Thursday, 29 March 2007

I have been struck down with the dreaded flu, so has Sam. We are a real sight to see at the moment LOL.Coughing and Sneezing all over the place.
Last night whilst laying in bed unable to sleep :( i had lots of new ideas buzzing around in my head ( albeit a bit fuzzy at the moment). i will share 2 of them with you.
The first one was for a new Original Painting.Sam and i have been watching Cinderalla alot (he loves it) and i would love to do a painting of a Carriage like the one in the movie. I think that would be just gorgeous.

I also had an idea for a rather different Faux Cake. A TEAPOT! I am planning to make a 'prototype' today. Depending on how it goes i will post a photo later.
Even though i am sick i have LOTS to do today including filling Faux Cupcake orders and a lovely big new Faux Cake for Lisa5352, one of my loveliest customers. I am also creating a sign for Shelley of Pretty n Chic Online for the door of her Work Cottage. AND an Original Painting full of Luscious Pink Roses for the lovely Danny of juneofsummertime. She is the sweetest gal!

I better hop to it. I have aleft a pretty photo today of some things i will be listing on Ebay soon.
Have a great day!!!



PurpleFlowerFairy said...

oh nooo, i hope you and sam feel better soon! debbie =)

The Salisbury Family said...

hope you are better soon, ooo those ebay lovelies look divine!