Friday, 6 June 2008


~*~* WE HAVE A WINNER *~*~

And it is ......
the always lovely...

Hey Kerryanne CONGRATS. I have your address already so i will pop your tussie in the mail shortly!


Today it's all about BLUE baby ! AND THERES A GIVEAWAY TOO !
Now just between you and i, i kinda have a thing for blue...ssshhh dont tell anyone will totally ruin the whole 'pink thing' ive got going..LOL.
Well anyhoo blue is my second fav colour i think :)
And who doesnt need a little blue in their life huh?
Blue is the colour of the sky on a bright summers day, blue is the ocean in all its beauty, blue represents a new born baby boy (and thats pretty close to my heart)blue is that little bluebird up in your tree.. singing away merrily, 'blue' is also a great song by Leann Rimes, Neil Diamond was Forever in BLUE Jeans, Blue is Blues Clues and my son loves that show, blue is also how i feel when i go out Junkin and come home empty handed :( .... and last but not least...Blue reminds me of my lovely Mum (its her fav colour).

So with all that said...LETS SHOP !

A pair of so cute blue sweets/candy bowls. Actually I have one of these in my bathroom with my bath crystals in it !

1a)$8.00 plus postage/shipping

1b)$7.00 plus postage/shipping

2) Super sweet, set of 6 Doilies. 18.00 plus postage/shipping

3) One of my sweet Tussies made with old sheet music,lace and millinary. $18.00 plus Postage/shipping

drum roll please...

Purchase one of my items and/or just leave a comment today and maybe tell me something that you like about BLUE and you are automatically in the draw to win this sweet lil baby tussie.

I will draw the winners name on Sunday evening once everyone has had a chance to visit.

If you wish to purchase an item just leave a comment telling me which one and i'll get back to you!

AND dont forget to pop by and visit all the other lovely FFM participants! Theres a link on my sidebar.

Happy Friday!

Lots of Pink Kisses
(oh actually...BLUE kisses today) LOL

Shann xo

p.s anyone count how many times i said BLUE today ???


Kerryanne English said...

Hi Shann and fellow blue lover,
I too am in love with the colour blue. I have a blue kitchen and decor which always looks peaceful and calming. I've tried to be in love with all the other colours but always return to my!!

To accomodate all my desires, I've had to contain my blueness to my country cottage look downstairs and keep the upstairs areas for the shabby chic pinks and greens - yeah strange decorating I know but somehow it does work.
Enjoy your blue day,

Connie said...

I love the blue of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California and fields of bluebells. I love the blue of the sky with white wispy clouds drifting by. I love the blue pad my mouse sits on!! I love the blue of a soft baby blanket with a child wrapped in it. I love the blue of my Mac desktop (its name is Max) and most of all I love the blue of my hubby's eyes when he looks at me lovingly. *Sigh*

Rosanne said...

Hmmm I think you said blue 19 times! One of my favourite colour combinations is blue and brown, think bright blue sky and freshly dug soil.

Recycled Rita said...

I have been on a robins egg blue kick this year! I think Martha Stewart actually started my liking it a few years ago (pre-prison) But this year I am just hooked on it!
Please enter me in your drawing this tussie is wonderful!
karen b...

Becky said...

I love looking at my husband's blue eyes. I also love the colors of blue in the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Blue birds, bluebells and blueberries, three of my favourite blue things, plus I have 3 boys, Anyway have a lovely blue day, well hope it isnt to blue or you will have to change your name lol, ps love your blog so romantic looking, have a great day.......Chris down here in dreary cold Melbourne....

Alison Gibbs said...

What pretty blues you have this week Shannon.
Have a great weekend

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Hmmmm..... what do you think I like about blue? Bluebirds, of course!

Gail McCormack said...

I like blue, has to be duck egg blue or similar though, I painted a feature wall behind our stairs blue, no it was the wrong blue, I desperately need to change it.
Here's the first thing that came to my mind when you mentioned blue "Blue and Green should not be seen unless there's a colour in between" do you remember that one Shann, I bet not you're too young!

Michele said...

I love blue, too, and it's also my second favorite color...that and an aqua blue color. Pink, of course, is my most favorite color of all, though.

Anyway, my entire bathroom is done in white, cream, and blue. I love it, especially the white and blue soap dish, soap pump, towels, and toothbrush holder (that I keep little flowers in) that I got from my parents for my birthday a few years ago. Then on Ebay, I actually found the shower curtain ring-thingies. I was so happy to find those because this is a discontinued pattern.

I've always had a blue bedroom since I was about ten, and I'm now 38. My entire living room, and kitchen are also done in blue colors. I think blue is such a soothing and calming color, and it reminds me of the ocean, my most favorite place in the world to be.

I'd love to be entered in your giveaway!! It's so beautiful what you made!!!


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Everything is beautiful as always Shannon! I actually love blue too! I have it all over my house. My grandpa's favorite color was blue. He had beautiful crystal blue eyes. My son Colton has those same eyes! I think the classic combination of blue and white is so romantic!

Love ya,

Vintage Tea said...

Everyone is loving blue in my house at the moment as we've just found out my sister in law is having a little boy!!!!

Victoria xxx

Bride2Be said...

HI Shannon, its Noelle. Just dropping by to tell you that my swap package for you should be ready to send next week. I have had my hands FULL with my oldest home now for summer break:)

Oh, and my favorite BLUE thing- the bright blue sky on a warm summers day! Oh, and watching my lil Gage shake his booty when Blue's Clue's comes on tv- he is a HUGE fan!

Talk to you soon! Have a great weekend:)

Jessica said...

I fell in love with blue and pale pink on the March 2008 Romantic Homes magazine cover, so much that I bought some blue paint and am going to redo the guest room in those colors. Kinda funny since my favorite color is green!

Sandy said...

Beautiful things-- I love blue and use in my bedroom and den. It is so relaxing and comforting.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Hey, I'm just like you! I love love love pink but I'm in the process of changing my bedroom to blues. Of course there will always be pink found in my room though.

I also love give aways! So you know what that means? I LOVE your post today.

If you have not yet joined my give away go check it out and see if you are interested. One of the items is a blue and white plate. But of course there is pink in there too with a cute pink rose tea cup and saucer.


Counting Your Blessings said...

I love pale blue with old parchment. Hmmm... kinda like that tussie mussie =) Blessings... Polly

Joanna said...

hello! blue is an awesome color... it remind me of the vacation & but mostly of my husband's eyes. love you're tussie mussie. did you meake it? xoxo, Joanna

Whim & Fancy Designs said...

HI Shannon!
Ohhh, you know what color I love....egg blue, you know the color that is barely there with a tiny itty bitty tinge of beige. Very vintage like, I would say! Waiting to hear back from Dolly, I hope she liked the package.

joan said...


Before I forget I have to tell you that I love your banner. I like how it has that cloudy(for lack of better word) look around the edges of the photo. And I love your blue things. I too like blue, second of course to pink. Happy weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shann,
I am loving blue too, well I mean I always have but it kind of went to the wayside when I fell in love with pink but blue and I are back together again. I am crazy about robins egg blue and aqua blue. How are things with you and your family? Missed ya.



Well, there you go. I always knew blue was THE colour. What about Wedgewood Blue, Sky Blue, Aquamarine (my engagement ring), Blue Moon (hee hee), Siamese Cat's Eyes, oh the list goes on...
Mwah :-}

Pearl said...

Hi Shann... what a pretty post with all of the goodies! I hope everything is going well in your part of the world...

My most favorite "Blue Thing" would have been my Father's eyes. They were bright and sparkled in the sun and whenever he laughed. They were gentle and caring whenever I needed to talk with him about things. I smile at so many of the precious memories I have of him... thank you for reminding me to think of his blue eyes one more time... God bless.


NeereAnDear said...

BLUE AND WHITE... colors that just scream beautiful.... I simply love blue... my last bedroom was blue and white... when I get around to doing this one ... who knows.... its soft... without being overly feminine.... its simply divine



Party Wishes SCV said...

I love pink, your blog and blue! Blue is so clean and bright and airy. I love how calm and soothing it is. It is a fabulous neutral! It goes with everything! Keep up the good work!