Friday, 7 November 2008


Oh now come on, get your minds out of the gutter...I'm talking pretty things that start with F. Did you really think i was insinuating something crass??? Oh shush, i would never! *wink*

First thing that starts with F is this.....

Yep it's First Friday time again! As always i want to send a HUGE shout out to my sweet pal Rhea for hosting this for us. THANKS MISS RHEA xx.

Here are my First Friday Items this time round.
Im thinning out my Petite Faux Cupcakes..they seem to be taking over every nook and cranny in this house, LOL.
*Note, these are made by me*

Price is $20.00 per set of 3. Postage Aus Wide will be $4.00. Shipping International will be $15.00au.
Now don't forget my little overseas chicks that the $$$ conversion is lookin' pretty great for you guys right now!

If you'd like to purchase a set just email me at or leave me a quick comment.

SET a) Cotton Candy Love

SET b)Sweet Ocean Breeze.

Every gals kitchen deserves some sweet Faux Cuppies...oh and our butts definately deserve ones that wont add any calories! HAHA, well i know mine does!

Pop By HERE to Rheas blog for a list of the FF Girls!

NOW...onto something else that starts with F....

Come take a walk with me wont you...?

A little friend of mine told me we had a new addition to our i went searching or on an 'Expoitition' as Winnie The Pooh would say.

This is 'said' friend..'PinkyDust' (named by Sam)...see she's telling me a secret...

She told me to look over near my favourite pink rose.....come on then lets walk up the little pebble path..

Do you see anything???
I know i need glasses but geez this is ridiculous....

Ok lets get in closer....Yep there she is sound asleep!What a life huh?

Well i think if i was a Fairy id sleep under this rose as well *smiles*
Sam has told me her name is 'WinkaWinkaDinka'..GOOD GRIEF that poor fairy! LOL. Well at least he didnt call her 'Wilburt' like everything else he names, so i suppose she got off fairly lightly there..HA !

I think we will let her sleep now...because she's in for a rude shock when she wakes up and finds out what her new name is....LOL!

Thanks for popping by and please dont forget to pop by Rhea's blog and visit the rest of the First Friday gals! You never know what treasure you might stumble upon!

Have a gorgeous weekend ahead everyone,

Love n Pink Kisses
Shann xxxxx


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Funny chap that one you have!

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Shannon,
I love your fairies in the garden, so pretty!
I missed your last post on your new lounges, they are just devine darling! What a beautiufl place to sit & relax....or sit & look at!
I hope your poor poody cat doesn't keep scratching your lounge, have you tried putting pepper near by so they are deterred to go near it.
Have a great weekend,
Sarah xxxx

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

ha ha - you made me laugh so hard! Your First Friday post is Fabulously Funny and Fantastic.

Your Ocean Breeze cupcakes are positively SUMPTUOUS! What a glorious shade of blue!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Your ocean breeze cupcakes are GORGEOUS! They made me swoon, (and I wasn't even thinking of Mr. Pink Heaven, my cabana boy!). The fairies are great! We have our first snow storm today, so your garden is looking pretty great. Actually, the snow it quite pretty. (Remind me of that in Feb.)
Hugs to you Shannon.

joan said...

Hi Shannon,

Such wonderful pretties! I love the ocean breeze cupcakes, such a prety color. Have a wonderful weekend!

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Shann
How scruptious everything looks! Garden included

Shann don't forget to email me your bank account details so I can do a direct deposit for Brekky for Breasts donation sale....

NeereAnDear said...

You are so funny... Loved this post... and your cupcakes look so dog gone yummy ... mouth watering even if I cant eat them

I have to say I enjoyed the post about the zoo... especially the meerkats... sooooo cute

I want to take them home with me!!!



Kelly said...

Oh I have some of your cuppie cakes and they are the cutest things EVER!!!!!!!! Everyone should have some of these, they make me so happy!!!!


Jessica said...

Hi Shannon!

I was just looking at Sue Jackson's blog, and saw your comment about my comment on there.
Just to straighten things out, I don't believe God discriminates, either. The Bible says everyone is a sinner in need of salvation. This includes homosexuals. Homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible. So, like anyone else, they need to repent of their sin and come to Christ for salvation.
As a child of 6, I realized that I, too, was a sinner and I asked the Lord to forgive me and to save me so that I would go to heaven someday.
I will be praying for you.

Anonymous said...