Monday, 10 November 2008

Lots of Reindeers-a- Leaping

Hey...isnt there a christmas carol about that??
Oh no hang on that Lords a Leaping isnt it. DOH !
Im getting mixed up...must be all the glitter and craft glue ive inhaled over the past 2 days.
(no it really has nothing to do with the blonde hair....really and truly)

So where are the leaping reindeer you may ask...?
Well right here..

click on the image and you can see them better :)

Ive just finished a bunch of them and some are now listed on my Website. You can go HERE and see them.

Be quick before they leap on over to someone elses place...LOL.

Ok, egg nog aside, i am seriously getting the Christmas feeling....i really want to put up my new white tree. I am being good and waiting though....But you know the kids in the back of the car saying "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?".....THATS ME !!

SO until Chrissy decorating time i shall be happy to drool over Mels decorations (who has 3 trees up gotta love her!)

But i do have some baubles in a jar....hee hee...oh i just had to.

Ok im off to clean up the glitter thats taking over my house.
Oh here was my hand today.

Just call me Smurfette.


Pink Kisses,
Shann xxx

P.S Theres a new gal in blogland and a new and sweet friend for me. Her name is CARILYN and we just met through EBAY and chatted on the phone today, she is sooo sweet and funny!
I know she will just about turn backflips if you do visit her! AND you'll be glad you did too. You can visit her HERE.


MelsRosePlace said...

Go on put your tree up, put your tree up (bad influence #1 here!). Actually Shann i now have 4 of the little darlings up - pink, white, green, tinsel and white stick one lol lol. Love what you have been creating there. I love that glitter - am in love with those banners that you see in the US blogs and magazines saying DREAM, NOEL and stuff like that - all glittery and vintage looking. I wonder if i could make such a thing! Your new baubles look very fetching on your NEW table as well. Oh what fun we have even if half the population dont really get it!!! Mel xxx

MelsRosePlace said...

Me again - i cant count - its 5 trees up at present! I even saw a gorgeous brown twig one one sale on the weekend and what did i do ...resist! Gee i am good!

TattingChic said...

Cute reindeer all glittered up for christmas! Makes ME want to leap! Well, not really, but it makes me think about leaping...and what a nice thought it was.


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Hey Smurfette!! Love those pastel reindeer!!
OH, I Soooooooo much have the Christmas decorating bug!! We put our 9 ft tree up over the weekend; I am still decorating it though!! Takes awhile!!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I love that you use A china rose dish to put glitter in!!
Very pretty ornies shann

Anonymous said...

The Reindeers are such cuties!! Im soo tempted to go and buy a white chrissy tree. I think Timmo would kill me though! Coz I'd have to change all the ball and decoration colours too!! maybe next year I will buy up after chrissy when they have the sales!!
AHHHH the blue Gliiter hand!! Looks very shiny!! Cant wait to see what other creations you make with it!

joan said...

Hi Smurfette er I mean Shannon,
Love you blue hands. Hey your blog header is beautiful, it looks professional. Love all of your goodies.

Anonymous said...

hey!!! I am loving those reindeer! gosh I want to be glittered up too! lol I miss it so much! I wish I would get my studio done already. well off i go to clean up my little house is a wreck! hugs


Jules said...

Loving the new banner and the reindeers but specially the smurfy hands hehe I wanna decorate too i do i do .

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Love the reindeer. They look great! And smurfette because of your blue hands! hugs, Ellen

Lori said...

Smurfette, Are you upset with me cause of what I said about the blue sofas????? I'm sorry if I made you sad! Now let me know!!! Love, Lori

Rue said...

Hi Shann or um... Smurfette ;)

I can't wait for Christmas either! So many ideas floating around in my head and you just gave me even more :)

love to you,

Sarah Baby said...

We always put our tree up early, it entertains the kids and hubby decorating it. Love the leaping reindeers, must get busy and do something myself