Saturday, 25 August 2007

There's a good reason why you can hire a Piano Removalist.

So the story goes a little something like this....
Saturday mornings seem to be my day for waking up and going YUK i hate everything in this house, lets move something, paint something or just change something. Shane by now is used to this. Being as handy as we both are its good as we have gotten many things done...including ripping up carpet in 2 bedrooms, family room and the Pretty Room, Plus me being the Painter that i am i will just say ok i am painting the Bathroom or whatever today and Voila' its done.
Anyhoo...i digress, today i said 'You know what i need that Piano moved to the other side of the room.' Sam straight away put his hand up for the job (bless his 4 year old cotton sox) whilst Shane sort of looked at me like "DOH" Homer Simpson style. Yep C'mon i said. So we did. Now just between you and me it nearly killed me....we got halfway across the room and i wanted to turn and run away, yes because that would be the mature thing to do...wouldnt it??? HOWEVER i did not run, i huffed and puffed and chanted "I think i can, I think i can," while Shane cursed at me (and i just laughed at him and smiled sweetly).... but we got it there in the end and thats the main thing :)

So with that done it meant re-arranging a heap of other stuff in the family room. Unfortunately since we have 4 cats i really have to think about where i put alot of things so there isnt as much 'stuff' where i'd really like there to be. Oh well, small sacrifice to make for my Kitty Katts.
So this is my little Cafe' Corner. Cant wait till we get those gross tiles up and polish the floorboards.

Now i know that my lovely Gal Pal Lori wants some kitchen pics but sorry Lori i am in the midst of painting in there so i will do a Kichen Post when im finished. Ok Chickie :) I promise.
But heres a snippet of part of it, with my favourite cabinet.

Want to see inside????

Im ending this with a photo i took of Sam yesterday watching the Plumber outside his bedroom window. The flash didnt go off and now im glad because i think this photo is really great.

Hugz, Shann xo


Gail McCormack said...

Shannon it's all looking good, I love your little pink china cabnet, just given me an idea for a new painting! Look forward to seeing how you progress.
Gail xo
p.s. love the pink piano chair...well of course!

Daisy said...

Hey chikie. Think that my e-mail is on the blink (Hope it's that!!)You swap sorted?
Just adore the tiny dolly china cabinetin the kithen.
Have got a "hooning" amount of china and tons of other stuff from years of obsesive collectng in store rih now inluding some dolly t sets....would never have thouht of doin that with them!!
Need to send you a plane ticket and say "Lady in pink, pimp my house!!!" xxx

Alison Gibbs said...

It is great when you can do all the stuff around the house yourself! Love the pic of Sam - the flash not going off was a bonus. have fun with the rest of the kitchen.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Shann! Your little boy is just darling! My boys love it when "workers" come to the house too :) I just LOVE your home, it is absolutely gorgeous! And your work is beautiful!

Thank you so much for the SWEET comment on my blog :) The chair called my name and I just couldnt leave it :) ANd I just love it in my home. I understand you love for chairs, lol!


The Salisbury Family said...

Love the pic of Sam, the piano looks great there! All gorgeous actually, love the cafe corner

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Your home looks so pretty Shannon! And Sam's a cutie!

Stephanie said...

You should title that pic of Sam "How much is that kiddie in the window?". I'd buy him in a heartbeat!

Love your cafe' corner, piano, & especially that little cabinet in the kitchen with all the goodies in it. Wonder if you would notice if I wore a really big trenchcoat & came over for a visit......

Angelic Accents


Isn't Nanny's boy so cute! He can't wait to get out there & "play" with the big guys.
Hugs, Ma. xx

KARA said...

oh shannon you are so cool, you love to get going, I am in love with your cafe area, it reminds me of friends.
your cupboard is so me pink white and shabby chic.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Ah...what a cute pic of your son. Love all your little vingettes. Everything is so pretty!

Katrina said...

Hi Shannon! How good does it make you feel when you rearrange things?!! So refreshing! Everything looks gorgeous as usual! Would love to visit your pretty room one day and have a cuppa while daydreaming over everything pretty!
Have a good one..
Katrina :)

Counting Your Blessings said...

Yes, I know the redecorating bug well. Isn't it unfortunate that when one room gets a re-do, another gets the mess?! Blessings... Polly

Little Stitcher said...

so lovely