Thursday, 31 January 2008

~ You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down ~

Ive been sick AGAIN. Yep, yukky icky pooh feeling really gross kinda sick. So has my poor lil' Sam. Sam gets bronchitis so ends up with a dreadful cough for weeks on end. Right now he is feeling much better but is still on antibiotics (much to his disgust). Me? well i will survive ! We have to dont we? When we get sick we still have to be mums and wives and keep the household running. Like i said...You cant keep a good woman down!

Even when i am sick i cant sit still for long....i lay in bed making/creating/glueing/ name it. I am hopeless.
Heres some things ive been doing just for me.
I FINALLY painted my wrought iron Candlelabra. It was an engagment present and that was loooong ago now. Now i just need some crystals and candles and im done. It fits nicely into the corner of our bedroom (well i think so anyway..Shane just said Oh great more crap..)Men..UGH !

Some pretty Fairy Floss paint for my 3 tiered stand that use to be a creamy colour.

I found this table on the roadside on the way home from visiting my lovely friend
Sue @ Junkit Junction. Sorry but i cant find the B4 photo anywhere. It had a glass top and the scroll work was black..ICK.
Sam actually spotted it before me "Mummy look at that stuff, is it for free?" Ahh i have him trained well dont i . Anyhoo i pulled over and grabbed it with Sam yelling out "get the lamp too mum" Oh man i was laughing so hard... what a little legend he is :)
So here it is now all prettied up.

I had to take the cake stand and cuppies off as the cats were starting to take an interest.So now i have these pretties on top instead.

Oh and i also made another lamp! I really needed a smaller shade for my bedside table as my bigger one was blocking my lovely mirror/print from Gail. It and the other one i made both passed inspection with mum so i figure i didnt do too bad :)

I also painted up this divine tray and will be painting it maybe a little bit french and rosey..not quite sure yet. You'll have to wait and see !

Hope everyone is well and happy. I will be doing some major blog hopping today, im having withdrawels from not visiting everyone ! I know its sad isnt it .

Lotsa Pink kisses,
Shann xxxooo

oh i had to show you this. Heres my boy at the park last week. He was having sooo much fun! Oh to be a kid again....


Alison Gibbs said...

Sorry to hear you and Sam have been sick.
Great work on the make overs.
I have the same cake stand. Got it for christmas and love it.

Dolly said...

Well there you are Shann, I have'nt seen your smiling face in so long I thought maybe you were out sunning your bunns! :-)
I am sorry you and Sam have been sick!
Thats no fun!

I love all the makeovers!
Too sweet!
I think you should do a tutorial on re-doing lampshades! I have a few that need some love but I have no idea where to start!
I need a boost dear friend!

Sending hugz,

Tracie said...

I just had to come look here since you just left me a comment. I have a cake stand like yours but mine is cream colored, I'll have to post a picture so you can compare. Wow do you have great taste!
Love the comment about get the lamp too - what a team!
Happy day,

Tracie said...

Oh yes, please get better soon - lots of pretties to make you feel better!

Gail McCormack said...

Not nice being sick over summer, winter time you can snuggle up into bed, but summer is just hot and uncomfortable. It's good you've achieved!! Your lamps are just beautiful, glad Mother (Coll) approves! In fact everything is just scrumptious.
Hope you and Sam are feeling better soon
Nice to hear from you Shann, not the same without you around

Sarah said...

Hi Shannon,
Not good that you & Sam haven't been well, know how you feel when you say the gals have to keep the house going!!!!
Your candelabra looks just beautiful, had to laugh at what your hubby had to say...mine is just the same (More dust collecting C**p, he says!!!)
What a find is that table!!! And of course the lamp, 10 points to Sam.
Hope you start to feel better soon,
Love & Hugs,
Sarah xx

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Shannon!
I am so sorry you and swet little Sam have been sick :( Their is so many nasty things going around right now, it is terrible!

But look at all the beauties you have created once again! I swear Shannon, you can make anything beautiful! Love it all! And your Shane sounds like my Chad, more crap, lol! Silly men!

Score for Sam on that beautiful table! What a little sweetie :) How come I never see anything by the road, lol?? I have been looking for an old chippy chair for my porch and cant seem to. Oh well.

Your little guy is just too cute at the park in his hat! Love it.

Glad you are both feeling a bit better!

Love you lots,

KARA said...

OK Sam needs to come live with me he is such a cutie, looks great in his fireman hat.
Ok loving all the new pieces the pink paint is scrummy.

Lori said...

Shannon, That candle thing, well you know what I mean, is gorgous! can't wait to see it complete! Now Shannon, I have to wonder, how on earth do you find the candles on the cute table safer from the cats then the cake plate, which by the way is to die for! Won't they topple easier? Boy for being sick you sure have energy! I have to tell you that I NEVER EVER see anything other then trash here! EVER< EVER! Think you need some candy, preferably pastel Easter candy to feel better! Love, Lori

Sue said...

Nice table Shannon! We sure are nice up here on the mountains!!great makeover!

Country Wishes said...

Love your shabbies girl, they came up a treat!! Sam sure has a good eye for roadside treasures..

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Shan,
That Sam is the MAN. Keep him - he is already well trained. Every treasure hunting mummy needs a scout and 'look out' or we might miss something truly valuable waiting for us on the roadside. And doesn't he have good taste too!!!! LOL

Hope you are both feeling better soon. perhaps some Easter eggs will make you feel better?


oH I'm sooo glad you painted that 3-tiered stand. How come I didn't see it this morning?

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh, I love that cake stand and the paint color in your bedroom. At least the man lets you have pink walls. He can't be that bad. LOL

Gypsy Mermaid said...

Hello!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! love getting new people to say hey! Your blog is soo delish! Its so bright and pink! lovin it! those cupcakes are soo cute! I love all you painted goodies! that table was a awesome find! I never get that lucky haha please come back to visit me!!


Peta said...

Jon and Shane must have been separated at birth - they sound EXACTLY the same!
Good on you for training Sam up to be your "spotter" LOL!

SweetAnnee said...

Hope things are better for your lovelies..

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Shannon, How nice to have you visit my blog. The horses, Lacey, Bama and Maggie are my neighbors. When he is away we feed and take care of them, otherwise I just enjoy going to see them. Your blog is so pretty. Love the pastries you make. ~ Lynn

Sandy said...

Oooooooo what a soft and sweet room you have! Did you make all those cakes and cupcakes?Glad you stopped by my blog so that I could check yours out! Keep in touch! Sandy xox

Stephanie said...

Shann, I can just imagine what you & little Sam looked like grabbing the goodies! Does the term Beverly Hillbillies come to mind?!?!

Beautiful re-do! And you must tell me all about that mirror/print from Gail! You KNOW I'm intrigued by mirrors ~ they (AND LAMPS) are my passion!!!!!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

love the pink pompom lamp shade - too cute! and i was going to ask you about the mirror framed rose print in the background but then read that you got it from gail. i would LOVE one of those - it is GORGEOUS!!!!! hugs, debbie p.s. hope you received my email that your cups are in =) yeah! and i LOVE the purple cuppies in your banner - very pretty =)