Saturday, 8 September 2007

What's In A Name ...

Ok i got to thinking today about names and all because i have been tagged by Kara and Alison for the name game.So just for you 2 lovlies i will do it at the end of the post.

But for now i was thinking about the names we choose for our animals...ok dont ask me why or how just go with the flow ok :)

So for some frivolity (ok is that even a word?...bit like Stephanies 'YAKKY' really...) and just all out no reason other than 'i can ' i will tell you why i named my pets their names....Oh and i'll do them in order of purchase so as not to show favouritism ( because they may read this you know, they are way clever) LOL
1. Fraser our Golden Labrador was named after the YUMMY actor Brendan Fraser (its no secret in my family that i would kick Shane out if Brendan Fraser 'came a callin'... well he might.....i live in hope

2. My cat George... named after George of The Jungle (played by Brendan Fraser in the movie)...sad i know but it had to be done.

3. George's brother Bruce..well he was already named when we finally got him...named after Bruce Willis and thats kool by me because i am a Die Hard freak!.

4. Chloe our Golden Retriever...our darlin was already named when we got her too...oh man this post is rapidly going down hill isnt it......but i was told that she was named Chloe after the perfume and that would suit her to a T actually.

5.Cobi my Arabian horse. This is a classic one for any Star Wars fan (like me). Cobi's show name is 'Warren Park O.B One'. Warren Park after the stud he was bred at and O.B One from Star Wars. So...Cobi for short :) kool huh?

6.Scamp my lil bugger cat who you all know by now. Well basically i always wanted a lil scunge bucket of a cat to name after Scamp the rascal puppy from Lady and The Tramp. This soooo suited Scamp because we rescued him from the bush, he was feral and covered in ticks and yuk and now he's my bubby (everyone say awww ).

7. Last but not least, my Molly cat. Well i always loved the name Molly for a little girl so when i stumbled across miss Molly whilst out 'junkin' i figured well ok lets call the cat molly :)
Then low and behold Molly turned out to be a boy.It was too late but, the name had stuck, so now we have a cat who definately has an identity issue. But now Sam has discovered the old Molly Moo Cow cartoons and thats funny because we always call her Molly Moo Cow .

So there you have it. Have any of you named your pets after someone or something weird? C'mon tell the truth.

NOW this dreaded name game.
I cant remember the rules but you all prbably know them by now anyway.
Ok so my Middle name is.... i have to ???...........
ok ok but i warn you.....
Sorry to anyone out there called Gai but i loathe it,but thats just me.
( Mum what on earth were you thinking, were you still high on happy gas??????)
ANYHOO i digress, i do that from time to time...

G is for Ghastly photos. I seriously pick to bits any photo of myself and will inflict serious pain on anyone who tries to shows such photos to other people! I am my own worst nightmare.

A is for Artistic which i do like to think i am.

I is for I am In Love with my son and my husband :)
oh and I is also for Idiotic middle names (MUM!!)

Well now i am meant to tag 3 gals since my middle name has 3 letters. So i tag Polly, Shelly and Mum (ha ha you have no middle name mum so you have to do your first name). Thats called PAYBACK i believe :)

ok well this brings us to the end of my rather RANDOM post
And to answer all your questions NO i have not been drinking :)
Just high on life gals, high on life......

Shann xxoo


Alison Gibbs said...

As always with your posts Shannon - you leave us laughing. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Shelly @ thePINKbarn said... are hilarious! And a pet lover, I see! :-) We only have a horse named Spyder and a goldfish named intersting stories like yours, though! So, I'm assuming that I am the Shelly who you tagged with the name game?....

KARA said...

thanks shann for continuing on the fab name game, I have never heard of GAI before maybe its an Australian name. I loved your answers ahh the In Love is so sweet.
Wow I love the animal name part of the post. My mom named all her dogs after the letter P, and they all have to be what she calls pretty girly names, so there was Prudence and there is still Primrose and Precious. And then we have tinkerbell and tabatha 2 witches from popular 60's tv shows, they are our kittens

Katrina said...

Shannon you are one crazy gal, but I love it! You need to blog more often cos I love reading it all! Sorry, but I did have to smile to myself at your middle name. But my kids will probably hate me too when they all start school as they have crazy names. That's ok though as everyone will know my kids! I am sure they will just have to shrug and say "that's my mum - always a little over the top!!".
Have a great day!

joan said...

Cute post and great name game tag. My cat's name is Cleo short for Cleoprata because my Cleo is like a queen or so she thinks! :-)

Lori said...

Shannon, When mr. fraser moves in can I come play??? I know I sound like a dirty old lady!!! Now I don't feel alone cause I think he is YUM! I think your middle name sounds cool, poor mum it wasn't laughing gas it was the birthing drugs!!I hope your Mum isn't furious i haven't mailed her box. Guess what happened? I went ga-ga on her things and went to the post office and didn't have enough cash to mail it and have to return on Monday! i know in time we'll laugh about this but I was so embarrassed! I need you to do two things for me, One: what will it cost all together for the cupcake flower pot with shipping and all! Two: I want to mail your magazines sepaerate from the box, I need your address! Love, Lori Email me

Lori said...

Shannon, Forgot to mention the clock went off at seven thirty a.m and I woke at eight thirty and wasn't dressed till eleven! And was B----y and crying ! Love, Lori

Stephanie said...

Now was that really so bad? I rather like your middle name! I had a girlfriend in jr. high named Glee & she hated her name but I thought it was adorable & such a good match for her.

I named one of my dogs Ritchie for Ron Howard of Happy Days. What's up with that, you ask? No crush, just loved the name.

Had a beautiful Persian, copper colored like a penny, named her Penny, soon found out she was a he, so quickly changed it to Copper ~ thus the dreaded identity crises was avoided.

Had an adorable black & white mutt named Puddin' because we were having banana pudding that day for lunch when I got him ~ I was 5 at the time.

Had a horse named Pal, you know, because he was my pal. Named a goldfish Happy, named a hamster Happy, a bird named Pepper, a poodle mix named...Pepper(I wasn't a very creative kid!)

Let my granddaughter name the little Jack Russell Terrier we have ~ she chose Sissy ~ was watching Barney at the time & B.J. & his "sissy" were on!

Gosh, this is getting long so I'll quit being yakky now! But one more thing ~ a bit of trivia here ~ my husband's cousin (New York radio dj Elvis Duran) got to meet Bruce Willis. Was in his Die Hard 2 film for about 1/2 second!!

Love & Hugs,
Angelic Accents


Hellooo, Gai is a perfectly nice name. And I don't have to stick with my only name, the rules say I can use the one I wanted to have. I always wanted to be Linda, so there. Wait & see.

Jules said...

well could be worse shannon im Jullie Joy Janette beat that one.And you think your mum had happy gas then theres brother Joseph sister jennifer,now joseph had jason ,Jullie had (heaps of boys and one)Joel and jennifer had jye and josh.
My Cats Emmilou also known as Emmy lee loulabeele for reasons unknown,named after the very striking M on her pretty bitchy forehead.Dumped at a petshop unable to lap too young and fed with an eyedropper,Avalon Darknmoon Avalon after the town neil found hetr in dumped and forelorn all torn blind in one eye and starving,Darkmoon for she has seen the darkness ad still shines with her own light.
Strange but all true
as usual

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Shann, you are too funny! Never heard of Gai. It's fun to hear the stories of animals' names.

Sharon said...

You are never too late for Tea~ I am so glad you are coming :-)
Sharon @ MakeMinePink.blogspot

Vintage Mosaic Boutique said...

You are so very funny with all your pet names...I had to share mine...our little Rocky was named after Rocky Balboa because he is so very stocky in his build. He might be a little dog but he is so full of muscles.

Jill Monroe said...

I didn't realize it until later, but I named my daughter after the heroine in one of my favorite romance novels!

Bejeweled said...

This was SO funny! LOVED it!1

Dawnie said...

I'm SO glad to know that I'm not the only Brendan Fraser freak, err, I mean fan out there! :) (He's just so dreamy!!!) *sigh*