Friday, 2 November 2007


Ok so i am finally posting my Halloween pics for you all !
I tell you my house caused Halloween Hysteria in our neighbourhood. I think we were the only people around who decorated....hence EVERY child/teenager in the neighbourhood started descending upon us by 2pm.I had to ring poor Shane and tell him to hurry home via the supermarket because supplies were fast running out!
It was sooo funny and Sam couldnt stop giggling, he would even open the door and say to the kids "and who are you meant to be?", most of them were really fun kids and went to alot of effort to get dressed up, BUT there were a few boys who needed a good swift kick up the backside when they called me a not-so-polite name because i refused to give them candy. I politely told them my rule was NO COSTUME = NO CANDY and they were welcome to come back when they had dressed up. Maybe that seems harsh but i figured well, we went to alot of trouble decorating and creating a great halloween atmosphere for the neighbourhood and to have some rude kids turn up in dirty school clothes just to scab free candy really peed me off. So yep i was a bit of a witch! sis and 3 of her girls came over, along with mum and John(my stepdad), my Dad and my friend Rexine. I took Sam and my niece Kaitlyn trick or treating, or 'Trickle Treat' as Sam was saying LOL, and it was really fun.Sam kept singing "Trickle Treat Trickle Treat give me something good to eat, and if ya dont i'll toilet paper your house", ahh thats my boy....LOL....
Most people were great and had some candy ready, others, well, the closed blinds and sudden silence inside the home were a dead giveaway that they werent into the festivities at all! Poohey to them i say!

Now you are all waiting for me to stop ranting and raving and show you some pics arent you?
Ok then.... without further ado.....

The Scary Trick or Treating Mob
Me (witchy poo), Sam (mini witchy poo) and my niece Kaitlyn ( Sleeping Beauty)

My little witch (no he didnt want to be called a warlock).Im lucky i even got these photos of him. This is a kid who nagged and nagged me for 6 weeks to have Halloween and to wear his costume and i kept saying No, not yet,...well once he had it on for 5 minutes he was over it! Kids...!

Geez the black and orange really doesnt go with pink at all does it !

We even had halloween cups with black and orange drink.

Can i tempt you with some yummy halloween cake????

Check out my Jack-o-lantern all lit up! Creepy or wot ???

We even had a lady come back with her camera to take photos. I guess people were just dumb founded by an aussie family celebrating Halloween ...who knows.

Oh but the highlight of the evening was this chair. Before you all ask, No i am not painting it.

Can you believe it was out on the footpath for council pickup???? My Dad found it on his way home, via the shops, and he carried it all the way back to my house for me! I am slowly teaching him the art of scabbing off the side of the road LOL. Looks like its working too. What a find!

In the end a good time was had by all and we were all well and truly exhausted by the time it was over. Now its time to pull the orange and black decorations down and get started on pink and white Christmas decorations...YAY now thats more like it :)

Luv Shann

p.s currently working on lots of gorgous creations at the moment so stay tuned!


Kerryanne English said...

Hi Shannon (or should I say Witchy Poo),
You went to so much trouble and it all looks wonderful. I'm sure it will be a night that Sam will remember for a long time. He sounds pretty normal to me getting the gear off after a few mintues. Many a mum has spent hours sewing only to have the dress up on for a few minutes...speaking from personal experience here...LOL.
Glad you had a great nigth with your family.

Sue said...

You go girl!! Well done, it's good to shake up the neighbourhood occasionally!You all looked great, and you never know, next year, you might have a few more into it.
That chair is cute, I have seen them sell on ebay for quite a bit, lucky you!


Hi Shannon, I've beening waiting to see your pics of the big night and you havn't disappointed. You all look great. Luv the spooky drinks and your jack o lantern,
the chair was a great find too. Looks like great fun was had by all...

KARA said...

wow I was actually frightened, shann you look really scarey as does mr gorgeous.
Umm I wanna some cake that looks delicious.
Oh happy halloween to australia

Lori said...

Shannon, "I'll get you my pretty!!!" Hope you remember thats a line from the Wizard of Oz!!! You looks so GREAT!! You had me laughing about the rude costume-less kids, but I agree!!! Now Shannon, Halloween is over and I 'm going crazy to know, "DID MY PACKAGE COME??????" Boy if not I am so Pi--ed!! PLEASE let me know before Christmas!!!LOL Tell Sam Auntie sad he was a party pooper to take off most of his costume!! WRITE SOON!!! Love, Lori P.S. I had one trick or treater, who knows why??

Dolly said...

Aw Shannon you n Sam look fabulously wicked!
You lil witchy poo you!
I am so gald you had a great halloween.....
Thanks for taking us along!

YES YES YES bring on Christmas!!!!

Hugz, Dolly

Alison Gibbs said...

Shannon love the costumes. It was great that you had so many kids come around. I was all ready with heaps of candy and some decorations at me front door but I only got 2 little witches. Luckily or not my 24 year old warlock that is back living at home kept going in and out ringing the door bell and saying trick or treat to get the candy. LOL. At least it stopped me eating the candy.

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hello Miss Witchy Poo, I have been waiting for your halloween pics and they were worth the wait!! Dont the kids look gorgeous, good on you for making it such a fun time for everyone. We had a couple of people trick or treating her but I forgot to get lollies on the way home so had to give them apples. Next year I will be better prepared!!

joan said...

Great pics Shannon! Looks like a good time was had by all. My 1 yr. old granddaughter came over for trick or treat, she's not quite into it yet. Love that chair also.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Shannon, it looks like you all had such a good time! How fun. Your costumes are great! And that cake looks yummy too!! Pink Christmas now for me too :)


Gail McCormack said...

Good on you Shannon, you really got into it! Sam's so lucky to have such an enthusiastic Mum! Love the chair...well just loved all your photos and news


Siobhan said...

OH wow...Shannon you look great! Did you go for a broom ride? lol.

Don't blame you with your rule being no costume no candy. We had so many high school kids coming in their school uniform in the end I did not answer the door to them...sad really!


MelsRosePlace said...

Hi Shannon, you guys looked FANTASTIC! Its a shame some kids just think they could turn up and get free lollies with no effort! My neighbour came over yesterday and told me next year she is going to decorate as well so we might have the whole street going next year (and its all your fault lol),
Mel xxx

Laurie said...

Look like you all had a great time!! yay! Love the chair!


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Such great memories for Sam! Glad you all had a great time! Love that chair!!