Tuesday, 8 January 2008

OH No...tagged again...LOL

The lovely Deb @ Chantilly Cottage has tagged me and i had to sit and think long and hard about 10 more weird things about me...boy i tell you, i got quite a headache...

Ok so im not sure if i'll make it to ten...ha ha Shane reckons he could think of 100 weird things about me at least..

ok here goes...

1. I dont drink Tea OR Coffee. YUKKY...ive never tasted them....and no i dont want to, they smell gross.

2.I am allergic to alot of shoes. Bummer hey. I come out in a huge blistering and itchy rash and will literally rip my skin apart scratching...ive had this all my life..nice hey!

3. I hate the beach...yep its pretty to look at but i dont want to go in it.

4. When i was in high school my friends entered me in The Miss Gee Bees competition (a beauty quest thing for our large retail store Grace Bros). I came in the top 20 out of about 300 girls. Geez i think id be the 300th one now ! LOL. My rear end aint what it use to be !

5. I know the words to most of Kenny Rogers and Neil Diamonds songs off by heart. I grew up listening to them and now Sam listens to them.

6. I am OBSESSED with this Tv Show 'Outrageous Fortune' . Its a New Zealand show and ive watched every episode so much that i keep talking with a N.Z accent...Shane thinks its hysterical (his family are from N.Z). I love it !

7.I know ive mentioned this one before but its worth mentioning again...I am terrified of clowns. I hate them..and dolls...eek. Scary little critters they are.

8. If Shane makes our bed i usually sneak in and re-make it...i appreciate the effort but im so anal with my cushions...they have to be just right.

9. I am guilty of wearing bright purple lipstick in high school, when i was abut 17 i think..UGH...what was i thinking !

10. I didnt start eating pizza untill a few years ago...i cant believe what i was missing out on all this time !

WOW i did make it to 10. I am WEIRD then.
Whats more embarassing is that i thought of a few more...!

Ok so now i pass this onto um...lets see...who can i torture.....maybe umm...Joan @ Joans Journeys. Joan is so gorgeous, i adore her blog. Good luck (and sorry...) Joan !

Bunches of Pink Hugs,
Shann xo


Kari & Kijsa said...

Loved the thought of the bright purple lipstick!!! Teehee! thanks for sharing!

kari & kijsa

She'sSewPretty said...

Shannon...we must both be weird. I know all the words to the Kenny Roger's songs and Neil Diamonds too. I wore purple lipstick in high school. Ick! But, you're the first person I've "met" that has never tasted tea or coffee. I can't live without my coffee in the morning. LOL

Anonymous said...

hey Chick!! I hate the beach too!! Knew there was a reason why we were best buddies!! he he Purple lipstick to school EEEKKSS!!! HUGS Mands

Sue said...

Purple lipstick???Somethings shouldnt be told!!LOL

Alison Gibbs said...

Hey Shannon , you think you're weird -even though I live by the beach I hardly ever go there other than to go for a walk.
It's been fun learning more about you.

Chantilly Cottage said...

Hi Shannon,
Loved reading your list.
Your the first I have met that doesnt like tea or coffee, lol...
Take care.

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Hi Shannon, I hate to tell you this but half of those things are so not weird...with you on the clown and doll thing..purple lipstick?...I had black...Laura hates the beach as well, it's the sand and sun thing... the only truly weird thing is the tea or coffee thing...what do you use your pretty china cups for? Thanks for sharing, fun! Kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

KARA said...

oh ok, this was totally amazing I can't believe some of the things I have found about you.
Oh my I nearly cried when I read about the shoes, oh sweetie I totally feel for you, shoes are the gifts of gods lol

joan said...

Hi Shannon,

I loved reading your ten and okay now I have to think of ten weird things about me, which I am sure there are more then ten but still hard to think of. But hey I just read your no coffee or tea, what do you do for your caffiene fix than? Hope you had a great day and I'll be posting my ten soon. LOL

The Old Painted Cottage said...

I so love "weird things" lists, and especially enjoyed reading yours. But no tea, and gasp! no coffee?? OMGosh!!


Kerryanne English said...

Hi Shan,
Bet I know what you use for the caffeine fix instead of tea and coffee - CHOCOLATE !!!!!!

You are not so weird. I'm with you on the clown thing.....anyone who has to wear that much makeup is suspect.


FrostingsNSparkles said...

Hey Shanny! I've been trying to leave you a comment all day, but Mr Computer wouldn't cooperate :( My heart is breaking for you on the shoe thing, that's like not being able to eat ((((((hugs))))))) I've heard that people that have that problem sometimes develop a chair fetish LOL

Purple lipstick, totally!!

Gail McCormack said...

You weird....no Shann, who would have thought that?
Loved your list, how funny not loving the beach, still I guess the sand is a bit annoying and come to think of it so are the flies and crowds and salt water, come to think of it I haven't actually sat on the beach for ages.

Alice W. said...

Wow!!! I am shocked you would confess such 'weirdness'!!! Just kidding!!!! Loved it...esp. the clown/doll thing...I totally hear ya on that! Scarrrrryyy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
Just loved your '10 weird things' yeah I remember the purple lipstick too, only mine was frosted, OH DEAR!!! The hubby & I also watch Outrageous Fortune, I agree it really is addictive.
Sarah xx