Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Why is everyone looking at me funny?????

Do they think i am some Evil Witch who slaves over a hot cauldron at night creating EVIL SPELLS in the hope of luring them into my witches den ??? (insert loud and scary evil witches cackle here)
Hmm....even the parcel guy is stearing clear of me.....
So Why oh Why are they all looking at me strangely....i ask you...
Surely it has nothing to do with this????????????


I hope all you gals over the ocean there are proud of me! This is my first Halloween decorating year and i gotta tell ya IM LUVVIN IT !!!
Mum popped over the other day so her, Sam and i got to work on the window.(It was great therapy to take my mind off my cat being sick.) Mum was chief web stretcher (man that stuff attaches itself to everything) and Sam, well he basically just used his stickey tape to tape up the whole house while mum and i were both occupied, and he played with the plastic spiders (eww i dont even like plastic ones).

The next morning i did the front door and the candlelabra and also hung my skeleton and scary spider chandelier. Theres lots of fake web, bats and little black and green spiders. IT'S SO KOOL !!!! I just need to find a pumpkin so i can make a Jack-o-lantern....pumpkins seem to be a scarce thing around this neck of the woods....

Shane has been away and when he came home he just shook his head at me and say "you're and idiot", oh but in the most loving way of course! He is sooo used to the weird things i do by now. And hey, what would life be without a little weirdness...BORING thats what!
So many people are stopping out the front when they walk past and commenting on it ! I am sure they do think im nuts. Maybe its just coz us Aussies dont normally 'do' Halloween. Hmm perhaps i'll start a new trend.....or get myself locked away in a 'Special' facility with a nice padded room just for me....???
BAAAHAAAAHAAAAA ( yep thats my scary witch laugh again ).
This is the view from the street.

Looks much better in reality but you get the general idea.

Thankyou all you precious angels who sent more get well wishes for my Scamp. He is still at the Vet (he was home for one day and had to go right back) trying to overcome his problems. I am like chips without gravy without just isnt right without the other :(
I had to add this special litle poem that my gorgeous friend Julles wrote for my Scampy.

Isnt it brilliant. Thankyou Julles xxoo

I will try and be back in a few days with good news and also with some more of my Christmas Creations.
But Please excuse me if i am 'off in the clouds' for a while.I will endevour to try and pop by everyones blogs and say HI :)

Shann xo


KARA said...

oh sweetie, hugs and kisses, I am sure Scamp will be home soon warm and cozy on your lap.
Hey wonder mom how fab does the house look woohoo for shannon and sams halloween scare, looks amazing, you really have done an immense job.
Love and kisses


he he he (best witch's cackle I can do, sorry). I think we did a great job on the window and the door looks pretty scary too. The skeleton & the candelabra look great. I'm sure all those passers-by are just envious cos they didn't think of it. I'm really looking forward to trick-or-treatin' with Sam & Kaitlyn.
Mwah, Mum.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Shannon! I love it, good for you!!! And I am sure sweet little Sam is so excited!! It is all in good fun and CANDY!!! I love it when people do things different and things that no one else is doing! I am that way too!

I hope sweet Scampy is feeling better too!!

Love ya Shann,

Jules said...

Loooving it all makes me feel all halloweeny,I think its gonna catch on here shann judging by all spotlights stuff for halloween.Hehe insert devious yet girly witchy laugh here!
Hugs to scampy

MelsRosePlace said...

Good on you Shannon...i always think i might do some halloween decorating and have a kids party but thats all i do is think about it. Maybe next year, you have inspired me...your place looks great! I subscribe to the Country Homes and Country LIving (usa) & they always have great ideas. Here in Australia do you get the email from Dusk? They have some great Halloween stuff to buy

Well, have fun & I hope lots of people enjoy your Halloween House!
Mel xx

Kerryanne English said...

Congratulations Shannon on being one Aussie brave enough to embrace the Halloween festival. I tried once several years ago but was laughted at by my neighbours for celebrating a US tradition. I love the thought of all those spooky decorations and dressing up.Your house looks fabulous by the way. Hope you all have a blast trick or treating.

Laurie said...

I am so proud of you for being brave enough to start your own tradition with Sam no matter what anyone else thinks! Good for you!
I hope Scamp gets well soon.


IsabellaCloset said...

Shannon, I'm so sorry Scamp is not doing well, how sad. He well be in my prayers.
I LOVE all your Halloween decorations!!!! Thay are just so much fun.. I bet Sam thinks they are great. What a wonderful Mama you are! Hugs & love ~Mary~ :-}

Liz said...

Halloween, yep we are going to do it this side of The Tasman as well, your window is amazing!
My dresses are here yeeeeeeeeeee!! just love them, thank you dear Shannan.
When I move to my new apartment, they will grace my craft area.
I have pics on my Blog!!!
Your hubby is visiting just down the road!!! North Island -you should have come to, but I guess you are looking after your beloved puss.
Hugs -Liz

Alison Gibbs said...

Great job with the Halloween decorations Shannon. Hope Scamp is soon better.

Bejeweled said...

Your home looks frightfully spooky!! Great job decorating! Love what you did with the candelabra!

Lori said...

Shannon, Woooooo!!! So Spookyyyy! Can't wait till you get the package!! Love the chandelier! You know even if the neighbors think your wacky look how happy Sam is! That my dear is the love that childhood memories sre made of!!! Will write you soon! keep in touch! Love, Lori!

tammyCA said...

It looks great! I guess I never thought about other parts of the world not celebrating Halloween. I took my kids on a drive the other night & there are some really decked out had a giant spider (I mean like the size of your front window) with a red glowing light under it. Some do little graveyards in their front yards, some have very scary life size ghouls out front, others have lit up fake pumpkins, or strings of orange lights...most will wait until Halloween night to put out the real carved jack-o-lanterns.

Every year we go to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins & Indian corn. It has become much more than just a farm like when I was a they have corn mazes, tractor hay rides, circus type rides...and, now they charge just to get in. I prefer the old farm way.

Katrina said...

Hi! Hahahaha you are hilarious! Good on ya! I love it!!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Shannon thanks for visiting my blog and congratulating us on Riley's arrival. He is a cutie - but I may be biased.

Siobhan said...

Hi Shannon,

Good on you for joining in with the Halloween fun! Your house looks great and I am sure Sam is getting a kick out of it too.

Siobhan :)

Scrappy Moments said...

Love it Shann. Maybe after seeing your House, it may be Celebrated in Australia, That would be so fun. You should have your Blogging Friends in Australia do thier homes too. I love decorating ,Isn't it so fun? Great Job.

So sorry about Scamp, Hope he's feeling better soon. My dog is layed up right now too, He was at the Vet for 3 days, so I hope things get better.


Gail McCormack said...

Oh Scampy you have to get better, a must do so you can return to your wonderful caring owner!

Sweet Remembrance said...

Your house looks wonderful!
Love the decor...
I hope your kitty is well soon.

marylou said...

Your Halloween decorations are great.... spooky, scary, & eerie:) My fave is all the orange, black and frightfully wonderful Addams Family look and then that sweet bell with the cute PINK bow. I can tell you are certainly a shabby & chic gal. Love it:)
Hugs, Marylou

Stephanie said...

Hugs & get well wishes for Scamp!

Boy, you did a bang-up job of decorating for Halloween, girly!! I'd come trick or treat at your house anytime. Preferably wearing a long thick cloak to conceal all the goodies I need!! :0)

Love ya,
Angelic Accents