Thursday, 6 November 2008

And then there was Blue.......

Ok yep you all know i am Miss Pink, no doubt about that huh. Well i do love my blues as well though.
And i especially loved those blue sofas...remember back about 6 weeks or so..?? I NEEDED them. Truly i did.
And guess what ??
THEY ARE HERE!!! YEP last Friday morning they arrived all pretty and lovely. When the guys delivered them i said to them and Shane very seriously (hee hee) "Oh i dont really like them now. They look ugly," HAHAHA you shoulda seen their faces! I wish i got it on camera! Funny though, they didn't really see the humour in it....go figure hey.
It cracked me up but so that was cool!

So here they are. The colour of the pics are a bit iffy but because im still figuring out my new camera...., hee hee 'iffy' don't cha just love that word, it can be used to describe just about anything.....Oh that smells a bit iffy, oh that looks a bit iffy, nah it was a bit iffy.... LOL ...Woops i got side tracked again. I can get a bit iffy like that sometimes !

Ok enough jocularity !

here you go.

"How do i love thee...let me count the ways....' HAHA.

Instant problem: A certain lil kitty cat who's name i wont mention (uhhhh but it starts with M and ends with OLLY) has taken to scratching the corners already. No major damage YET.
Anyone got any remedies for that? (Legal and humane ones please,LOL) I think i may have to get scratching posts and place them near where she is scratching because they will always go back to where their own smell is. Or maybe i will just tie bricks to her feet and see how well she does then...??? Oh I'm only know that! But then again ask me what id like to do to her in the middle of the night when i hear her scratching and then I'm chasing her through the dark house with a broom and using every cuss word in the dictionary, and some i made up myself.HAHAHA.

So ok , any advice would be helpful PLEASE.


Hope you all have a lovely day!

Love and Pink Kisses Always,

Shann xxxxxxx


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Hmmm Well lookie lookie lovely blue Ms Pink!
They actually really look so like they belong!
As for Miss Kitty she may need a good speaking too!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Oh, aren't they pretty?!!!!!
Excited for you!!

Lori said...

Did you have one to many martinis before you bought those sofas??? LOL I'm so shocked you'd buy blue sofas!! They are pretty and look very Ashwell!! Love,Lori

Kerryanne English said...

Naughty Kitty!!
I know a certain little bichon who decided to nibble at the base of my new sofa chairs but a liberal sprinkle of Cayenne pepper fixed that problem. I always knew too when she ventured back to her nibble spot because I would hear her sneezing.
Good luck!!

GardenGoose said...

the sofas sure look nice.
have no advice about kitty but I hope the furniture survives..and kitty does too..ha.

our shabby cottage said...

Kerryanne has the right idea. I was going to say use a water bottle with a spray on it. eveytime she gets near it spray her! I love the new couches by the way!

TattingChic said...

The blue sofas are lovely. The blue is the perfect complement to the pink pillows! Poor kitty, poor couches! What to do? What to do?

Holly said...

Very lovely and restful, Shann. I'd have liked to see the look on the guys' face, too! Ha!

There is a spray we can buy in the pet section here that the animals hate the smell of.(Smelled fine to me.) It kept our puppy from chewing up things on the deck so maybe it would help your kitty, too... I use chili pepper to keep the cats out of the flower beds but haven't tried using it inside- seems like it could be a bit messy...

Enjoy your couches!

~ Hearts ~

Jennifer said...

Shannon They are beautiful.I just love your decorating I have alot of the Ashwell curtains and same things you have.

For your sofas with the cats use double sticky tape or just your heavy duty packing tape fold it and stick it to were they are scratching.When they go to scratch they will touch there toes on it and they do not like tape.

Slipcovers help too or quilts draped were they like to scratch.

I love all your cats.The pics of them on your blog are so beautiful.I have cats too,and wouldn't part with them.


Claudie said...

Hi Shann
I always had a little water spray bottle or two ready to give the cat a squirt, make sure it sprays a few feet. They hate the water and it catches them completely off guard. Give it a the sticky take I would be very cautious. I did that and left it on way too long and could not for the life of me get it off.... ruined the couch.
Hope this helps and I would die for those beauties, the couches that is.
Have a great day

Melissa Searle said...

Hey you, :) They look good! Haha! I think they are exactly the same as my couches, except mine are a purple colour. :) Hehe I guess you will see when i post pics of my place sometime when i get around to it. Haha :)
It looks good! So you better not change your mind about it! :)

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

So pretty. I have a couch that I had to use the tape on. Clear tape right across where they wanted to scratch. Take the tape off whenever you want. Spray bottle works great too, if you can catch the bugger.

Jessica said...

I know how you feel about the cat and your new couches!The ones in our family room are new within the last year and a half, and it makes me so mad when our cat scratches them!I have tried the spray bottle trick, but it only works if you are nearby when they do it. I end up yelling. Hahaha Not exactly ladylike. I have heard of these toenail caps you can get fitted on your cat's claws, but I'm not sure they have them here in Australia...

Lucinda Obrien said...

Me too is a pink girl ,but I love your sofa's.They look like a lovely soft blue that will go with anything.Hope your kitty learns it's lesson very soon,it must stress you out at the thought of it scratching your new addition.

Shabby Kim said...

Hi Shannon,

Don't know what to tell you about your kitty as I've never had one myself, but I must say I just love your new sofas. They looks so shabby and comfy and I love the pretty blue color. It goes so well with our favorite color of pink. Your home looks so pretty, it makes me want to move right in.

Take care...

Cottage Rose said...

hey Shann; I love your Blue Sofas; they look like they were meant for your room. Even though you are a Pink kinda gal. lol As for Miss M olly, you can have her declawed or you can put little socks or booties on her. I vote for the first one.