Tuesday, 14 August 2007

How Random is that !!

Oh this was just too too funny not to share. Ever laughed so hard you've had tears pouring down your face, your tummy aches and your throat hurts, not to mention the whole 'wettin yourself laughing' thing.....? This is such a random act of funniness i had to post it.
I was just leaving a comment on a lovely gals blog that has comment moderation enabled. Well......you know the little letter thing you have to copy....well this is what i got !
I kidd you not!
How classic is that!

POOFOOD, ha ha ha
Talk about LMAO
If you are laughing too GOOD ON YOU and welcome to my world :)
Hope you had a good chuckle :)

Gigglin' Shann


The Salisbury Family said...

hehehehe rolling on the floor laughing here

Jules said...

Hehe how funny what a cack (so to speak) I always get them things wrong,but i would have got that one lol

Peta said...

Toilet humor LMAO!

Laurie said...

That's funny! I would only happen to you!

Alison Gibbs said...

Shannon, how come you have all the fun!! Those letters make my eyes ache. I better check its not on mine! Alison

Sarah said...

How funny it that. I would have taken pics too.
Love the pics of your pretties on the sideboard.



Daisy said...

Lol.How often does that happen...it just could'nt be staged!! I am in on the "cotton 'n candy" swap please. Do you need any more info?


I'm with Jules on that one, I get 'em wrong too. Do we have bad eyesight or what? But yep, even I could have got that one. Trust you to take a pic of it. Hysterical!
Ma :-}

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Thank you so much for coming and visiting my blog!!! I LOVE yours! You are so talented and your little boys is ADORABLE!!! I am adding your blog to my favorites! We have the exact same taste :) I have a question, will you be making any more of the tea pot cakes???? That is to die for! I collect anything tea related and would love one of those!

Your swap sounds like so much fun because I am absolutely addicted to candy!! I wish I could join but hubby and I are going out of town for a few days and I couldnt possibly have time to put it together. Thank you so much for inviting me and I would have loved to join. I am so bummed that I cant :( But I am so happy to have found your blog and will be back often :)


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Okay, now that is too funny!! Of course, I had to share that with my teenage son, who enjoyed it too of course!!

IsabellaCloset said...

Shannon, LOL...Yep.. that was very funny! Thanks for the smile ~Mary~ :-}

Theresa said...

Hi there I already e-mailed you my info, but I would love to participate in the swap! What a great idea! Add me to the list!


Judy B said...

too funny lol

Elizabeth Gwen Originals said...

That is so funny! I can't believe it said that :)

Lori said...

Shannon, Thanks for sharing the laugh I need it! I am so excited about swapping with your Mom! How lucky was that! Tell her I'll be contacting her soon! love, Lori

Flea Market Queen said...

I did laugh...what a great way to start the day! Thanks...

joan said...


Found your site from Isabella's Closet---I love pink also. It's nice to "meet" another pink person. You guys are all so creative!

marylou said...

Found your lovely blog thru Mary, Isabellacloset!! Your little fella is a cutie patootie:) AND, thanks for the giggle...made my day. Laughter is such a great medicine don't ya think?? Thanks for letting me visit, it was fun!!
Hug Life, Marylou

Stephanie said...

Who, but you, dear Shann!?!?!

Thanks for the teehees!

Angelic Accents

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Now that is funny!