give my kids all the special envelopes with windows to open,you know, the bills!Now they dont want a bar of them, they have learnt, if they open they can pay!

Sue said...

PS. Sounds good , frou frou's is the place to meet!

Peta said...

Great news, Shann! And what a wonderful idea for Sam, he must have been over the moon!
I love that iced Christmas tree. I don't remember you selling those. Make sure you post about it when you start selling them again!

Stephanie said...

Great news for you & Shane, dear. I'm so happy for you both!

Sam is such a lucky little kid. You are an awesome mother! I did such funny things as this when my daughter was little & she still talks about them, so you just keep on making those special memories!!

Love that iced Christmas tree!!!!

I know Dolly very well & she is going to LOVE her tussy mussie!!

Angelic Accents

Jill Monroe said...

Excellent news!

Laurie said...

That is so sweet Shannon! What a lucky boy!


Pearl Maple said...

Congratulations on your good news.

You have so many sweet pink things going on in your blog space but that tiny tree is darling.