Friday, 16 November 2007

Beautiful Presents From A Beautiful Friend (long post warning applies)

This morning Sam woke up sick so i kept him home from Pre-school (hmm...or is he pretending....).
ANYHOO lucky i did, the timing was PERFECT !
At 9am, when i would normally be dropping him off to preschool, the bell at the front door went ding ding and i heard my parcel guy Glen (yes we are on a first name basis) yell out "Delivery Shannon". I ran to the door ( yes i run when i get sooo excited). I was thinking Oh Yeah it'll be my fabric from O.S....NOPE EVEN BETTER !!!!!
The LONG AWAITED, MUCH ANTICIPATED, PARCEL from my beautiful friend
LORI @ pinkfadedroses had at last arrived.
Lori sent this off almost 5 weeks ago, it was meant to be here for Halloween and never arrived. We have been so upset that this parcel looked like it was gone for good......


Sam and i were yelling and jumping around like we'd won lotto! And honestly it felt like we had. Then the excitement went through the roof as we started opening up this box of goodies. I was crying like a baby too ! Everything wrapped in little halloween bags, orange and black tissue paper and a personal card for both Sam and I from Lori ( we love you too sweetpea).


Little parcels wrapped up just for Sam..... books, candy , halloween cutouts, stickers, toys, playdoh....the list goes on. All for Sam.

I think Sam was in shock. He just couldnt believe all that was for him.

Then he was just beside himself with excitement !

There was even a special package made just for me :)
Look at how gorgeous this is ! I love it Lori!

And i love love love what was inside....mmmm CANDY CANDY and more CANDY ! I can feel my thighs exploding already :) AND pink playdoh 'specially for ME Yippeee yippeeee
Oh am i meant to share this candy Lori ???????? LOL, Not likely *wink*wink*

Well by this stage Sam had endured enough waiting so he thought he better pack up some of his goodies and hide them before Mummy eats them all (smart boy).

Lori we cant thank you enough. You are such a doll to do this for us. WE LOVE YOU. Sam has been talking about you all day now and asked me "How do we get to America to see Aunty Lori?" i said "On a big plane Honey" his response was so simple "Well lets go then."
Now wouldnt that be nice......We could give you big hugs and giggle our silly heads off and you would know just how much we adore you.Hopefully you know already but.Im so glad we found each other and i keep our friendship very close to my heart.

Ok im grabbing another tissue now....

****Well i am off to have a snack now...hmmm what shall i have.....yes i think i hear a hersheys lollypop calling my name....ahhh sweet!

Shann (who will no doubt have a tummy ache by tonight)!But it will have been worth it.

p.s There are no pics of me opening the parcels as i had a bit of an accident with a bottle of hair dye last night....hmmm lets just say 'Swamp Green' is not my colour..... LOL (yeah at least i can laugh about it).


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Shann, what a fabulous box of goodies. That Green Hair you created last night would have been perfect for Halloween. The locals thought you had a great Halloween House this year. Just wait until next year with some of these lovelies added to it. Lori is such a sweetheart to send thse gifts to you and Sam. How on earth that box got lost in the post - who knows! maybe they didn't send it first Class but by a slow, slow boat!
Have a fun weekend and hope Sam is feeling ok.

Kerryanne English said...

Oh Shannon....what fun!!!
I love getting parcels too (who doesn't?)and even better when they are filled with candy.

Ok let's have fun....I want photos of the green hair...pleeeeease - let us share your pain....hehehe.
Oopps, sorry love - I'm laughing with you not at you. God knows I've done it before, more than once.


joan said...

You have great friends and your little guy is so cute and I'm with the other girls let's see the green hair. :-)

Lori said...

Shannon, HOW GREAT!!!!! Well heck, now my darling sam had two Halloween days!!! You'll have to take a picture of him with his vampire fangs I sent! Glad you liked the box, know it wasn't pink but hopefully cartured Halloween! I think you and I should do a Valentine swap together???? Oh hope you like the cookbooks! gee I hate that it takes so darn long to get things there!! Well better let you go for time to make those post Halloween cuppies with the little sugar figures I sent on top!Hey read my blog cause if you do it's four more entries!!! Oh green hair? Been watching the Wizard of Oz? Love you and Super Sam bunches! Lori Oops I should have included cat treats!!!! Nexttime I will!!!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

What gorgeous and YUMMY goodies Shann! Sam is so CUTE! What a perfect day for him to stay home, lol! Isnt Lori the best? I just love her to pieces!

Hope your sweetie is feeling better too. You must be very festive with your green hair, lol!


Gail McCormack said...

I think Lori has made a certain little man very happy, what a parcel!! should keep him amused till Christmas day at least, what a lovely friend Lori is.

KARA said...

oh shann, I can't believe your parcel guy, too cute.
Love all the piccy's how lovely of lori.
Same looks sooo excited
love you loads

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Oh what fun!!!!
Lori is soooooooooooo sweet!! But if you do ever hop on that plane to visit her, let me know, I'm just one state over!!