Saturday, 4 August 2007

Been Doing This and That This Week.

This past week i took a break from Painting and making Faux Treats and did a little of my other favourite thing, Bringing a new, pretty life to old furniture and wot nots.

I decided that since i am keeping the Hall Table that i best be a good gal and sell the old school desk that i have (yes, we are fast running out of room in my house). So i gave it a few coats of white paint (i had it pale pink before that) to freshen it up and have now popped it on Ebay. Its a great lil desk as it has two side to utilise (see pics).

I am also selling this sweet lil footstool i re-covered in the prettiest Robyn Pandolph fabric. Love this fabric!

Last but not least a gorgeous old trunk i purchased on Ebay ages of those "I'll get around to it" things.
I took a photo of it mid-revamping, it was originally a very dirty pink colour.I still may do some more with it, perhaps some roses amongst the know sometimes you just keep looking at something and thinking "It just needs something else...." Thats whats happening here. For now though it looks sweet sitting in my 'Pretty Room' as Sam calls it.

I have loads of furniture waiting for me to get to it....and i will, eventually, in the midst of a million other things.....LOL

Hope everyones having a beautiful weekend!

Love Shann xo



Hi Sweetie, just a coupla roses in each top corner. It looks great. We both love the that same green fabric, which I find really weird since you're a pink girl & I'm a blue.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Everthing is just so pretty Shannon! I really love every one of the pieces!

Stephanie said...

LOVE that trunk, Shann! And that desk would be hard for me to part with ~ partly because I love the way you decorated with it, love those pillows underneath it!

Boy have you been busy since I last visited!!

Angelic Accents

ShabbyInTheCity said...

All of these items are so pretty and you have inspired me to get up and do some things around here!

KARA said...

wow you have an amazing talent for making furniture look adorable.