Thursday, 19 July 2007

I have some really sweet customers.

I received the sweetest email today. I have a lovely customer named Ali that i have done some Custom Orders for, the latest one being Faux Treats to decorate the tables at her sweet little girls 2nd Birthday Tea Party. One item almost didnt get there as i dropped it on the floor and smashed it to bits whilst packaging it (can you imagine the state of panic i was in???? I just stood there looking at it all over my kitchen floor, shaking my head, i think i was in denial...). There wasnt time to make another one and get it set and posted in time for the party so my lovely hubby personally delivered it to Ali's home (about an hour and a halfs drive away) to be sure she had it in time! What a thoughtful hubby i have :)
ANYWAY..... Ali sent me this lovely email today with some photos of the party and i just had to share this email with you (i havent included the photos for privacy reasons as they include Ali and her family). This gal is a real gem and a pleasure to know :)

Hi Shannon,

Thanks so much for your note that you sent and apologies for my very slow reply. Molly's party went wonderfully thank you. I Have included some photos for you and a little thank you. Sorry that you can't see your gorgeous cupcakes and lollies very well but they were the centrepieces on the little tables and the decorations on the big food table. I have to say your teapot received SO many compliments I think just about everyone asked / commented so it certainly was a big hit! They all loved the cupcakes and lollies too so thanks so very much. I will be pulling them all out of their home in and on my china cabinet next weekend though as my in-laws are coming over form NZ so we are having another little party. Will try and take a better photo of them on the tables then!

Anyway hope you are going really well and thanks again for making Molly's party so pretty! Oh and by the way, my teapot is looking a little lonely in it's pride of place on my china cabinet and I was wondering if you will be making anything else similar ... not sure what, maybe a cake?, that I could put next to it ... or maybe just another teapot but in green? Any ideas most welcome!

Thanks again

Like i said, a real gem :) Thanks Ali xo

Ok now here are my latest Faux Treats. Shane has been away for a few nights so i got busy 'creating' once Sam was in bed and i had no interruptions (this is very uncommon by the way).
I have also been doing some painting and will post piccies in a few days.

For now enjoy ALL of the 'Eye Candy ' LOL (you'll see what i mean at the very bottom.......) I couldnt help myself....bad Shannon, bad.

Ahhh Matthew (you gotta love the accent)

Sweet Dreams.... xxoo
Shann :)


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Shannon! I love the faux treats....and the sooooooo handsome Mathew!


Yummy Yummy. and that's not necessarily for the sweeties, although they look wonderful. (ok, I'm only older, not dead - lol).

Hugs, Mum XO

PattieJ said...

Love your faux treats!! And I agree! Matthew is definitely yummy eye candy! lol!!

Lori said...

Shannon, Those are the most special treats I have ever seen! Now Matthew that was a real treat to see!!! Lori

The Salisbury Family said...

OOOOH Shan love the treats...ok I admit it and the eye candy mmmm

Katrina said...

Hahaha! That is something I would do too. We can only dream!!! Hope all is well, Katrina :)

Sarah said...

Hi Shannon,
Love the faux treats, you are sooo clever. Have to agree with the other girls that he certainly is HOT! Keep the eye candy comming!!!
Keep well,

Jules said...

wow you get better and better with your treats shannon,they look so great how talented are you.
P.S what sort of icing did you use on that last one i could just eat him up.

Stephanie said...

Baddd Shannon!! I'll be back for more eye candy soon, so don't disappoint!! Maybe George Clooney next time?!?

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