Tuesday, 6 November 2007

My Husband Bought Me A Huge Bunch Of.......


Awww how romantic ! LOL
I must be weird because i was so excited! Now i am not a huge vegetable eater but here are 3 of my favs that i love to stir fry. I will only eat stir fryed veges, i am weird that way. So when Shane handed me this huge bunch i just thought YUMMMMM. I am not a 'buy me flowers' kind of girl. I have a garden full of them so i see no need to have them bought for me. Thats just me but. If i want some, i'll go outside and pick them. So here i am all happy and crazy with my huge bunch of green veges **grin**

Thought i'd share with you now some pics of my latest creations. Most of these are in My Ebay now, or will end up there eventually.
I bought some gorgeous new Robert Gordon cupcake cases the other day so i have been crazily making some new Faux Cuppies to add to my list.

These are my newest creation....Pretty Pink 'HEARTS A-FLUTTER' cuppies !They are a sweet bit of fun!

Simply Pink.....paper roses and polka dots! Two different sets here with the heart cuppies at the back.

My CHOIR OF ANGELS. They come complete with Songbooks (i even wrote a little song in them)and glittered Halos, like all Angels should.

Larger sized Angel with songbook. Think i will make one for myself for the top of the Chrissy Tree.

I found this sweet lil' birdhouse whilst out 'junkin' with mum a few weekends ago.
Here she is BEFORE...just screaming out for a makeover wasnt she ! LOL

and AFTER, feeling much prettier...with Climbing pink roses, a pair of oh-so-sweet lil' birds and a garden bed of paper roses.

Pretty enamel teapot that i painted a soft shade of mint, then painted on some of my roses. This one might make it to ebay...not sure yet :)

Last but not least....I am feeling so inspired by Mels christmas decorating that i decided to make some Christmas Cupcakes last night.
What do you think?

All glittery and christmassy with frosted roses too! Definatley Unique !

Ive also been fiddling with some other pretties for Christmas (again more influence from you MEL)....will post more on them in a few days.

Hope everyone is well and happy and not freezing like i am. I cant believe how cold it is here at the moment! Wheres the lovely Spring weather gone???? My toes have icicles forming on them (well ok, slight exaggeration there but it is VERY cold).
Ok then i am off now to make a hot chockie (that will help de-frost my toes you see) *GRIN* and play more Hide and Seek with Sam :)

Feel free to email me if you'd like to order anything from this post !

Luv N Hugs,


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Beautiful items Shannon! I love the enamel pitcher, that is so pretty! And how sweet are those angels and the adorable heart cupcakes!!



Hi Shannon, Please Please Please put that lovely teapot on ebay. It's so gorgeous and your cupcakes look great, I especially like the xmas ones. I brought some of those spotty Robert Gordon pattys as well (3 lots). I don't know why I don't even cook, I also got the spotty food covers and the little icecream timer, they were so cute and I just couldn't resist...
<3 Sharon

Siobhan said...

Hi Shannon, gee you made me laught with your bunch of green veggies lol. I must say, I love my green veggies too!

Your new designs are lovely.


Gail McCormack said...

Tis all just gorgeous Shannon! I still need to buy some of your luscious cup cakes, too many to choose from I'm thinking. Haven't seen the new Robert Gordon range yet, we were going to go to his big sale at the factory outlet, think it's over now. Good girl for eating your quota of green vegies for the day, I do love stir frys!

Kerryanne English said...

Gosh Shannon you have been busy. I love your transformation on the birdhouse...too cute for words.

What a romantic gesture from your hubby. I think it is even more romantic than flowers - far more personal and thoughtful.

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Shannon thanks for visiting my blog again. Riley is going really well. Amy is becoming a great Mummy.We had a family dinner last Thursday night (my 4 kids & partners &grandchildren)and I got to bath Riley which was fun.
Love all your goodies you've been making. What a great make over on the birdhouse.
Fantastic 'bunch of greens"

MelsRosePlace said...

Shannon, you are so creative! Love what you've made lately and i have to agree with you about the flowers - the florist ones are a bit disappointing and nothing can compare to picking your own. We used to get our fruit & veg delivered and when i opened up the big styrofoam box it was like a wonderful surprise looking at all that fresh produce so i can agree with you for sure! My veggie garden is coming along so hopefully before long can pick my own there too! Mel xx


aaah, a man bearing vegetables. Be still my heart. Onya Shane.
Mwa. :-}

KARA said...

oh look at the pretties, umm I am hungry can I have a cupcake. lol.

Icicles oh thats how my toes were when I stepped outside minus shoes lol.

The xmas cupcakes are my fave oh but I like the angels oh and the birdhouse, shann you always make me indesicive

Lori said...

Shannon, Veggies?? Heck more work for me! I'll take the flowers cause my gardens all dead! Now those my dear are some great crafts! Do you think the maker (you) could be shipped with the cuppies to help find a cute plac e for them? Oh and I think I need Sam to come help too! Still no Halloween box huh? Stupid postal service!!! It just breaks my heart that Sam missed those goodies I sent! And I had made something special for you too! It makes me want to just cry. keep in touch, Love Lori

Dolly said...

Hey girly girl...its cold here too! It even snowed lastnight! Ouu I am so not ready for snow!

Ok so who is Robert Gordon?

I love the new pink polka dotty cuppy cakes.... and the choir gals are precious!

Looks like you are haveing fun creating!!!

Luvs ya toots,

Scrappy Moments said...


Those cupcakes are Beautiful, and The Birdhouse makeover is Gorgous! Just Beautiful Things :)


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Everything looks so pretty Shannon! You have been one busy lady!

Alex Hughes said...

Hi Shannon,

Hee, hee I am having a little chuckle because I am so excited that you came over to visit my blog!! I have been a regular stalker of your blog for ages and to have you ask me to pop over for a visit makes me chuckle too. I have also watched you over the years on ebay, along with Natasha Burns.

I have a huge love affair with shabby chic and love the work you do. I only wish I could be so talented. I do love craft and dabble in it quite a bit (you could say it is another obsession!!). But my Shabby Chic on-line business is my baby and I have only just got into the world of blogging seriously and have just started commenting on other peoples blogs. It is great!! I love the people you meet who are like-minded and share the same interests (am sure some of my friends truely don't understand my obsession with Pink!).

Anyway, thank you so much for popping over to my blog and if you don't mind I will be adding you to my fav. list too.


Ps. I live at Lisarow.

Renee said...

Shannon, i just found your blog from your ebay store. I saw what you did with the patty cases - how amazing! They look fabulous! You have a wonderful blog, and are just so talented. I will be back to visit, and thank you for visiting my ebay store! Kind regards, Renee x

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Ok, I would have to say that my favourite cuppies would be those cute little ones with the hearts. Actually I really like the ones with the roses too, ok I think they all look wonderful, Well done!!

Cherub*Kisses said...

FANTABULOUS yet again!!! Hope you have warmed your tootsies :) it's mildy cold here in Michigan too ... hear a little snow is on the way... the boys can't wait for that LoL!! Me.. gimme my sunshine Thank You :)
Have a yummy day with your adorable & huggable Sam & oh so thoughtful hubby!!
Hugs, Dionne

Anonymous said...

Oooooh your cupcakes are soooo pretty!!!! And I love your sweet little angels, too! Gorgeous!!!

Laurie said...

Those are lovely creations Shannon.
I think you are so talented.


Jules said...

gorgeous how clever are you Shannon
and thanks for mentioning my tussie,i must blog your gorgeous one.Your xmas cakes are so sweet.

Bejeweled said...

Love what you did with the birdhouse! I bet the birds will be fighting over living in such a posh place :)

And I love those Christmas cupcakes too!!

Joy said...

You know what I love? The fact that you tied those green veggies with the prettiest ribbon. It's all in the details baby and you've certainly got that down! :)

The cupckaes are *divine*. Guess which one I'm partial to...