Thursday, 26 June 2008


Sshhh guess what?? Today is my lovely MUMS birthday...and guess what else?? It's my Stepdads birthday too ! YES TRULY, on the same day !!! Insert TWIGHLIGHT ZONE music do do do...LOL.

Now i have been threatened with severe punishment if i divuldge their i better not..i value my life way too much, LOL.

Instead i will walk a fine line by sharing some lovely snap shots with you...hee hee. SORRY MUM but you know i had to do it !!!

Ahhh Mum and John (i call him Willow) on their Wedding Day...way way way back in 1988,,LOL.

Thats my stepbro Scott on the end, Willows best mate Bob who sadly passed away a few years ago, Willow and Mum, some girl with a serious face and perm to match (LOL) and the Celebrant.. hmm my stepsis musta been hiding behind her...oh yes i can see her hair ! Sorry Jode !

Ahh Willow, always with a big cheesy grin on his face! Love Ya, you always crack me up!

Mum being the ultimate Aussie Chick with a Koala and a perm...she's gonna kill me for this one ! (Mum it was Shanes idea).

Me and My Mummsy...oooh back in about 1991-ish... Dontcha just love our hair. Good Grief. No-one could ever say we dont look like mother and daughter thats for sure.

Now this is better. Mum and Willow with Shane and I on our Wedding day in 2002.
(Woh damn my husbands cute)LOL.

See mum and Willow, that wasnt so bad was it.???

ANYHOO i want to say a BIG BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Mum and Willow for today. I love you both to the moon and right back again!
Have a lovely night and leave me a chocolate please!

SHANN xxxooo

** Please pop by my Mums blog @ Colls Garden and wish them both a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !


Candy- A Pretty Home said...

I hope this comment will work. I have tried a few times now and blogger is not letting me for some reason.
I love these are beautiful!
Happy Birthday to your Mom and Step Dad! :)

Candy :)

Candy- A Pretty Home said...

Yay, it worked!!!!


Hi Sweetie, thank you (i think) for the birthday wishes. When I look at those pics I'm sure we have both improved with age. Nice pic of the Koala (shame about the hair - ugh!). Willow says thank you too.

Connie said...

You're toooooo cute, my little "koala"!! LoL Love looking at pix of mums and weddings...........

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Thanks for the "heads up"; I stopped by your pretty momma's blog to give her my wishes too.
Loved seeing the pics (and the HAIR! :)

joan said...

Hi Shannon,

I love these photos. Happy Birhtday to yor Mom and Step Dad. I'll run over to her blog and say hi. Cool that they get to celebrate together. I think it's a sign they were meant to be together.

Sharon Ellery said...

Love the photos. Wow - the hair :-) My DH and I share the same birthday too (he's 1 year older).


Rue said...

Hi Shann :)

I will be sure and pop over and say Happy Birthday to your mum and Willow! I love those pictures. Your beautiful family seems like so much fun.

Thank you so much for being so sweet about my house stuff.


Sentimental Roses said...

Shannon the pics are lovely and your wedding pic is so beautiful!! Happy late b-day to your mum & Willow!
Hugs, Susan

Pearl said...

Hi Shann... Sure did enjoy this post and loved, loved, loved the photos! You're such a cutie~pie and have a wonderful family... Happy Birthday to Coll and Willow!!


Bek said...

What a lovely family you have, nice pics. Mikayla was looking over my shoulder and saw your wedding photo and said are you sure Shannon is not a princess, she really looks like one and she sent me princess things. I really think she is a princess and is keeping it a secret.


Jeanne said...

Since I'm over I thought I'd look around a bit. What a beautiful birthday tribute to your mum. You two definitely do have some serious hair going in that one shot. Great pictures through the years.