Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Heaven Must Have Needed Another Angel

This week the whole world lost someone amazing, courageous and beautiful....Jane McGrath, wife of Cricket legend Glenn McGrath and mum to James and Holly.
Jane lost her battle with Breast Cancer on Sunday and today she was laid to rest.

I have cried and cried every time her name is mentioned..i cannot watch the news anymore, it is just so heart breaking. This remarkable lady and her family have given so much to Cancer Research...How can we ever re-pay them?? Thankyou just doesnt seem to be enough.

When things like this happen it makes you stop and think about the poeple in your life,family, friends...your neighbour... we really are lucky to be alive and we have so much to be Thankful for each day. I know i do.

I personally have a close relationship with cancer...i know many who have fought the battle and won (My gorgeous husband Shane) and some who have fought the battle and lost (my sweet friend Sharyn...i miss her so much).

Somewhere there has to be a cure...something...a glimmer of hope that one day this dreadful disease will be no more...I believe there will... some day.
Am i being ignorant??? No, i just live and hope and keep the faith.

Bless you all my sweet friends, i am so honoured to know you. Please if you know someone who is battling Cancer right now, give them a call, an email, write a little note to them...just to let them know they are in your thoughts and prayers.....every little bit counts.

Love and Pink kisses

Shann xx

This is a link to The McGrath Foundation, founded By Jane. You can make donations there.


Jules said...

lovely shannon and i feel exactly the same .Cancer is such a battle and i have lost dad and Desley to it so its no friend of mine.What a lovely post.She lost her battle but the work she did will live on.

nbeltane said...

i agree jules. such an inspirational woman.... hugs to all that have lived through it, know someone who has it and who has lost someone through it.

The Rose Room said...

A beautiful and very moving post. Rachael

Anonymous said...

I know two men whom are fighting cancer, it's a terrible disease that takes away beautiful people. Those who survive have been touched by god. I too shed a tear everytime I see pictures of jane with her family.

Gail McCormack said...

I've been spending time with a wonderful girl friend who is about to start a nine month cheomo programe for breast cancer....second time-round I might so sad and so so brave and positive she is!!...nothing will stop her

Petah said...

A very moving post Shannon. I bought my pink wrist band today. Such a beautiful woman and yes, her death made me think twice about what is really important in my life. I thought she would beat this. The thing I thought was just the best about Jane was she did not let it get her down and has gone on to help so many through her foundation. Makes you think twice about silly little things that really do not matter.

Linda said...

Hi Shann,
I have been so lucky so far that I haven't had any friends or family members who have had cancer. I am however very aware of it mainly due to the work of public figures like Jane McGrath, Belinda Emmett, Olivia Newton John or even Tracy Wickhams daughter Hannah amongst others. I have so much respect for these people as they have opened their lives so freely and let the public in. I hope that very soon we find a cure.

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

What an emotional and moving post, Shannon. Thank you for the reminder to show our love and caring to those around us.

My dear mom-in-law died of cancer nine years ago, and it is a hateful, dreadful disease. May science and medicine soon find a cure.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Shannon, how sad. I feel so bad for those poor babies and her family. Thank you for the reminder.

Hugs to you sweetie,

Connie said...

My heart is heavy for you and for the family of that woman. I can't even begin to imagine the pain they are going through. Faith is what keeps me going, lovey!!
Smoochies for ya, my sweets.

Pearl said...

Hi Sweet Shann... I know that had to be a difficult post to write ~hug~ And I'll be sending up extra prayers for sure. I watched cancer slowly kill my Dad. It was wicked, evil beyond words. My best friend where I live is struggling as she watches her only sister fighting against this terrible disease... ovarian cancer ~sigh~ She told me just last night that the Doctor's said it would just be a matter of days now for her. God, Please Love Everyone and Bless Them... this truly does put our Faith in serious "check" ... I'm thinking of you, Sweetie...

~hugs 'n love~

Alison Gibbs said...

Shannon it is so sad. I was watching the children with Glenn at the church yesterday and it just broke my heart. The thought of them at her bedside as she passed away was heartwrenching.
She was an inspirational woman.

Tracie said...

Hi Shann,
I'm so sorry to hear about Jane McGrath.
The disease has touched my life in many ways too, my Dad, Grandma and Great-Grandma.
Shann, you are not ignorant, you have faith and that's something we could all use a lot of in times like this.
I don't know anyone right now that's going through it, but I'll certainly say a special hello prayer to my Dad as Jane is welcomed into Heaven.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

How sad; I had not heard this story. I do believe, like you, that we will beat cancer someday. I've lost many loved ones to it, in particular my dear Daddy, whom I miss every day.
(((((hugs to you)))))

our shabby cottage said...

Hi Shannon,
Wonderful post today. I have tears in my eyes, a big lump in my throat and a wrenching feeling in my stomach. It makes us realise how precious life truly is and how we should cherish everyday.
Prayers go out to all suffering or have suffered at the hand of Cancer.
Kathryn. XX

Candy- A Pretty Home said...

This was a sweet and sad post. I know how hard it is.
I HATE cancer!

Big hugs to you,

Jeanne said...

This is so touching. I have a friend who's son lost his job in cancer research due to budget cuts. It angers me greatly we spend so much money on war and killing and not more on doing something to find a cure for this horrible disease.