Wednesday, 1 August 2007

OK OK The Table Stays !

So i think i have won the battle of the Hall Table. (See post BELOW if you arent familiar). I couldnt stand to see it just sitting there in my Dining Room any longer so i oh so casually suggested to hubby that we put it in the Family Room just to "get it out of the way for now"...hee hee my plan started to unfold :)
I moved the old school desk to the Guests Bedroom and popped the Table in its place. Oh i deserve an award for my 'casualness' (yes im making up words now)..."yeah, just put it there for the time being ok. Oh i'll just put some stuff on it to keep the cats off..." HA HA i am sure he's onto me, he knows me too well by now. Secretly he wants to keep it too i am sure :)
So for now, and possibly for always, the lovely bargain table of the year is in my Family Room. YAY to me !

eww i really need to paint that room and get the floors done (we just ripped up the yukky carpet recently).

Bye For Now,
Shann xxoo


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Good for you!!!! The table has a home! How is Sam doind since the surgery? Is all healed properly?


Thanks Ele, yep Sams doing great!Running around driving me crazy once more! I love it but :)
Oh i just had to keep it didnt i ???? hee hee


Stephanie said...

Yea!!! You did it! See it was just waiting for you to claim it!

Angelic Accents


And gals, it looks great where it is. She just can't help herself eh. Secretly, Shane loves it too.

The Salisbury Family said...

Looks fab, so glad you got to keep it

Sue said...

Have to agree, it looks great, and very you!! A must to keep....dont forget to save a spot for your trunk!

Theresa said...

Just stopping by to say HI. Liz from elizabeth gewn originals sent me over. I love your blog! I too would like to make my world pink. I'm new at this blogging thing so hopefully people read mine too.

Elizabeth Gwen Originals said...

Your table is gorgeous dahling! Kudos on being sly... and casualness is completely acceptable as a word! :)

Ali said...

Hey Shannon, thanks for visiting my blog hon. Well i can definatley see why you want to keep this one. Just lovely. Take care sweety, and hope the business cards are working well for you. ox Ali