Thursday, 7 June 2007


Wedding Week is drawing to a close so i thought id add some pics of my fav wedding movies !!
Thanks STEPHANIE and LORI for the Wedding Week Theme! Its been fun.

LOL who doesnt just love this movie to bits! I can pretty much quote it!

Who could resist Adam Sandler with his 'I Wanna Grow Old With You' song...Awwww

Matthew.....need i say more....????

And my fav....Steel Magnolias. Remember Shelby's colours were Blush and Bashful and her mum said they were Pink and Pink !!!

In honour of STEPHANIE @ Angelic Accents...The Grooms Armadillo Cake. This is a bit of a giggle between Steph and myself.

Might add some more of my pics later.

Bye for now,
Shann xo


Natasha Burns said...

oh now you know, my favourite film is The Wedding Singer, I have the soundtracks too.... so sad! i love the part when Robbie sings the song he created after Linda left him "it all was ....... it was a ...... joke and when I think of you Linda I hope you...... " well you know the part. I nearly wet my pants at that part the first time I saw it. This is the only film I have seen at the cinemas three times, yes sad i know, three times! i love Drew Barrymore too, and hubby thinks she is cute so he was happy to come along and watch


Ugh, ghastly cake, but Matthew, well......

Genevieve Olsen said...

Oh! I love all of those movies too. I love your wedding pics so sweet thanks for sharing. You have hardly been lazy!!!!Taking care of Sam and getting over a trip to the hospital. When my youngest who is now almost 2 was a month old, she had gotten a very high fever of 104 and they admitted her for 3 days to find the source, I thought my husband and I were going to die! The stress! It turned out to be nothing! And it took me at least a month to get over it. I love your dining chairs and cupcakes!!!!Say Hi to Sam for us!!!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

LOVE Adam Sandler, and Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson!! All three are on my "laminted list" LOL

Hope your little man is content and meding quickly (((hugs)))

Stephanie said...

Your armadillo cake is sooo much better than mine! You win!! Know what we call armadillos in TX?...ROADKILL!

Steel Magnolias is such a fav of mine, too. Pepto Bismol pink for Shelby's wedding!

Do post some of your wedding pics!! I'm trying to get approval from hubby to show all of you his sideburns from the mid 70's!