Sunday, 12 August 2007

I change my sideboard like i change my undies.

Ok Ok some of you might think thats a little too much information and all that...BUT you gals that know me, well you know thats JUST ME !
And anyway i really do change my sideboard like i change my undies!
So today, again, i was 'fiddling around' with stuff at home, moving this and that to here and there, i am constantly doing that by the way, i get really tired of things being in the same spot for too long (hmm some may say i have an OCD when it comes to this), ANYHOO.... i was 'prettying up' my sideboard (which i still have to paint, yes add it to the list)and i stepped back and looked at it and, well, i dont mind sayin' but i thought Geez girly that looks so darn pretty! So i decided to be a show off (*grins*) and take some piccies for all my bloggin gals. Just sharin the love round gals, sharin the love :)

Some of my favourite pieces of China are on there along with some of my Faux Goodies.
At the back are 2 gorgeous lil' rose candle stick holders, ones blue and ones pink, i absolutely adore them, i bought them from the lovely Becca at Bluebirds and Roses, i had to have them as soon as i saw them..There is also a gorgeous Jardinere that i bought at the Junk Markets for a whole $5. Mum loves this particular item....i have to keep an eye on her when she leaves my house....sneaky woman, cant be trusted amongst my pretties LOL .Luvs Ya Mummy :)
So thats my pretty sideboard, well as it stands today and maybe for a few days....yeah till i get bored again and change it all back LOL.

Love Love Love Shann xo


Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Shannon, Love the side board pics.I love to move stuff around on my drersser like that. Trouble is then my hubby thinks I have been out buying more stuff or shopping on Ebay .. again. Its fun to have your pretty stuff around you. makes you smile to see some of your pretties!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Such pretty things! I love it all!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said... fabulous!

Lori said...

Hi Shannon, I'm feeling it to and will be doing some re-arranging this week as well! Love the sideboard! Guess what I just found out that Coll is your mum! Where the heck have I been? Can't wait to see my swap partner....I'm getting so excited!!! Love, Lori

Sharon said...

I love that you keep things out where they can be seen and enjoyed.

Katrina said...

Hi! Looks great! I am the same, changing things all the time. It drives my husband mad, but I think it feels fresh and feels like I have new things all the time. I seem to want to move everything at night (maybe because it's quiet and I can concentrate). That sideboard is a real treat too. Have a good day, Katrina :)

Stephanie said...

Hey, Shann ~ you are living up to what I wrote about you!! Just look at the title of this post!!! :0)

LOVE that sideboard. The mirror on the back is way cool, too! All your pretties look wonderful on it!

I added your swap pic to my sidebar!

Angelic Accents

Peta said...

So you change your underwear every three days then? LMAO!
Love your pretties, I have the same rosalie runner. You must paint that cabinet, everything will really pop then!

She'sSewPretty said...

So pretty...I like everything you have there!


Oh No Peta i just realised how that may have come across about the undie change !!! YIKES. trust you to pick up on that :)
Cheeky rat.

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~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Loved seeing these pics; especially the sweet candlesticks; they are perfect with your pretties!
In our old house, we had a sideboard/buffet, that I gave away because our house was so tiny there was no room for it. I have kick-kick-kicked myself many times over that one!! It would be perfect in this house, painted white of course!
Ah well.......

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Shannon, What a beautiful display! I keep meaning to change things around but havent yet. You are inspiring me to get moving on it though!

Vintage Mosaic Boutique said...

LOVE your sidebiard...please dont paint it!! I am looking for one just like this for my kitchen and they are hard to find now.

Dolly said...

Oh Shannon it looks like a french bakery in there!

Boy I wish my buffet looked as yummy!

I too love to change things never know when the dinning room will be the frontroom or when the dresser will come from the bedroom and end up in the dinning room!

It also keeps hubby on his toes!

Hugz, Dolly

Gina said...

It's so beautiful!