Friday, 6 July 2007

Busy Bee Me and Bye Bye Plaster......

Before i get into what ive been up to all week i have to announce that theres only 2 MORE DAYS OF PLASTER FOR SAM !!!!
Ohmigawd can you hear me shrieking????? I cant believe how fast its gone. Ok some days were really slow and i wanted to just bury my head in the sand and scream, but mostly the time has buzzed by. Hmmmm maybe not so fast for Sam but. What a little trooper he is. I cant believe how well he managed.I am just burstin with pride :) If it was me i would have been groaning and complaining all day, every day. But thats kids hey, they deal with things so much better than we do.
So anyway Monday at 8:20am it comes off !!! Then we will see the result of the operation and see his skinny, pasty looking leg :)
I'll be sure to let you all know how it went! I'll even take a photo if the little rat will let me.

NOW this is what ive been up to all week.
My Bestest Gal Friend is opening up a Shabby Chic/French Prov shop in the lovely Blue Mountains. Opening day is Saturday, YIKES TOMMORROW, and i will be with her all day helping out. I have been busy 'creating and painting' some items to go in the store. Cant wait to get photos of it tomorrow to show you all. Even some of mums lamps are going to be in there.
Heres a little snippet of some things i have done for the shop.I wont bore you with too many photos :)

The 2 photos below are of the far side of my kitchen. I just love my little table here in the corner (yes the chairs are on my list of things to paint white!). We have the main table in the Dining Room too but this ones good to just sit at for breakfast. I have had to re-arrange things a bit to hang up all the signs. You can see my lovely green wall with pretty cake art prints from my friend Gail McCormack.I just love that wall, i think the cake art with all its pink colours, look amazing on the green. We painted the guests bathroom the same colour!

I have also been busy this week filling another BIG order for a lovely new friend and her business, but im not posting any photos yet...HA HA gonna make her sweat it out and wait a few more days!!! Sorry Katrina couldnt help myself HA HA. I know she will be laughing :)

Ok so till tomorrow perhaps.....
If i am not totally exhausted i will post pics of the shop!
Oh forgot to mention it is called SAGE-Gifts and Homewares.


Tutt Taa

Shann xxoo


Little La La's said...

Of course I am laughing Shannon!!! Cracking up! So love the things you are making for your friend's new shop. Right up my alley!! Am very envious of the whole 'shop' thing! One day .... (when my kids leave home hahaha). Have a great day tomorrow and good luck to your friend. I will be thinkin of ya!!

Oh, and hasn't the time flown for Sam. Good on him - little champ :)


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Lots of exciting news in your post today! I'm so happy for Sam...... he's been such a little trooper. And for your friend; how exciting! Your things are so lovely!
I enjoyed your pictures; enlarged them to get a better look! I want those cupcakes! So pretty!
Best wishes!!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

You're just burstin' with good news today!! I'm so happy for your little guy, it will be so great for him to have a free leg again!

I wish someone would open a shop like that 'round here!! I have been thinking of it for years, but I'm too scared. It sounds like its going to be a great time, I LOVE all of your signs and your cuppies are beautiful!!!!

Lori said...

Hurrah! The cast is coming off!!! Now before I faint at my keyboard!!! Those cuppie-cakes are WONDERFUL!!!!! Between the cupcake flower pot and them I need to com into some cash!!!! I will let you know soon when I can finally have you make some things for me!!! Oh and the table area is so CUTE!!! I love to visit you and see the cute pinkness that always prevails on your site! Love, Lori

Cherub*Kisses said...

Yay!! Yay!! Yay!!
You think back to the beginning & 6 weeks seems so long ... then that day is here...
Thank you Lord for your healing & comforting Sam & his mommy.

ps. I so love the new shabby shop... looks sooo pretty ... wish i could visit too!

xoxo, Dionne

Kathleen Grace said...

Love your kitchen! So pretty. And the cupcakes you made, wow! Also glad to hear your little guy is getting the plaster off. Lots of good things happening and good news :>)

Jean Knee said...

I love love love those cupcakes. Did you get a kit or what? I emailed Risa at the party planner asking about them but never heard back.

Ele said...

Those are all just lovely! Good luck!

Peta said...

Love that green wall, looks very similar to the green I used in my living room. Love those cupcakes, your best yet!

Stephanie said...

Shann, I'm soooo happy that little Sam the man is finally gettin' rid of that horrid cast! Better get ready to chase after him now!!

Love your kitchen nook. I could sit there with you & have tea all morning! The artwork on the walls is great ~ I enlarged every pic!

Your cupcakes are sure to be a hit in your friend's shop. I'm excited for both of you!

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