Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Well technically we already went but thats ok.
Yep on the Sunday just gone, Shane, Sam and i headed off for the day to Sydneys Tagonga Zoo. Shane and I havent been for about 10 years and Sam has never been, so we were all pretty excited.
The zoo is built right on our beautiful Sydney Harbour.

It's just gorgeous.
Oh but geez why didnt someone remind me of all the walking.....up hill, down hill, back up a hill...and where was the drinks man to cool me down along the way??? I swear i walked off every piece of chocolate ive consumed this year and my butt even feels a bit sexier too!! LOL ! Watch out J.Lo !! HAHAHAHA

Anyway i digress, as per usual.
I'll show you some piccies of the day. So go on make your coffee now and get cosy.
I'll wait.........................................................................................................................................................................................................You right now? Goodo, c'mon then.

Hows this for a pretty face to start your day off, huh? Isnt she gorgeous!

Loved this...I can almost hear her saying " Just go over there and play and give me a break will you, you're stressing me out!"

Some lunatics that escaped from the monkey cage. I felt sorry for them so i brought them home with me.

The little one was pretty cute but so i thought id cuddle up to him....

Sam is fascinated with snakes...Uh, No Thanks ! Especially not a Taipan!

My absolute love for Meerkats saw me take about 50 photos of them! I could have sat there all day and watched them. They are so curious and funny. Sam, my dad and i are devoted fans of the TV series Meerkat Manor.Sam adores them as well.

Arent they the sweetest things!

Now not so sweet and tiny...this Silverback Gorilla was HUGE. They are so fascinating to watch.

Sam loved the seals so much. I think he has plans for one in our pool......hmm...

ok now for something funny. We hopped on over to see the Fennec Foxes who, it seems are in mating season (well thats what the sign said but i now think it was just a cover up for their filthy minds and actions..LOL)) im standing there poised, camera ready for a great photo of these cute lil fluffy' yep i got a great photo alright. I snapped the shutter just as the male swooped in from behind the shrubbery and this happened......

Ohmygosh i felt like a Voyeur ! What a classic, everyone was laughing their butts off ! So yep i can confirm that it is indeed mating season...
because.....20 seconds later he was back for another go.....

I know i know. I gave up trying for a 'sweet' photo after that. I felt kinda dirty but it was pretty gosh darn funny.

Ok compose yourself will you. It's only Fox sex afterall.LOL.
I know it just sounds funny right!

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty....see how i casually changed the subject there...?

And heres one for my International Chickies.One of our cute but smelly Koalas.

This is how tired we all felt by the end of the day! LOL. We had just the BEST TIME EVER !

Ok if you're still here then THANKS for playing. Hope you liked our piccies (yep even the rude ones), LOL.

Have a gorgeous day chickadees.
Love n Pink Kisses,
Shann xxxx


Sharon Ellery said...

The voyeuristic side of you is showing...LOL. Great photos. Sounds you had a fun time.


Shabby Vintage dreams said...

LMAO!!!! How darn funny are those dirty foxes!! geez they could have at least got as room or found a free bush somewhere to do their stuff in private!! he he he SUPER funny!!
Looks like you all had a blast we have been meaning to take Coopie back to the Melb Zoo, Hmm maybe an idea for the weekend!!
Loving the Bargin in the last post!! BIG pat on the back that's for sure!!!

MelsRosePlace said...

The zoo in Sydney is soo lovely but i agree with you re those hills. The last time we went about 4 yrs ago it was about 42 degrees so us and the animals nearly died of heat exhaustion!! Now Miss Shannon have you raided the local woolies for those baubles yet? The bigger ones were from Myer , the type that you get personalised but @ only $1.60 each i bought the lot (in the pale blue anyway), Mel xxx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Talk about foxy loxy!!!
What a saucy little act those two are.
We went to Melb Zoo once and there was a gorilla Um ahhh self pleasuring!!
Zoos are funky places I tell ya!
Anyway looks like you had a great time and Sam got a lesson in procreation!!

our shabby cottage said...

Ditto on the meerkat lovin'. My master 7 is obsessed by them - soft toys, figurines, t-shirts....the list goes on! They are the cutest. At least you managed to get a "cute, sweet" photo of them!!! Not like those h$r*y little foxes!

Sarah said...

Hahahahahaha, great post Shannon, glad to see the you had a geat day. (Bet the fox enjoyed his day!!!)
I am totally in love with your new baragin buy. What a steal! Looks just great with your blue glass ware on it.
Sarah xxxx

Peta said...

Shann, great photos! Trust you to get the mating shots LOL!

Dolly said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe you!

I am feeling like the koala today!

Hugz, Doll

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

HILARIOUS Shann, LOL! What did Sam say??

I LOVE koala's, they are so cute!

I am glad you all got to get out for a fun day of memories! Those are the best days :)

Love ya,

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hi Shannon,
Sorry long time no talk!
I have been so busy that I have decided not to accept comments for the time being... or at least until I get to visit all of my friends!
I`m glad I came over today, as I so enjoyed the trip to the Zoo!
Just as much as you all have! Lol
I`m off now, time to put my kiddies to bed!
Speak to you soon!
Big Kisses and a little hug too,
Debbie Moss



Donna said...

How funny! Thank you for a laugh today, I sure needed it!!! Love all the pics an the foxes reminded me of some dirty pics I took last year at a wildlife preserve. It was of elk mating. Yep - elk porn! Oh my, those stallions are well hung, LOL! And NO, I won't post it on my little blog! hahahaha!!!!!!!

Lori said...

O.K. gotta ask, what did you tell Sam??? Only you would catch them in the act!!! LOL times 100!!!!! Sending love, Lori P.S. Where's my mini Aussie boyfriend picture????? LOL

Bride2Be said...

LOL!!! That is the funniest pic! My Gavin witnessed 2 chihuaua's going at it one day on a walk and referred to it as "giving each other piggy-back rides". Thank GOD for their sweet innocence!!


Sarah Baby said...

You look like you had a fab time at the zoo. My favourites are the giraffs they are so elegant and gentle looking. Must make the effort to take the boys to the zoo in the near future. I get such a lot of good ideas from reading your blog. Thanks