Friday, 4 May 2007

Decoupage Virgin and Some Random Pretty Stuff.

I have never in my life attempted to Decoupage anything.HOWEVER i recently bought this gorgeous coffee table with long Queen Anne legs and after painting it white i thought hmmm i may just give that a really good rub back and then try to decoupage the top of it.
I have cut up some old Country mags and some beautiful vintage paper i found in a draw (umm how did it even get there..??). Heres how i am going with it so far. Lots more piccy's to cut out still, but i am just lovin' it.

I loooove prezzies. I love giving them and receiving them. Today Jullie (Jullies World) came down for luch and a chat and she bought me the sweetest lil' strawberry soap! You know, one of those lovely ones that you cannot bear to use?It has to be strictly decoration only("This ones goin' straight to the Pool Room") My husband does not understand the concept of 'Decoration Soap' LOL or decoration tea towels/hand towels, pillows etc etc. We women get it but! I mean really, who in their right mind would wipe their grubby hands on a perfectly white Rachel Ashwell hand towel, for goodness sake??? A man, thats who. Well mine man does anyway. ARGH!!All these years and he still doesnt get it......thats why i am training Sam young :)

Mum bought me these cute little pink acrylic beady things today. I walked around the house with them looking for the perfect spot......FOUND IT! In my new Pink Kitchen Scales of course. Where else!They look like lollies being weighed...yummy.

You know some days you just want to change everything around? I did a bit of that yesterday. I get tired of lookin' at the same old thing all the time (husbands included sometimes LMAO) so i need to move em around. Yesterday i put these cute orphan side plates on the window sill and i think they look so sweet, so does Sam, Shane hasnt even noticed....and they are right near the TV too......hmmmmm.

ok enough Random-ness from me for today.
Dont forget my GIVEAWAY ends tomorrow!
Good luck Gals!!

Hugs Much,
Shann xxoo


FrostingsNSparkles said...

The table is coming along beautifully Shann! I am dying laughing @ the men and soap. I used to have "nice soap" and "OK for you to wash your hands" soap, but he'd pick the pretty stuff every time. Men!

Thanks for tagging me (I think!) LOL

Peta said...

Jon uses my pretty tea towels to wipe up food spills!

Stephanie said...

Great idea for that table, Shann! Can't wait to see it finished. And I love the pink scales!!!The pink crystals look great in it! I need that pink cadillac! I've got a video of Natalie Cole singing "Pink Cadillac", so I'm gonna be singing that song for the rest of the day!


PurpleFlowerFairy said...

love the table so far shannon - it looks w*o*n*d*e*r*f*u*l!!! i've just started mod podge-ing stuff and am having lots of fun! i just did an old hat box with vintage sheet music, calling cards and vintage trim. i did get a bit carried away and mod podged some vintage wallpaper on the kitchen cupboards, it looked AWFUL after it dried. soooo, had to work on getting it off the oak cupboards w/o ruining them... lol! mike thought it was the ugliest thing he'd ever seen - lmao!! he may have been right... debbie

Danny said...

Hey Shann, not sure if I'm doin this the correct way???? Luv your blog page....luv your stuff and all your pink!!! Thanks for sharing with all of us, your loyal fans! Gosh, just love the decoupage table you're working on....will you be doing anything like it for ebay soon? LMAO...about the soap and towel thing! Hey, think I better stay single....if any man ever tried to mess up anything pink that belonged to's down to the knackery for him!
Gotta Luv It...Danny