Saturday, 14 July 2007

SAMS 4th BIRTHDAY TODAY......ooh i feel old....its a long one.....


Sam turned 4 today, i cant believe it, he's 4 already! Last night i was being all sentimental remembering being in hospital having seem like yesterday he was a little bundle all cuddled up in my arms, now he is in the "I havent got any kisses and cuddles" as he puts it, phase. He is still Mummy and Daddys little buddy but.
He got some great prezzies but i think his favourite is his vacuum cleaner that we gave him, yes, my son loves to vacuum, and his Neil Diamond CD, Sam adores Neil Diamond just like his mummy and grandad, so he didnt want the usual kids music (wiggles etc) he wanted Neil Diamond. You gotta love that!
Here is our favourite birthday song we sing...
"happy birthday to you
squashed bananas and spew,
peanut butter from the gutter,
happy birthday to you"
Thats just how we are in this house...CRAZY... LOL
We spent the day with family at our local river and the park area there and it was just beautiful, sunny and no wind, just what i ordered for my boy :)

Heres some piccies of our day.
Sam woke up to balloons and streamers through the house! He was so excited!

This is Sam with the Vacuum Cleaner we bought him.

Now the cake i made.....its a Fire Engine but the red food colouring wasnt exactly tasted great but!

Sam and Daddy at the river :)

Sam climbing all over his Aunty Tracey.

The tool/work bench, also a big hit. He's even practising work safety by wearing goggles LOL

Now we are all exhausted from a very busy and fun day.Glad its only once a year :)
Oh before i go i must show you all my new/old sideboard. We picked it up this morning and though i am going to paint it i just had to put my pretties on it till i do. I will strip it back and paint it antique white and replace the broken handles with crystal ones. I cant wait! Its going to be gorgeous. husband is always telling me we have too much furniture...well whilst picking up the sideboard, he discovers an old piano....Gee thats gorgeous he says, and its only $50 too.....lets buy it ! Now take into consideration the fact that he hasnt a musical bone in his body and i havent attempted piano since high school.....BUT we bought it anyway! How could we not???? its over 100 years old and the guy just needed it gone. It took 4 people to get it in my back room LOL we have no idea what to do with it but right now Sam likes it and so do the cats hee hee.

I have to add this photo i snuck in today of my mummy relaxing in my 'pretty room' with one of my magazines. I know Mum, you hate it right???? AND you will get me for this....yeah yeah, ive heard it all before....Bring it on i say LOL Luv ya.

Ok thats it from me, hope you havent fallen asleep on me....
I promise a shorter one next time!

Luv and Hugs,
Shann xxoo


Sarah said...

Your son looks like he had a great birthday, love the cake!!! Hope to see pics of your sideboard when it is finnished. It'll look stunning with the crystal knobs too.

Peta said...

Sam is adorable, love the work safe goggles LOL! And your poor mummy, she is going to be annoyed at you!

Jules said...

tOO CUTE SAM and four years old,Hug him tight the next ten years will just fly past.Ypu are a good mum shan the balloons etc make the day and the fire engine cake is fab.Loving the new sideboard cant wait to see after you have Shannonozed it !Piano fabulous now i can play chopsticks when i come visit.Lol

Sue said...

Oh I miss that age, 4 yrs old!!!
My youngest is 13, cherish the years before they are taken, and take lots of photos!We are always going through them, remembering old times, before they all become rebellious teenagers!

Cherub*Kisses said...

Ahh Happy Happy Birthday Sam!!! Looks like it was a beautiful day!!
Have a wonderful week!
Hugs, Dionne

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Happy birthday Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looks like a perfect day!! My baby boy is turning 7 in two weeks *sniffle*
Hope he had a wonderful time, your cake is terrific!! I always have the same problem with red, I think someone told me to use chocolate frosting rather than white, and then dye it red, but I don't remember
Your sideboard is gorgeous!! And your mother is adorable!!

Lori said...

happy Birthday to Sam!! Wow Sam's toys are the ones my boys would have played with years ago! What is it with boys and vacuums? All of mine and my 6 years old grandson love them! Love, ya, Lori **Mum loved divine!!!!**

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sam!!! You have such a waaaaay cool mom! Looks like you all had a super wonderful day!

Gotta love a kid that loves Neil! Now I'm gonna be humming Sweet Caroline & I Am...I Said!!

That is such a cute cake, & Shann, we all know you were going for pink icing on that fire engine! :0)

Your mom is just so cute in that pic ~ she is even color co-ordinated for that room!

Angelic Accents

Dolly said...

Happy Birthday Sam.....

I have a Sam too...except she is 6 feet tall and a teenager!
A tom boy at that...I call her my son Sam! :-)

Love your blog sweetpea!

Hugz, Dolly