Monday, 14 January 2008

Creating Bits and Pieces

It's been so hot here the past few days and this weekend was truly just gross...i really dont do hot very well. I turn into a dreadful old hag who will bite the head off anyone who looks at me the wrong way. LOL. Ugh i hate that sweaty feeling. Thankgoodness for the air conditioning but...otherwise i might be in the midst of a divorce right now...ha ha ha.
Anyhoo i kept myself busy and sane by creating a few bits and pieces.

This year on Ebay i am getting back into some stuff i used to make ages ago.
Like my Butter Iced Flowerpots.
This one has yummy pink 'icing', bits of an old colclough saucer (smashed to pieces courtsey of my naughty cat Bruce), lots of beads and faux crystals and a divine Millinery Flower feature on the front.
I take lots of special orders for these.

I have a few of these pots in my home and in my garden too.They look so pretty.

An old hanging cutting board that i have painted white and added some of my roses to.
Would be a sweet addition to any kitchen i think (but i definately wouldnt use it for chopping your veges on...LOL.

I loved this old silver bowl when i found it. Ive painted it creamy white, added some more roses and slightly distressed the edges.

Now a sweet pair of Romatic mixed media hangings. Lots of glass glitter, pretty paper, millinery flowers and ribbon . I love these just hanging over the backs of my chairs. Too too pretty.

Not sure what will make it to Ebay or Etsy but feel free to email me if youd like to purchase something before i list it !

** Oh now back to the subject of weather..... Yesterday was a real stinker here, about 40c i think..erky perky... BUT all of a sudden these monstrous clouds came over, the sky started to rumble..amd within 10 minutes it was like a mini cyclone here.Never one to miss a photo op, I stood on our front porch getting blown away and saturated as i took pics of poor Shane tying the front gate to the fence b4 it bashed into his car and throwing blankets over my car to protect it from the hail. Ahh my knight in soggy armour *giggle*.

Hard to see but man that rain was bucketing down and the wind was a million miles an hour (ok slight exaggeration there...)

This is the first lot of hail that covered our lawn.

Storms dont usually worry me but this one was a real Lu Lu !! My roses however loved it !

Now, As i sit here typing this sleepy little face is peering down on me....

My sweet companion Georgie. I better go give him a cuddle i think......

Lots of Pink Hugs and Kisses,
Shann xxxooo


Roxie said...

I just found your blog and so glad I did. I'm the same way when the heat hits. Everyone better stay away from mama when she's hot! Grrrrr!!
I love your butter icing pots, so yummy!!! I'll have to go check out your ebay store.
I'll visit again soon.

Alison Gibbs said...

You have ben busy with your artwork. Cute mixed media.
Wow that weather has been crazy and creating havoc everywhere.
Way to go Shane - out there protecting the cars.


Hi Shannon, long time no blog... you've been very busy while I've been away. We got that storm as well but no hail. Luv your little icing pots as well so cute, luv your shutters too, I'm too broke now to do any ebay shopping the holidays are killing me but I soooo need them. Anyway I'll check out your store anyway just for a shabby fix.
<3 Sharon

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Melbourne,

You really have had extremes of weather across the border. We Victorians wouldn't mind some of that rain, though!!

Katrina said...

Hi Shannon! I am hearin you with the heat!!! Stinking here last week, although we were unlucky in the rain department (we live too far west!). Still hot here today too.

Your creations are cute. I will pop over to your stores.

Oh and you know I agree with the post below "rearranging is good for the soul"!!!!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Shannon! Is their anything you CANT create beautifully? Every time I come here, I get tons of eye candy!! Gosh we have the same taste!

It is snowing here :( I'll trade ya seasons, LOL!!

I want to thank you so much for your kind, caring and understanding comments on my blog. You are one of the sweetest bloggers I know! I love ya lots. Wish I could give you a hug too!

Hugs and smiles,

Cindy Roberts said...

Love Georgie's sleepy face! Love that your hubby is handy! Love all your sweet pink painted beauties! Love that you stop by my blog to say hi! My door is open for the Valentine's Day brunch! :) Cindy

Gail McCormack said...

Love your new creations Shannon, you really have been a busy bee. Oh the rain, yes we've had extreme weather too! That Georgie sure is cute! Keep up the good work

Sue said...

What , we are 20 mins away, and we didnt get the storms, I heard it on the news,we just got a bit of rain!
It's nice to have someone looking over you, he looks so content!
You have been a busy girl, as you know the weather has delayed my painting, 30 degrees one day, rain the next, cant win!!

Sue said...

Me again, just wanted to let you know, and Sam, "the sick daughter" has Glandular Fever, so she will be home for a while now!!

Sue said...
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Cathy said...


Love the flower pots. So sweet and so pretty. Absolutely adorable.


joan said...

Hi Shannon,

Love the cutting board. It's so pretty! We are the exact opposite in our weather here in Ohio, cold and snowy. You hubby is so sweet to go out in that and take care of your car. And Georgie is just so cute in this photo, look at his little face ~ love it. Have a great week!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Those little pots are sooooo cute Shannon! You have been a busy lady! I know what you mean about the heat. Poor soggy Shane...what a sweetie he is though!

Kerryanne English said... an old hag - I don't think so. LOL

At least you kept yourself busy during the heat. And what lovely pretties you have made.

Wish you coud send some of the rain down south to Melbourne. My roses and lavenders are crying out for more water,


KARA said...

oh shann that rain looks yummy, I love the rain, which is pretty good for england, today where I live we have severe weather warning.
OMG please come live here I need a house full of shann goodness, I love all the pieces, but those pots, wow, I can see why so many custome orders, we are defo doing a swap for something when I do you some new earrings.
Anywho check out my blog there is a surprise for you

Lori said...

Hellllloooo Shannon~~ Yummy pink, kitty sweetness and roses galore, what more could I ask for? Sam pics!! I have been bogged down physically, and a million other ways will get in some heavy posting after Wednesday.Would you believe I still have one tree up with lights only on it? That's how overwhelmed I've been lately. Pluse hubby has been a real dork lately. You know how that tends to slow life down. Will play catch up by late week! Love, Lori

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

hey shannon =) that was quite the storm you had - wow!!! i absolutely LOVE it when it storms. how sweet of shane to go out and cover your car. i can't wait until this spring when hopefully we'll get a few good storms. however, the HOT weather i can do without - ugh! thank the lord for air conditioning - lol! love all of your new pretties. hugs, debbie

Siobhan said...

Georgie looks so cute! I hope he got a big hug!

Bruce seems to be saving you some effort with breaking your china plates...lucky you lol.

As for the weather...wel it is real up and down in Melbourne too...really getting sick of it!

Siobhan xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
Love your new creations, the chopping board is my fave.
I can relate to the heat thing, I am like a bear with a sore head, my skin goes all red & blotchy, not attractive I can tell you.
Chat soon,
Sarah xx

MelsRosePlace said...

You are so creative, prettiness everywhere it looks like! The weather has been so weird, its been raining here for WEEKS & the humidity is horrid, here here for air conditioning! Mel xxx

Ali said...

Hey cutie, just wanted to say that I love your new picture of you for your blog. Really pretty in sepia. that's it and hope you are well hon. Hopefully this heat will pass soon, until then, stay indoors and try not to snap lol. ox Ali

Ali said...

Hey cutie, just wanted to say that I love your new picture of you for your blog. Really pretty in sepia. that's it and hope you are well hon. Hopefully this heat will pass soon, until then, stay indoors and try not to snap lol. ox Ali

Marina Capano said...

Hi! Nice to meet you! your work is so cute! and your cat is equal to my cat Tomas.
regards from Argentina

Marina xo

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I have always adored those flower pots!

Tracie said...

Love the bliss sign Shannon and the Georgie cat. Your place is so cute, I agree that moving things around/redecorating is good for the soul!