Friday, 30 May 2008

Perfectly Pretty Packages

Hiya Girlie Girls. Ive been a bit AWOL this week because our pooter got a yukky virus and i was too scared to open any documents or emails in case something went KABOOM. But thanks to a very pooter savvy hubby we are all well and mended and back on track :)

So now i can update you on all the gorgeousness ive received this week.
Ok i'll do them in order of appearance, LOL, thats easiest i think.
Okies so first off...On Monday my 'PrettyChic' friend Jules came over for lunch and a chat. Jules is one of those gals who loves giving prezzies, just like me, so of course what did she bring..?? Yep..PREZZIES!
Since i missed out on my Junque in my Trunk swap, Jules made me up one as a replacement! Gawd she is so sweet. I was ooohing and ahhhhing like a little kid! You have to go visit Jules HERE if you havent already done so. She is so creative and a laugh to boot!
Heres some piccies of what she gave me. Make sure you click on the photos for a better look because theres way too much to mention it all!

Arent i a lil lucky ducky la la. Thankyou so much Jules for being so sweet and thoughtful, just like you always are :)

NEXT up was a pretty Prayer Lady Napkin Holder from my gorgeous Mummsy. Why? "Just coz" she said. I personally think thats the bestest reason ever to give someone a prezzie !

She is sitting on my kitchen bench looking all sweet now. THANKYOU MUMMY :)

Last but certainly not least! A Hostess prezzie from the truly unique and fun Scrappy Jessi. Jessi is in my Parasols and Paper swap and she asked me for my address so she could send me a little somethin' for hosting. WELL i never in a kazillion years expected the box of AWESOMENESS that arrived yesterday. I emailed Jessi right away..i wonder could she tell i was squeeling thru my typing???
Just look at this! Again, click on the image to enlarge it..theres sooo much stuff!

Sam stole the Scrappy Jessi badge. He loved it !

Jessi i know i thanked you like a thousand times in my email but i have to say it again. THANKYOU CUTIE you are one in a million!

So its been a good week here wouldnt you say? LOL. Oh and it only gets better because tomorrow night im off to see Michael Buble' in concert. Oooh that mans so sweet he gives me a toothache *grin*
I'll try and get some piccies of him before i melt onto the floor in a soggy pile of goo when he starts singing 'Sway'....ahhhhhh...dreamy.
Oh and im going with mum and my stepdad, so mum will be a gooey mess with me! ha ha ha. Oh my poor stepdad...what has he gotten himself into?? LOL.

ok lovelies be good and see you in a couple of days with (hopefully) some sexy Michael pics!

Luv N Pink Kisses Always
Shann xxx


Adeline's Shabby Cottage said...

Wow!! You have really hit the jackpot!! Tons of prettiness!! I caught up on some of your recent post....sounds like you deserved all of your lovely goodies!!

Big Hugs,

Tracie said...

Hi Shann,
Wow, I want to come hang out at your place and look at all those pretties things you lucky girl. I have to say, your Mum is the best - that kitchen prayer figurine is darling, darling! And that Sam, always such a cutie pie.

Now, you two ladies hold each other up tomorrow, okay. Maybe we'll see you two all goo goo eyed on the International News Bulletin and your Step-Dad just saying "I don't know what happened, the ladies just went crazy when Michael started to sing and I couldn't control both of them at one time" LOL!

Have fun - can't wait to hear. I'm on my way to turn on the news ;)

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey cutie!!
what fun gifts this week.
im glad you like everything!!
so funny that he stole my pin. tee hee, you'll have to sneek it back!!
have a great weekend.

Lori said...

Shannon, Wow, goodies from Jessi, a sexy concert and Sam looking oh so adorable!! What more could I ask for after being gone a week from reading your posts??? Maybe us as swap partners one day!LOL Hope you have a great night with Michael!!!!! Love,Lori

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Shannon what sweet hostess gifts from Jessi. I got my goodies from her too. I will post about them on the weekend as I am just having a quick read in blogland while Riley is asleep. This is my third day in a row of having him so I am way behind on everything. Still it is such fun looking after a sweet 7 month old darling.
Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the concert babes!! Im sure you will!! take extra tissue's to whipe the drool from your mouth!!he he

Creating Myself said...

Oh! I have salt & pepper shakers that match your sweet napkin holder. You can see them in this post.... You are a very lucky girl to receive such wonderful presents but your little guy is the sweetest one of them all. He is too cute!

Counting Your Blessings said...

Oh I've been having computer trouble too but the computer repair rescuehero has just called and says he's on his way with a new memory card!! Yay!! Beautiful presents and treats you got this week, you spoiled girl =) Have a great weekend. Blessings... polly

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Beautiful gifts Shannon! I love the parasol notecards and the napkin holder is so sweet!


Anonymous said...

What a great week you have had. I love weeks like that. Try and contain yourself now at the concert, don't want you to make the news over here in the U.S. LOL!!


bluemuf said...

Sannon, What gorgeous pretties you received this past week. I hope you enjoy your concert.


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Hi sweet Shann! You have to pop over to my blog and see your cuppies. They are the PERFECT match to my dining room. Your Sam is so cute and he knows a button with a pretty pic of a girl on it, doesn't he? That's because he has a pretty mum like you. Just too precious. Glad your computer is fixed. I'm back in blogland as I didn't have a camera for awhile. Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Ele

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

What wonderful gifts your friends have sent to you! You are a very lucky girl, not only for the gifts, but for the friendship of those sweet ladies who sent them to you!

Gail McCormack said...

Lucky, Lucky Girl, beautiful gifts, wonderful friends and a clever hubby who fixes your computer, not to mention the wonderful Sam!!...everytime I see him Shann he seems to have grown!!

Linda said...

Hi Shannon,
How lucky are you lots of lovely pressies, and to top it all off you are going to see Michael Buble what a great week.
Cheers Linda

joan said...

Hi Shannon,

What agreat week you are having. Lovely gifts and Michael Buble, lucky, lucky girl. Love his music. Take lots of photos and share the fun when you return.

Pearl Maple said...

Sounds like you are having a wildly good time this week with all kinds of fun events. Be sure to blog the whole story for us.

Kerryanne English said...

So who's a spoilt girl then?

How lovely to receive so many special gifts in the mail. Makes a girl feel loved and cherished.

Have fun with all your pretties.

Tracie said...

So, how was that concert?
I need some kind of entertainment. My husband's on a business trip - Please Shann - what happened, did you faint, did your Mum faint, did your step-dad faint?

I need to come get you with that pink ambulance?

Katrina Chambers said...

How was the concert? I am so very jealous! I am in love with Buble!!! Hope you had a great time :)

Candy- A Pretty Home said...

Aww, your son is sooo cute!!