Saturday, 26 July 2008

Feeling A Little Bit Dotty !

No, not Dottery, just a little Dotty, LOL.

I was looking back at some of my old work...oooh way back when..*grin* ...and found some of my past creations that were fun and sweet and very polka dotty! So i thought id do a little more along that line.
Do you ever discover a photo of something you created forever ago that you had tottaly forgotten about? Its so fun to look back and see how your style has changed etc.

So heres 3 of my newest, sweet creations, inspired by some older ones!

They are all cute and a little bit fun and are available on my website now :)

************* NOW **************
Before i go and plant all these bulbs (thanks to my lovely mum in law for getting me these)

.....i have to have a small say about something that is very hurtful to me.

I have had some very nasty and petty emails directed at me lately from other bloggers and i want to say to those responsible if you dont like me or what i do then just go away, dont read my blog, dont look at my website.....just go away and leave me alone.
I am not going to name names because thats petty and so school girl-ish and im not wasting my breathe on it anymore.
Enough said. I hope.

NOW i hope youre all having a gorgeously sweet weekend with your families and those you love.
I know i will be! Lifes to short to waste it on stuff thats not worth the effort right :)


Shann xxx


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

How cute!! Great work Shan!

passive1 said...

Hi There Shannon,
Love the new and improved works of art!
i don't know you personally but I love ya and what you do!
Think Pink friend!
Ciao Passive1-Kylie

our shabby cottage said...

Oh Shannon, these polka dots are lovely (I like polk dots too). I was shocked about reading about your emails. Don't worry your pretty little head about it. What the heck is happening when people can't say anything nice huh?????? Didn't their Mummies tell them...."If you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all!"
Chin up girl, Kathryn.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Who on EARTH could be mean to you??? You are the sweetest person out there! And your work is gorgeous! I just dont understand people. I have had some bloggers whom I though were my friends do the same thing to me! I understand how you feel sweetie. You know I love ya :)

I am in LOVE with your new items!!!! I love dots too :)

Hugs and love.

Gail McCormack said...

Please Shann doen't waste your time and energy worrying about negative people/emails. Your new items are so so sweet!

Connie said...

Since I've found you and your work I've always loved it for its pinkness and adorableness. Even your blog page is adorable, sweetpea. I understand what you mean but just reject their comments and go on with it. You're one of my favs and that's all that counts, friendly chickadee!

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

I just don't understand why people would want to be so hurtful. You are such a sweetheart and your creations are absolutely beautiful!
Love your new polka dots Shann, they are so cute!
Carol Anne

Nita Jo said...

My first visit here (was looking for the photo challenge).

I was sad to read about the negative emails, etc. You are right though... Life is too short!

Your blog is lovely, and your little guy is so sweet. You are blessed!

Nita Jo

Laurie said...

You are a terrific artist and a sweet friend! Let those catty women eat each other alive. They will turn on each other sooner or later and you will be so glad you weren't part of their lives!! You are genuine!!!
Hugs sweetie and keep your chin up!


You have a lovely blog and it's very sad that someone would choose to be mean..Warmly,Deb

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE your work Shannon, and it really made me lol, cause we have this very funny commercial on TV....well, to make a long story short, a girl needs dots, cuz dots always covers up something! Probably not as funny reading about it here, just put a big smile on my face.....I love dots and I love much can you squeeze into the envelope...LOL! Have a lovely weekend sweetie!

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Shannon, what pretties you have created. I love visiting your blog.
Hope you are feeling better and have rested up a bit.
Ignore the nastiness that is out there in blogland and keep on keeping on - giving us fun posts and sweet creations.
Thanks for visiting my blog and being so sweet
Alison :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
I am in love with your dots, they are so fun!
On the note of the emails that you recieved, I agree with the other girls, don't loose heart. People are strange creatures, especially women who feel threatened, wheather it be by your talent, your friendship or anything else that you share with the blogging world. I hope you keep sharing with us your work, your family life & anything else you see fit.
Love Sarah xx

NeereAnDear said...

Shannon .... I adore the new goodies... quite lovely ... I think polka dots are loads of fun

As for the people who are bugging you.... ignore... they arent worth it.... dont let them get you down and dont pay any attention to them..



PurpleFlowerFairy said...

had that done to me too shann. just ignore them =) hugs, debbie

Dolly said...

Mean People suck!!!!
I am sorry you are a target Shann!

Your polka dots are sa-weeeeet!
Loooove your new creations!
Fun Fun Fuuuuuuuuunnnnn!

Keep up the good work sweetpea!


Anonymous said...

Hey chickadee! I FREAKEN love the cupcake sign!! its soo cute! love your paintings you rock and are soo great at it! big hugs! Do not worry abotu those girls people can just be mean and I am so proud of you for being the better person and not naming names cuz I would of haha Everything will be okay! Big big hugs!!


P.S. I want you to paint me something for my ktichen I am going to email you!!

celestina marie said...

Hi Shannon, I love your sweet treasures and I am a fan of dots too. I use them a lot in my work, as I call them my dotted swiss!
Your blog is lovely and I always enjoy my visit when I stop in.
Don't even think about the people who spend time being hurtful. You are a true gem and by not giving way to the same, you rise above.
Sending a big hug to you!
la rea rose

Candy said...

Shannon! I cant believe your getting mean emails. You of all people! Because you are one of the sweetest bloggers I have met. I cant get over that. Thats terrible!
Im so sorry to hear that. I guess just ignore them. What goes around comes around and they will get it back to them. Thats what I believe anyway. Just remember you are soooo well liked. I for one, just love ya to pieces :)
I love what you created too.
Big hugs,


My sweet daughter,
I am so very proud of you & what you do. You don't need to bother about people like that. Their lives are poorer for not knowing the real you.
Love n hugs, Mum.

Linda said...

Hi Shann,
Looove the polka dots they are so sweet, sorry to hear that you are having trouble with people being nasty I hope they go away for you. Have fun planting all those bulbs it will look wonderful when they are in flower.
Cheers Linda

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Too cute Shann! Sorry to hear you have had some nasties visit :0(
Tell your sweet Mum well done with the eiderdown too (I was "watching" it), she is very good for not keeping it, a stronger woman than me lol ;0))

Brenda said...

I'm so sorry you've been having a difficult time with some of your visitors, I hope they'll take the hint and go away. You have a delightful blog here!

Kim's Treasures said...

I love your new creations...sweet polka dots! So sorry someone chose to be mean to you! Smile and Hugs!

Sharon Ellery said...

Love your new cupcake sign :-) So pretty. Some people can be so petty and mean - karma will get them. Have you seen that Sweet Daisy Dreams is having a tea party Wednesday. Sounds like something that you would love.


Country Wishes said...

Shann, your new creations are beautuful! Dont let the nasties get to you...

Nahlia said...

Obviously sour grapes from jealous types. Who can't create anything. You're a doll.