Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Porcelain, Roses and Smashed Pots

I have just started collecting this gorgeous rose porcelain. So far i have these 2 pieces, a single candle holder and a trinket box. My mum (see link at bottom of page for CollsGarden) has a lamp with just the pink roses on the base and i so want it ! Also Debbie (see link at bottom of page also)has the most gorgeous lamp base that my mum made a shade for. I WANT THEM ALL!!

The gorgeous timber table is an old one that i picked up at St Vinnies. I am undecided as to whether or not i should paint it...i really dont think everything has to be white, i sometimes think you should just leave well enough alone. I like the Vintage feel it gives my room. It suits my old pair of Lustre Jugs to a T as well. I usually have some old doileys on there too but they are in the wash.

I just had to add the Pot was one of my Mosaic Pots that i made a while back, a real favourite dad ended its shabby life yesterday when he knocked it off its stand...oh poor shabby mosaic pot. I have forgiven my dad :) alas Sam ( my 31/2 year old ) has not..."Grandad you are naughty, Mummys gonna rouse on you!"
Out of the mouths of babes hey!


PurpleFlowerFairy said...

Oh Shannon! I shouldn't laugh, but I just had to at Sam's comment - TOO CUTE! Kids, ya gotta love 'em... =) So sorry about your pot. I NEED your candlestick holder and little covered pot to go with my lamp that has the shade that your mum made for me!!!!! =) Debbie

The Salisbury Family said...

i love those jugs......very very pretty

Peta said...

I see some of that range in the op shops some time. What pieces are you looking for? Wanna swap a cupcake for a piece of china?!


ABSOLUTELY PETA!!! any piece you can find would be great.