Tuesday, 24 July 2007

I've Been Told....

My lovely 'Pretty Chic' friend Joyce has told me i need to update. Wel,l i told her, not much has been happening this past week for me to report!
I have however done some Custom Orders and posted them off and had a total 'brain fart' (love that expression, got it from Colleen @ Frostings and Sparkles) and forgot to take photos! DER sometimes i wonder about myself.....whats my name again???
I shall get my sweet customers to email a pic or 2 or 3 when they receive them !

Last Saturday we rugged up and tootled off up the mountains to visit my sweet gal pal Rexine at her shop, which is going fantastically for her, then we headed a bit further up to have lunch at a Favourite Cafe called the Wayzgoose.Dont ya just lurv the name WAYZGOOSE ! I just like saying it :) ANYWAY the 'We' i talk about is myself, Shane and Sam, Mum, my nieces Alex (16) and Kaitlyn (4 1/2). Our lunch was of course yummy and i couldnt help but snap a photo of my sweet lil Sam with his Flowerpot Scone, it was HUGE, particularly for a 4 year old.....but as you will see in the after shot, he did very well!

Sam working out the best approach........ Thats a Terracotta Pot FULL of scone. Looks good doesnt it!

The Aftermath....that poor scone never knew what hit it....LOL

I also took one of my sweet niece with her bowl of chips that were almost as big as her! Alas the chips and the strawberry milkshake proved too much for her tiny tummy and she had to admit defeat!

After lunch Shane headed back to the car with Sam who at this point had become possessed by some sort of Demon, so we went and bought fudge YES of course we had room for it, theres always room for fudge, then Mum went to the shops(she came in her own car)and myself,Alex and kaitlyn headed back to the car to Shane and Sam the evil child. OK NOW bearing in mind they dropped me off at the Cafe to get a table so i didnt see where they parked......and i am now relying on a 16 year old to tell me where the car is.....BAD BAD BAD MOVE she couldnt remember! It was about 3 degrees, freezing...well we walked and we walked up hills with frozen legs that felt like lead, down hills, all over, we were freezing cold but gee we kept our humour i must say, i mean really, was getting cranky going to help us find the car?? Well after about 40 minutes we did find it, with help from Mum who we found on our travels.....Suffice to say my dear , darling husband was not amused when we returned to the car absolutely laughing our fool heads off! Well you just had to see the humour in it.

CONCLUSION AND LIFE LESSON: A fun day was had by all(mostly) and NEVER rely on a 16 year old for any sort of directions! **giggle**

Ok thats it from me for a few days,

Nite Nite, Shann xxoo


The Salisbury Family said...

Some great pics there! Love that scone, how big is that lol

Sarah said...

Hi Shannon,
Had to laugh to myself when I read about not being able to find the car!
The cafe that you went to sound delicious.
I swear if must be the time for devil children, my two have been fair little stinkers this past week....I wonder if there has been a full moon????
Keep smiling

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Wow, your post has me so hungry!! I'm always glad to hear that it isn't just my kids that are posessed LOL I keep forgetting it isn't summer for you guys down under! Stay warm, Shann! :D :D

yours truly said...

I really enjoyed the pictures and am now starving! Your faux treats are to die for! I want to lick spoonfuls of frosting now! Laughed about the kids! My little one is 17 today, but ... been there, done that!