Wednesday, 9 May 2007

A little trip down Memory Lane...........

Today i sat down and looked through some of my older Artwork that i have sold on Ebay, Privately etc...i had forgotten i'd even done half of it!
Thought i'd post piccys of some favs.
It was a nice trip down Memory Lane....
Hope you enjoy them!

My Original Beaded and Fabric Dresses set in an Icing Mosaic Frame.

The very first painting I ever sold on Ebay! So long ago.

Teacups and this one.

My 3D cupcake art.

Sweet lil chair with my hand painted Ballet Shoes and pearls.

Cupcakes and Teacup with Roses on scrolly shelf.Oil Painting.

Ohhh my yummy Faux Mini Mud Cakes.

Loads of Hugs,
Shann xo


Stephanie said...

Oh, love that dress in the frame. And the faux cakes, & the teacup pics, well, guess I just LOVE it all. You are sooo talented, girlfriend!

Aren't trips down memory lane looking at old pics fun? I can keep from doing all kinds of important stuff for hours by reminiscing!!


a bit of pink heaven said...

Everything is so lovely..enjoyed seeing your art, but I think I would have a hard time not biting into the mud cakes!

Jules said...

i love the 3d cupcake one
they are all nice shannon
very clever lovey,dearie,darlin,chook