Monday, 28 May 2007

Mummy, do you know why plaster is so heavy????

This is the question my brave boy woke up and asked me at 3am the morning after his surgery.
Funny the things that go through kids minds hey.

As you all would have figured out by now Sams operation went very well. He was so brave which is more than i can say for this little chickadee (blubbering,cranky mess of a woman i was). We shared a room with some other little darlins that were in a bad way but Sam kept the room full of humour with his Spanish Inquisition! The nurses thought he was hilarious! I actually got very sick (in hospital, go figure hey) but had to hide it from the nurses or they'd send me home. AND NO WAY WAS I LEAVING MY BOY ! The plaster has to stay on for 6 weeks, it will be off 5 days before Sams 4th Birthday. Dammit, i kept telling everyone Sam was gonna be plastered ( know) on his birthday!!
He is managing really well and i am so darn proud of him. he scoots around the house on his bum because he cant walk as the plaster is right up to his thigh, with his leg in the bent position, this is so he doesnt put weight on his foot and totally screw up the whole operation.
My back is getting a major workout from carrying him when he has to go the toilet, to bed, etc etc.
BUT before we know it the 6 weeks will be over and his lil' foot will be straight as an arrow! Meantime we have lots of craft activities planned including a SAM scrapping book. I bought a zillion sheets of scrappin' paper from Natasha Burns so we are all set to go! Should be fun, frustrating at times too, no doubt, but we will muddle through.

LASTLY.....Thanks gals for all the well wishes.You are all so thoughtful and sweet. My heart is full :)

Lotsa Hugs,
Shann (and Sam too)

Oh oh b4 i go, this is my newest Faux Cake. Luvin it MUCH !!! are you allowed to say that about your own stuff...???? LOL



Natasha Burns said...

Oh the poor little dear! It's good to see he has his humour! Hope you enjoy working on the scrapping pages, Leroy says hello and hopes that Sam can 'run like a maniac' (his words) soon!
Cute cake too, that would be a perfect wedding cake.
Take care,

Jules said...

Wow sam you are the man.That plaster looks as heavy as an elephant.You look so brave.
I had plaster like that on my leg when i was 7 it was okay but not when it gets itchy.^ weeks will fly past i will have to come see you and sign your plaster.
Love Jullie

Jules said...

P.S sorry Brave girl sooky mummy
Shannon you will get your medal later.And by the way yummy cake sooo poshy and sweet just like its maker lol

Stephanie said...

Sam is an incredible little trouper & so is Mommy! Maybe a little red wagon would save your back, Shann?

The cake is gorgeous!! My daughter has designed her wedding cake to look a lot like yours only white on white. Yours is incredible! Love those pretty little forks, too.


Cherub*Kisses said...

Shannon & Sam :)
Glad to see you're both home :) Sam you are one amazing little boy ... I know you're mummy is soooo proud of you!
Yes, Shannon darlin' you will develop muscles you never knew you had :))
Hugs, Dionne

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah! glad to hear you are back home and all is well =) hugs to you all, debbie

Ele said...

So glad to hear your home and all went well! Hugs to both of you! Blubbering makes you a good mom (mum, love that word!). Hugs to you both AND love that cake... adorable!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...


I hope your little sweetheart will be up and about soon! What a little cutie pie!


Sue said...

You are both troopers...glad to see Sam is doing well now, and you are back on track with your beautiful cakes, love it!! Sue

The ParTea Planner said...

So glad to hear that everything went fine with the procedure, and that you are home. Sam seems like a special kid-o and a real trooper...
It's a relief to have something like that behind you and over with now, eh?

Love the cake, so darn cute. And those forks are to dine for! ~Risa

Little La La's said...

Hi Shannon, love reading your blog. Wow, that's one mumma of a plastered leg! Breaks your heart when they are helpless. I would much rather it be me than them! My eldest got a bad burn on his leg when a fire bucket fell on him at age 2 1/2. Not nice!! But we look back now and remember that he never cried, only asked a million questions. Kids are so resilient!!

PS. I popped your link on my site, send me your banner/link and will put it in my shop.

Have a great day! Katrina.

FrostingsNSparkles said...

So glad it all went well, he is such a cutie, and a brave little man. You are a great Mom too!

Your lollies arrived, thank you SO MUCH!!!! xoxoxoxo

LOVE that cake!

She'sSewPretty said...

I just found your blog through Digi Scribbles. I have been reading all of your posts. I love your blog! My son is 14 now but he had to have foot reconstruction surgery when he was 6. He was a little trooper like your Sam. I'll be back to visit your blog often. I love pink, faux cupcakes (go see mine) and talking about my kids!