Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Shannon Thompson had a i ee i o

This post is something a little different from what you are probably use to from me. No pink,no glitter and glam, no frilly girly stuff....just me and where my heart truly lies....

Picture in your head something like this.

This is Drovers Run and it just happens to be the homestead from my most loved tv show, Mcleods Daughters.

My dream is to live somewhere like this, complete with a thousand head of cattle, horse breeding and training facilities (so my sis could join me), crop growing, sheep shearing, you name it, if its dirty and hard work then i want it.
Yep i am and always have been a country girl at heart. I would trade in my pretty pink boots for a muddy pair of gum boots and my Driza Bone any day.
Growing up my sister and i always had horses. Every day after school, straight to the paddock, and every weekend too. We both entered lots of shows and won lots of ribbons. My sister went on to breed Arabian horses which is how i came to own my beautiful boy Cobi.
When we lived up the coast i would race to the paddock in the middle of the night in severe thunderstorms, trapse through the mud to throw more rugs on him and stand in the freezing cold feeding him warm weet bix to warm up his belly. To me thats heaven, its everything.

Years and years ago before i met Shane, i lived with a guy and we raised and owned beef cattle for a while. I know you are trying to imagine ME out there in the pouring rain helping a heffer to calf, fixing fences, worming the cattle in the round yard i helped build and getting pooped on! I look back on it and my face just lights up. YEP girls i love COW POO !! LOL.
So my dream is that some day (hopefully when im not too old to still do all the things i love) i'll have my property and Shannon The Country Gal will be riding off into the sunset......oh and can i take my cowboy Aaron Jefferies with me???

Hmmm dont think Shane would be too happy about that one ! Oh but wouldnt it make the hard work more fun.....

So there you go....a little bit of info that i am sure most of you wouldnt have known :)

Oh ok, i confess...... my horse had a PINK stable rug.
There you go, i mentioned pink ! ha ha ha.

Shann (Giddy Up)


KARA said...

you have me in stitches, I can totally understand this, we have ever since I was little grown up in the english countryside, I had horses whilst I was a kid (in fact one of the queens old horses 18 hands) my mom lives in the middle of 5 farms we have to dive through there land to get to hers.
I am not sure about all the work though I am a bit girly there lol.
But I love the smell of manure always takes me back.


hey sweets, see i knew you and me should be friends :)


Lori said...

Shannon, Now what will Brendan think when he reads this post? And is Shane up to your male harem????LOL Girlie you are just the dose of happy medicine I need today! Love,Lori

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Shann, you will have to come and visit me over here in ND. We have 4 horses and 300 cattle. I do not ride, so you'd be on your own there, but I do on occasion help with calving and have gotten the cows back in the pasture when they have gotten out, (o.k. I confess I herd with my car and horn honking!)LOL! We have a bunkhouse room in the barn with bunkbeds, and on occasion our friend who rodeos will show up in the middle of the night and crash on a bed! I would offer you a nice bed inside my house....but knowing all this great stuff about you, you just might want to stay one night in the bunkhouse.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Shannon, I am a country girl too! I love farms and lots of land! We live next to a few farms and I just love it!!


Laurie said...

This dream sounds lovely to me. I love thunderstorms and horses! Thanks for sharing and I'm a bit of a country bumpkin too.


Gail McCormack said...

You just never know what's around the corner, you may well end up on your dream farm one day, I don't see anything wrong with pink saddles and feed bags.
How's little Scampy going?

Jules said...

Awww hope you get your farm one day Shannon.after all its a country gal name.I picture a pink farmhouse on the hill surrounded by pink farm fences and what is its name Candyfloss farm ahh (Its shane i cant picture living in a pink farmhouse laughing stock at the local pub) Still pink or not hope you get it one day.

joan said...

Shannon, you are too funny. I've never seen Mcleods Daughters but I like their place. LOL

Kerryanne English said...

Shannon, if we are going to fantasize, could Aaron Jefferies be shirtless please - far more appealing?? LOL

I totally relate to your dreams of the country. My family and friends have always called me 'Molly' from A country Practice....going back a few years here to remember that show. I love the country too and I'm a bit whacky to boot. Speaking of boots - why not pink gum boots tarted up with glitter and roses?

Alison Gibbs said...

hey Shannon we all have to have a dream. maybe one day yours will come true! I think you would have to have the pink boots and maybe dye your horses mane pink1 LOL

MelsRosePlace said...

I am soo with you there Shannon, we share the dream and if you check on ebay you can actually buy pink saddles! I also once saw in an American mag this woman had her stable with a chandelier in it! Now that is a dream. If you can ever get a leave pass check this out as i plan to go one of these days, have even bought my drizabone!

Yours in horses and shabby, Mel xx

MelsRosePlace said...

Oh and heres another place i like to dream
and click on "property" have a dream Australia wide! Well i do ! Mel x0


Is this why you sent me emails of Houses For Sale in the country? Ha! Been there, done that. I'm too old to drive miles & miles to visit you.
Mwah. :-}

Scrappy Moments said...


I used to have Pink Boots. You should find some :) Thanks for this post. I love the idea about dying the main. You can bye the temporary hair color,lol.


Siobhan said...

Hi Shannon, I used to own horses too...LOVE them to bits! I would like to get another one or two now but we don't have the room...boohoo! Oh well, puppies it will have to be. I had a friend how owned a white Arabian horse that I used to was so very gracious as he used to dance.

Siobhan :)

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

LOL! Well...I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' no calves, but I shore would like me some of that thar farm land! LOL!

Adla said...

Wow Shannon, I think it's wonderful that you love the countryside and having the horsies around and all.May your wishes draw nearer and you get to be all true blue :)

Ta, Adla

Sophie Rose Designs said...

Hi Shannon!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Oh my, isn't it every girls dream at some point in their life to own a beautiful horse? I know it's a dream of mine! :)

See ya~ Dara