Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I always thought my 'thing' for chairs wasnt THAT bad....surely 40 or so chairs is not too many...??? Is it ???
Well anyway i never dreamed it would get so bad that it would extend to something LARGER in the chair department....Im talking LOUNGES/SOFAS/COUCHES...whatever you like to call them. Im calling them UH OH's from now on.

UH OH because when you see a gorgeous ole lounge on Ebay for $25.00 and your hubby says JUST BUY IT... you do....knowing full well you have NOWHERE to put it...But hey, when has that ever mattered before??

MAYBE i shouldnt have bought it.....but how could i not??? Me and vintage, pretty, lovely, gorgeous old lounges...well we BELONG TOGETHER.
See for yourself.

See what i mean? I HAD TO HAVE IT...didnt i. It belongs in my front room.
Well i blame Shane anyway, he said BUY IT.
So now we have 5 lounges...including one currently sitting in the middle of my kitchen..LOL.
What did you say?? Sell one? SURELY YOU ARE PULLING MY LEG!
I will work it out...i always do.

So then i took the flowers that were twisted around the back on the other lounge and put them on my standard lamp.

Pretty huh? My super talented MUM made that lamp shade for me, aint it gorgeous! I loooove it.
Speaking of lamps...look at this gorgeous fabric i got to re-cover the big shade for my other standard lamp in the Family Room.

Isnt it beautiful! I cant wait to get it done.

Ok so im off re-arrange lounges (again) and maybe get started on that lamp and some customer orders too.
Should keep me off the streets for a while ! LOL.

See you Friday for some Friday Flea Market pretties!

Love and Pink Kisses,
Shann xx


Brenda said...

I love coming by to see what you've been up to. Love the lounge!!!!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

THAT was $25???????????????????
You are such a lucky duck! It's so
neat!!!!!!!!!! Lobe it!!

M ^..^

Alison Gibbs said...

It's a fabulous lounge - you sure couldn't pass that one up

our shabby cottage said...

Gee, for $25 I would have bought it too if I has somewhere to put it!! Love the fabric for your lampshade too. it looks like a Mary Rose print? Still haven't listed the rings yet - I will let yuou know when I do.
Smiles :) Kathryn.

nbeltane said...

HEHEHE. at least people cant say that they have nowhere to sit at your place.ROFL..

looking around i actually have 3 lounges, a bench seat and another one to be picked up this week.

what was that number of chairs annon again???


Candy said...

As usual, I LOVE everything!!!
Candy :)

Chantilly Cottage said...

Hi Sweetpea
Thank you so much for stopping by.
WOW !! how could you turn up a bargin like that... most certainly not. It is a fabulous lounge. Love the lamp your Mum did for you everything looks fabulous.
You can contact me anytime by email if you would like:
Take care.
Hugs.. Deb x

Kerrie said...

What's another chair between family or friends. You can't expect people to stand can you? lol! I don't see a problem at ALL!!

I see that the talent runs in the family!!! Do let your mother know that she did a wonderful job!

Nice to have a second (human) voice encouraging you to buy something.. Not little voices in your head.. lol!!

Anonymous said...

Shannon you and your mom sure is very talented ladies! that lamp shade is gorgeous!! Of cause you had to have that lounge, one can never have too many seats!! love it.

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! Look at you ms bargain hunter!! Love the shade cant wait to see it finished! Hey did Jules ever give you your little thankyou for hosting the swap? Let me know once she does! Ohh and by the way! My shop is having a HUGE sale on everything! come by and spread the word!!! BIG big hugs


Bek said...

I know what you mean who can turn a good couch down and such a bargin.
Maybe our husbands need to form a support group for husbands of wives who have 2 many chairs and paint everything white group and who make cakes that you can't eat. or something like that:)
We have heaps of lounges but I seem to have more arm chairs than I need:)
And that lamp sooo pretty.

Katrina Chambers said...

You know how to find some great bargains! That would look great in my bedroom in my new house so I will be keeping my eye out!!!

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Shan,
I have the perfect solution for your lounge fetish - start pleading with hubby for a bigger house OR if you keep collecting chairs he will just do this anyway so he can escape the shabby pink things taking over his house...LOL

Can't wait to see the finished lamp shade.

Lori said...

Shannon, How's my best girl doing? Love the sofa, really cool print. So sorry my last post made ya cry, imagine me when I wrote it. I decided today after meeting the new surgeon I am getting the back surgery. I can not live in this pain any longer, I want life and fun and crafting back, even if Marc isn't here for me to pink out!LOL Oh my those new cuppies are yummy-licious, its this a word??? Sam's Mr stinky was it is halarious! Those little ones especially boys are so dear and precious!Tell Sam that Auntie Lori in the US has his picture he made last year right above my bed! I think of you to very often, wish we were closer! Sending my love,Lori

Pearl said...

Hi Sweet Shann... WOW! You got a great deal on such a PRETTY sofa! Shane did a good thing telling you to just buy it! LOL I love everything else, too, as always! You are just so clever and talented and sweet!! God bless...


KARA said...

what a pretty how much am I in love with Shane, you will have to pass him round cause I need some chairs. lol.
Ok I have now decided you better get camera busy cause I want to see all your chairs big or small

Connie said...

Hey, little lounge chick!!!! Yessssss, by all means, you needed to have it! Don't even question yourself 'bout it, sweetpea. I'm on your side!! You can never have toooo many chairs......

joan said...

Hi Shannon,

Love the new lounge. You are always so busy making pretty things girlfriend! I like what you did to the lamp. Have a great weekend!!

Country Wishes said...

Pretty as usual Shannon, your creations are divine! Your chairs

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

You absolutely could not pass up that pretty piece! Looks great in your beautiful home Shannon!!
Please stop in on Friday at my blog Shannon! I will have a surprise for you!

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Sweetpea!
Very pretty sofa, how could you possibly pass it up for that price, I know I couldn't either! It looks perfect in your lovely front room too! Wow, that lamp shade your Mom made is gorgeous! Can't wait to see your's too when you finish it!
Love & Hugs,
Carol Anne