Friday, 12 October 2007

Grab a glass of wine for this one...Or maybe the whole bottle!

Ok ive been M.I.A for a week nearly. What have i been up to? Well....i got sick and yukk for a few days there, like some of my poor bloggin pals, ive got my poor kitty cat SCAMP back in the Vet with the same problem as last time and ive been busy creating this and that.
I will try not to bore you with too much chit chat so heres some pretty pics for you to feast your eyes on!

First of all my SOOOO PRETTY Paper Dresses arrived from the lovely LIZ.

Arent they gorgeous! Thankyou soooo much Liz i really adore them. You are awesome and clever! Yours are on their way...i was a bit late, im sorry. Oh and i just realised i forgot to take pics of them b4 i sent them...bugger.

Next up is a bunch of surprise lil' prezzies from my gorgeous friend LORI. Lori was my MUMS partner in My Cotton N Candy Swap and she sent along a bundle of pretties just for me in with mums parcel. Lori you are so beautiful and thoughtful and sweet and i love all my lil' treasures you sent me. My heart is so full :)
My gorgeous prezzies from Lori all wrapped up so beautifully....

Look at all that sweet stuff! I am spoilt.Luv Ya bunches Lori.

I had so much fun making Paper Dresses that i got to 'fiddling' with some more paper items. I was inspired by my Lace Parasols....

And VOILA' My Pretty Paper Parasols!

Im thinking a Paper Parasol Swap may be on the horizon....what do you think??

Next are some items from my Christmas Line.
This partucular Wreath is in my Ebay Auctions at the moment but i am already taking orders for them in a variety of colours.On this one I used some gorgeous Ashwell and Ribbon n Roses fabric, pearl beading and the prettiest pink baubles. The main feature is the Pink Poinsettia flower and faux crystal drop in the centre. The best thing is you can use it any time of the year. I think i'll be making myself one too :)

Whats this???? Glittery foam balls on Kebab Skewers???

Well they make the heads for these of course!
My Sweet Angels available in my Etsy.

These will be in there new little Cupcake Angels..ready to hang on the Chrissy Tree.

Im also busy now making my Fabric Christmas Bon Bons and some gorgeous Christmas Signs. They should be ready in about a week.

Now last week i was having a big office cleanup (ha ha its a mess again)and i realised i have so many sweet cards and tags that are precious to me so i made myself a Memory Board for them.

Theres a photo of Sam there sitting on the vacuum, its my favourite. Either side of him are my Pa and my Grandad, they are both gone now but i know they would have adored Sam :)

Well thats it from me, im off to ring the Vet AGAIN to check in on my Scampy....i hate him being there.

Shann xo


Laurie said...

You have been a busy little bee! You are so creative Shannon, you come up with some great ideas. I love the memory board and the wreath is to die for! The angels are so adorable too. We've missed you but understand you have a life!

Love ya!

KARA said...

Hi Shanny
Hope you are feeling a little better my dear pal, I am getting there slowley, this is one of the worst colds I think I have ever had, oh I hope poor scampy is ok.
Love all the new goodies, oh how I wish you lived next door my house would be covered in all your goodies and we could sit there sipping on tea and cupcakes.
I am totally in love with the wreath, oh I wanna one, I might have to attempt at something similar for me home, but I am sure it will not look like yours.
Love to all

Liz said...

So glad you liked your dresses, loved the parasols, and a swap would be an awesome idea, there is simply no end to what we can make and swap.
Hugs and hope Scampy is on the mend

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Shannon,

So sorry you have been sick!

I LOVE everything your are making for Christmas! It is all just gorgoeus!

How sweet of Lori to send you some goodies!!



Hi Darling, just checked those pics on your memory board again. My Dad & his huge fish (I think the other one he's holding was my catch-hee hee). Isn't it funny the resemblance between Sam & the pic of your Dad when he was little-too weird eh. Is that my Angel in there too, she's on my sideboard now. Thanks so much sweetie, luv ya lots (but you knew that.
Hugs, Mum :-}
PS: Hopefully gonna blog Lori's swap stuff today. Lots of pics.

Sue said...

Thankyou Shannon for your kind words, and I hope 'Scampy" will be ok...It is hard when I have a cocker spaniel's sad face pressed against the glass door, I cant help but have sympathy!!
You are an absolute champion, do you stay up all nite to make these things? Very clever!!!

joan said...

I realy like both sets of your angels, very pretty. I hope your little kitty feels better soon.

Adla said...

Hi Shann,
You've received and created some beautiful things. I love them. Oh and please count me in on the parasol swap if it takes off. I've never taken part in a swap before and really can't wait to be in my first :) Let me know how it goes...and by the way congratulations on opening your etsy shop, I shall go visit now.
Ta :)

Scrappy Moments said...

Shan, You just Awe me, I can drool over your blog for hours(and did). The Paper Umbrellas are Darling, And The Angels, Your Creations are all so Pink & Beautiful and what fun mail too. You have been busy :)

Angie :)

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Glad you're feeling better, and I hope you guys are all done with the sickies! We've had a week of it at our house too, I can so sympathize with you...good thoughts going out to your kitty too
Your cupcakes angels are fatastic, you clever girl!! What a lovely feast of pink goodness you are sharing today, love it all, and how wonderful to get such a nice gift, that's some good medicine after not being well xoxoxo

Gail McCormack said...

Love your Chrissie decorations, just beautiful, honestly all the work that goes into them!! Hope that poor little Scampy is coming good... let's us know won't you

Alison Gibbs said...

You have been a busy girl even though you have been sick. Hope you and Scampy are feeling better.

MelsRosePlace said...

Hi Shannon, love seeing that other people are thinking about Christmas already - i love the things you have made so far and was definitely eyeing off that gorgeous pink wreath!
Mel xxx

Scrappy Moments said...

P.S. I love the Idea of The Swap, Count Me in, If it's ok that I'm in the states.


KARA said...

hello sweetie shann
I have tagged you the meme game
go check out my blog
love you

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Shannon I nominated you for an award....check out my blog.

Shelly @ thePINKbarn said...

Hi Shannon, Looks like it's your lucky day! I, too, have given you an award! :-) Glad you are feeling better. Looks like you have been busy! Everything is adorable!

Katrina said...

Your paper dresses are divine!!! So cute. I was talking to Gail about little dresses in shadow boxes (her idea) and I reckon I would love them in my laundry or bathroom!!

Bejeweled said...

What lovely pink goodness you have been creating! Love the paper parasols of course :) Wouldn't that be a fun swap! I'd be interested.

Hope all is well with your little kitty.

Wendy said...

Wow what a great blog you have and your beautiful paintings cakes & strawberries.

Thank you so much for coming for a visit to Wendy's World so glad you did as now I know where to find YOU!!LOL

Will be sure to visit again

Always Wendy :)

Lori said...

Shannon, tell Sam halloween is flying overseas as I type! I amiled the package Saturday morning and they said it'll be there by halloween! Love, Lori P.S. There are goodies for you too inside!

Stephanie said...

What wonderful news! An etsy store for Shann! Wishing you much sucess, sweetie! Love your wreath, the fabric angels & the cuppies, too!

Angelic Accents

Jules said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous
shannon wherever have i been
these are so sweet
paper parasols hey well id be in
get better scampy please
your mummy needs you

Dolly said...

Hey girly girl....
you have an award waiting for you on my bloggy poo!
Come and see!

Luvs ya sweetpea,
Hugz, Doll

P.S. hows Scampy doing?

Siobhan said...

Congrats on the new Christmas line...they look wonderful.

Siobhan said...

oh...forgot to say I hope Scampy is ok!