Tuesday, 10 July 2007

THE PLASTER HAS LEFT THE BUILDING ! plus some of my work AND my Matchbox Swap !

Well the day finally came ! Yesterday Sams plaster came off. After 6 1/2 weeks, we thought the day would never get here.
The poor nurse had a real challenge in front of her, that plaster was set to withstand a nuclear bomb blast! She even had to bring out the big guns....the electric saw! Can you imagine having to just lay there while this razor sharp saw is coming at your leg????? I was horrified! Sam however is so in love with machinery that his only concern was that i may block his view of it cutting the plaster off him! What a little champ. We wanted to keep the plaster but it had to be hacked up to get it off. Once it came off we got to see the results of the operation and i was a little shocked by the size of the incisions and how skinny and pale his leg was. Being a typical Mum i had to hold myself together just a bit...... Sam just thought it was funny that the picture the Dr drew on his leg before his operation was still there.
Anyway, all went really well and Sam was over the moon to be able to have a big bubble bath again! Now hopefully his leg and foot will re-gain enough strength for him to put some pressure on it and start towards walking again. It could take quite a few weeks, its all up to him now.
I've said it before and i'll say it again...i am just so proud of my little guy (Even when he is a cheeky little brat :)

I managed to snap a quick pic of his foot. I really hope it doesnt offend anyone. (Its not too bad and it doesnt show the major incision on the inside of his foot at least.)

NOW as i said a few posts ago, i have been a busy bee of late. This is a collection of my work that is headed for Katrina @ Little La La's. She's the loveliest gal! I hope she loves it all :) Make sure you check out her website (its over there in my favs).


YAY i received my matchbox swap today from Kathy @ Kathy's Cottage! What a sweetheart is this lady. I cannot believe she made 5 matchboxes for me. Each one is decorated in the sweetest pink papers with pretty embellishments. Kathy filled them with divine vintage buttons, lace, ribbons, tags, a gorgeous cupcake charm and lots more! if you click on my photo you can see all the pretties this gorgeous lady sent me. I am overwhelmed that a total stranger can be so sweet, kind and generous. Kathy from the bottom of my heart i THANKYOU. My cup runneth over :)

Thats it from me...its been a long few days, weeks, months actually LOL

Shann xo


Jules said...

brave boy sam,brave girl mum and what a relief you must feel thats its been and done.
Love you cute swaps what a champ to send 5.

Ele said...

Yeah! the plaster is off!!!! He will be off and running before you know it. Just wait and see! What a wonderful swap partner, lucky you! I just love your treats! They are sooo pretty.

Lori said...

Shannon, Your little guy is so precious, I had no idea he had such a surgury! I bet water is so heavenly to him now! When I was 2-6 I had a body cast from my chest to my ankles for a hip problem, I remember those saws well cause that's all they used back when! And I had so many cause as I grew they had to replace them, yuck. Now sometimes the sound of a saw makes my skin crawl! I can't wait till you can make me some sweets for my sweet collection! Hopefully I'll get back on my feet financially soon and can shop till I drop as we say in the US. I just love how you use the word"cheeky" by the way, it's cute! Love, Lori

IsabellasCloset said...

Shannon, Yeah!! So glad Sams cast is off. Thanks for showing us his foot. Looks pretty good after all he has been through.
What beautiful signs & cupcakes! You have been very busy. Hope you and Sam have a wonderful day :-} ~Mary~

Stephanie said...

I thought I heard Sam & Shann yell "Yippee" all the way across the ocean! ;0)

So glad the cast is off. He is a brave little boy!

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