Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Feeling A Little sorry but this is LONG

I dont ever use my blog to have a whinge about anything or anyone but lately and right now im feeling particularly 'bummed out' as i like to put it.
Reason? Well there are 2 actually.
The first one is that there is a very nasty and spiteful little person out there who has been taking it upon themselves to constantly report me to Ebay, no matter what i do. I have had my ME page pulled 3 times (ok who DOESNT advertise their Website on their ME page) and my listings constantly pulled or complained about all in the past 2 weeks. I KNOW i am NOT doing anything wrong and so do EBAY NOW as i have been in discussion with them and pointed out that this person is obviously very threatened by me and seriously needs to get a life! I am not a trouble maker or a nasty person at all but this person has really pushed my buttons. Im in the same boat as all of you, doing what i love to do with all my heart and hard work, and making some money to make ends meet at home so that i can stay home with my son and watch him grow up and not have to put him in preschool 5 days a week. The fact that this person is going out of HER way to make trouble for me is beyond irritating. It makes me so sad and so furious all in one and thats NOT the person i want to be or how i want to spend my days feeling.
So to this person i say this, (i now know that she reads my blog) Leave me alone and PLEASE take your childish behaviour back to the school yard where it belongs.

Ok now my second reason for feeling so bummed out (i know, as if the first one wasnt bad enough).
I was one of the VERY EXCITED people to participate in Heathers Junque in my Trunk swap. I was so excited about this one.
My swap partner emailed me her fav colours etc, and i emailed her too.
I sent her what i believe to be a gorgeous parcel.
Here it is. Full of all the things she loves.

It is now months later,and WAY PAST the deadline......i still have received nothing. I emailed her 2 weeks ago and asked did she get my parcel ok? i had not heard from her and was worried. Her reply? She had a parcel at the post office she had to pick up so that would be it. Oh and could i send her my address so she could post me my parcel???
Apparantly i forgot to attatch my address to the original swap questionare...So..why did she NOT email me back right away and ask for it??? WHY wait this long?? Well it is now another 2 weeks later and still NOTHING at all from her.
I am so mad, so upset, so disheartened....How can someone do that to another person?
To receive a beautiful parcel that has been put together with so much thought and care, not to mention the monetry side of it, and to not bother sending one in return is just so rude i cant even comprehend it.
I will not name my swap partner because thats just not something i would do.
AND i would like to say in case Heather reads this that in NO WAY at all do i hold her responsible for this persons lack of caring. My swap partner has let down both myself AND Heather. Heather took the time to organise such a gorgeous swap, and she did a FANTASTIC job too, its just unfortunate that there was a bad egg amongst us.

So thats it. Im off my soap box now. Pity i dont feel any better though.

Im sorry if i have offended or upset anyone with this posting but i really had to get it all out.

I hope none of you have had any of this happen to you, and if you have, then just know i KNOW exactly how you are feeling right now.

Back tomorrow with some JOY AND GORGEOUSNESS for Marina Capanos Virtual Party !

Please rememeber to pop back.
i promise i will be HAPPY SHANN tomorrow :)

Luv N Pink Kisses Always,

Shann xxoo


glenda sellwood said...

Hi Shannon, sorry to hear about your news you wonder why people go out of their way to be mean..My first swap I did was at Christmas and I made and bought some beautiful gifts for my partner and sent them off and Nothing.,not a word still never heard anything from her.It made me quiet sad.
love Glenda

nbeltane said...

have had this happen many times only to find out that the swap person that organized all the swaps had kept a bundle of them. hugs shan.. ohhhh just noticed the spice rack LOL

Mandii said...

Sweetie sweetie where do I start?? Hmm ok without going too over the top and sounding too nasty myself, I really am MAD and Sad about this. It's certainly a subject close to my heart as you know over the years on ebay I have also had many of my ebay auctions removed and my me page removed also.So I totally understand the way you are feeling, I dont know who this person is but Im quite sure had you given me a couple of guess's I'd pick the name straight off!!
When people dob other people in to ebay (as we all know someone has to complain as ebay doesnt just remove listings with out promting and they also remove them without proper investigations too) it really is a nasty and immature thing to do.I iamgine if this person was in the same boat they would know the feeling to have to do all your listings which can take hours to do only to have them removed without notice. You dont get a warning or a chance to change the problem,they are just removed all beause someone has a grudge and wants to upset another person.
Life is way to short to be wasting time doing this sort of stuff Im with you babes, this lady(???) seriously needs to crawl back into the hole she came out of, get a life and stop wasting time and energy on upsetting people who are just making sweet crafts and making some cash to help the family.
And as for your second issue, Come on man this has been long enough, Ive got Shann's cratfs all over my house and I know she puts the utmost time,care and thought into these swap's etc show the woman some respect and put something together and send it express post.She at least deserves that doesnt she!!
Ok I really hope I havent made myself look like a peice of work but I really feel passiontly about my sweet friend and I hate that someone is intentionally going out just to upset you, Im sure I'll be next as u say this person read's your blog then they wont like what Ive said.
Chin up sweetie!!! Karma's a bitch!!

Michele said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you! About three or four years ago I participated in a homemade swap. I sent a HUGE package of things that took me forever to make, and the host of that swap kept EVERY SINGLE PERSON'S items!! I felt exactly how you are feeling now so I can sympathize. It's really a shame that there are people like that in the world that ruin what's supposed to be a fun experience.

I hope your Ebay issue is now straightened out since Ebay now knows what's been going on. Hang in there. Things always get better.

I just found your blog, and I love it!!!


Jules said...

My Poor sweet shan who deserves sooo much better.May life get better and the person doing this pull their head in.Thy must be jealous of your talent thats all i can think of.About the swap thats just awful and to get it and not even email a thankyou is just rudeness itself.Youa re the most unselfish swapper ever andi hopw Karma comes back and bites them on the bum.

Eugenia said...

Hi Shannon,
I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened to you. This person could be just jealous of you. You are beautiful, you've got a lovely home, a wonderful husband and an adorable little boy. And your artwork is just amazing.....I'm not sure could this be the reason. There has to be a reason for this, I can't imagine someone would do this for no reason?!
Anyway, I hope you are feeling better already.

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Sweets,
Oooohhhh eBay sounds horrible. I'm so glad I haven't got into it. You should just stick to your website where you at least have complete control over it. There are some nasty pieces of work out there.

I can relate to your swap crisis - I held my very first swap last year only to have someone do that to one of my participants. It wasn't my fault but I felt responsible for the pain and hurt it caused the other swap partner that missed out. Gee, I hope it is not the same person??

Here's a big cyber hug to cheer you up.

Siobhan said...

I am so sorry to hear you are having problems with people like this Shannon. I hope they wake up to themselves soon and leave you alone.


Sarah said...

Hi Shannon,
Wow no wonder you are feeling like c**p! I had a similar thing happen to me about 10 months ago. My listings were being pulled left, right & centre with reasons like wording, item descriptions & web site advertising on my about me page, THEN, all of a sudden it stopped. I think I know who may have been 'dobbing' me in but with no 'proof' I couldn't do much about it. It did seem a little obvious a few months on when this particular ebay seller started copying my handmade designs, even going to the extent of coping some of my wording & phrases that I used in my listings.
I agree with Mandii though, Karma really is a bitch!
Goodluck my friend, I look forward to seeing MORE of your listings on ebay...bring on the pink!
Love Sarah xx

Linda said...

Hi Shann,
I'm so sorry that all of this is happening to such a lovely person. You have shown me nothing but kind words and encouragement in the small time I have known you. I agree with Mandii and Sarah karma is definatly a bitch and both ladies had better watch out.
Hope your week improves.
Cheers Linda

Vintage Tea said...

Sorry to hear about all your disappointments, and from the comments you're not the first person to have this problems.

Victoria xx

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Shannon! I am so so sorry. I feel just awful! I hate "hearing" this sadness and frustration from you! You are one of the sweetest bloggers I know and I am so angry at whoever has done this!!!!!!!! I love ya lots and am always here for you sweetie!

Love and hugs,

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

You hang in there Sweetie....As for ebay...I have my website on my about me and even plugged it on some of my auctions. Those who love you will keep buying and this person will get their just rewards in the end because if I find out ....I will NEVER buy from them!It will get around and they will be the one to lose.
As for the swap.....I am your partner for yours and rest assured, I will not FLAKE!I am sorry that person let you down. I hope they do not enter any new swaps soon.
So....put on your happy face,remember the ones who are your friends and shake off the bad vibes.We all think you are great :0)

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...


I am so sorry about the swap problem. I emailed your partner today and I hope she will follow through. It is every Swap hostesses fear of this happening and hoping that everyone will follow through. I CAN assure you that I did not KEEP your spap package as some of the other ladies have said happened to them! That is so terrible.

Miss Rhea said...

Hang in there Sweet lady, I have never had any of my auctions pulled on ebay, but I have had items copied and that is very painful as artwork is a part of your soul, and when people copy they cheapen your work and they violate you. So, I can sympathize with your frustration. God sees all though and that helps me through those awful moments. We all have to pay for what we do to others , one way or the other, sooner or later. So, shrug it off and keep creating your lovely works of art !! hey, love what you did with the hearts, glad you got them ok, I was beginning to worry. :)

joan said...

Hi Shannon,

I am so sorry someone did this to you. That just sounds spiteful. Why would anyone do such a thing? I hope it all goes away soon for you. And that is so awful about the swap. Your parasol swap was my very first one and I worried about getting it out before the baby came and I got too busy. I can't imagine someone doing that. Hey, come over my place and see my precious new granddaughter, her photos will put a smile on your face. Take care.

Gypsy Mermaid said...

HONEY BUG!!! big big super big hugs! I cant believe someone would do this to your sweet self! that makes me furious! what person is that low to do that to someone so nice and kind as you! you want me to beat them up..hehe(I tell my best friends this all the time and it usually brings a smile to there face) hope it did you! but dont feel bad I still havent received anything from a lady who I took in at the last min in my Enchanted Swap she already received my stuff and posted it on her blog but never sent me a thing. I email her and email her and never tells me anythign or writes back! but yet she is still signing up for swaps! it makes me really upset because I didnt have to take her in the swap was closed I already had 5 partners. I gues I am to nice next time I known better. Just makes me upset to see how people really are and treat other people! I just hope that you know that I wont ever do that to ya! so if ya ever want to do a swap just let me know chickadee I will so do one with you! and I sure as heck wont be MIA on ya! BIG BIG HUGS my aussie friend! kisses!


Scrappy Jessi said...

Hey cute shannon!!
That's probably the first reason she so jealous! your so cute, pretty, thoughtful, charming!!
She's just Jealous!!!!
chin up my sweets!!
i just sent you and alison your boxes today!
postage YIKES! But i now you will love everything. i will e mail you with the track number.
Believe me "what comes around goes around!" she will get hers, just you watch!!!

thats a whole lot of hugs, and kisses for ya!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Shannon what a bummer indeed.
It is a shame how things like this happen on Ebay. I had that happen to me a few times and now hardly ever sell on Ebay anymore. Some people have nothing better to do with their time. If they have an issue with any item then why not just contact you directly through the question section of the item!!
How sad also about the Swap item. I don't know why some people bother to enter a swap if they are not going to come through with the swap goodies. Swaps are such fun and it takes the pleasure out of it for not only the person who missed out but also the poor hostess who always feels a bit guilty but shouldn't
As everyone says - what goes around comes around.
Take care

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Shannon, I emailed you today to tell you that your swap partner did contact me and is VERY apologetic about what has happened with the swap. I think she feels terribly bad and I do think she will make it right to you. Just wanted to let you know incase my email didn't get through to you. Heather

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi dear Shann,
I am so sorry to hear that you have been having such trouble. I can't believe how mean some people can be! I agree with Jessi, this person is jealous.
Try to keep that pretty smile on your face.
You are a sweetheart Shann & your Mom too!
Love & Hugs,
Carol Anne

Gail McCormack said...

If this is one person targeting you Shann, what an absolutely nasty person he or she must be...hmmm??? maybe a very troubled person to go to these lengths?
I remember at school we often had nasties like this person, I must say the nasty ones came to no good in the end...KARMA?? is that what it's called

purpleflowerfairy said...

i totally understand shann... someone was doing that to me on ebay as well. they kept turning in my auctions - pain in the butt to have to relist ALL of the auctions that were pulled. i really wish ebay would pay more attention to what they are pulling. just because someone turns in an auction, doesn't mean it should be pulled. as for the swap, that sucks =( that is part of the reason that i haven't joined in more swaps. i hope your parcel shows up =) hugs, debbie

Pearl said...

Hi Sweet Shann...
I sure was sad to read this post and hear of your woes ~gentle hug~ Sometimes eBay can be such a mean playground to hang around. I do not visit as often as I used to for that reason. I'm praying that you and your swap partner can come to a peaceful end to things... bless your heart. Your Parasol & Paper Swap is the 1st one I've ever joined and I am so excited about it! I've totally fallen in love with the precious gal you partnered me with ~Scooterblu Rhonda~ I swear, Shann, it was God's hands directing you in that match up! I've had such joy in getting things ready for her!

I'm so way behind in my visiting and catching up with everyone... ~sigh~ I'm off to read more...


Adeline's Shabby Cottage said...

Ok so I'm late offering my sympathies, but becase you are my blogging buddy, I must offer to kick their butt if you still need it!!

Who in their right mind would be so nasty? I advertise my website on my about me page (don't tell). I would be seriously ticked if that was happening to me!! I've about quit fooling w/ebay.

How awful to not get your swap package. I've only participated in 2 swaps, but I try desperately, as I know you do, to pick things that I think my partner would love. That must be disappointing to not get something in return. I hope she sends you a DOUBLE portion package.
Big cyber hugs!!