Thursday, 10 May 2007

Yukky News

Yesterday we took my gorgeous Golden Retriever, Chloe, to the vets to have a lump checked out that i had found on her. My poor baby has to go in next week and have a huge chunk of her side removed as they are sure it is cancer.I hear that word and i cannot breathe (my husband almost died last year from it). Anyone who owns a pet will know the feeling that your pets are family, your children. I cried for hours last night. I have faith though that God will watch over my darlin girl and make everything ok.
This is her on the left with our big boy Fraser :) Look at those faces will ya !Cheeky monkeys.

I will post happy stuff tomorrow about some New Creations!

Shannon xo


Wanda said...

Shannon, I am hurting and crying with you....I am such an animal lover. I've lost two dogs in my life. One was so very special that I cried for days. It was the dog of my childhood, Sambo (posted a story about him (April 13, 2007). Then we lost a Mastiff, Kesha, to it hurts. I believe in praying for pets, so your Golden Retrievers will get my prayers.
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and your comments on my sweet aunt.
I don't know you, but I like you a lot arealdy!

Malady said...

Your doggies are beautiful. I will think good thoughts for you!!

--Malady from
Life By Candlelight

Peta said...

Sorry to hear about poor Chloe, my prayers are with her and you Shannon :) Hugs, Peta

Cherub*Kisses said...

Praying for your sweet Chloe and your family ~
Hugs, Dionne

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

oooh shannon! i SO understand... we just lost molly (one of our persians, she was just shy of her 15th birthday) a few weeks ago to cancer. so sad =( it's amazing how attached we become to our pets. our little kelsey (the oldest of our persians) will be 17 next month, so i know we won't have her much longer and i can't bear that thought of her not being here. she's been a part of our lives since my kids were little. i'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. hugs, debbie

Vintage Mosaic Boutique said...

I hope Chloe is OK and all goes well with the opperation.

Stephanie said...

Shannon, I'll be praying for you & Chloe. Our pets are all so precious to us. Try not to be upset around her, as I'm sure she will sense your apprehension. Hard to do, tho, I know, as I've gone thru mammory gland cancer with my beloved Patchette about 6 yrs. ago. Zooming good thoughts & prayers your way!


Cherub*Kisses said...

Hi Shannon,
Just stopping by to see how you're doing :)

Wishing you a beautiful Mother's Day!
Hugs, Dionne

Jules said...

Poor Chloe she looks like a fighter ,hope she is all better soon poor baby.Have a lovely mothersday Shannon hope sam makes you a special pasta necklace to wear.Nothing says love like wearable pasta.

The ParTea Planner said...

Look at those faces, I just want to kiss them! We used to have two Goldens, we miss them terribly (but not the hair everywhere). Me and DH absolutely love Goldens. I will be saying doggy prayers for your baby. Keep us updated...