Friday, 15 June 2007

Here a Chair, There a Chair, Everywhere a Chair Chair.

Ok so someone asked me the other day what i collect. I said i didnt really collect anything as such.....then today i took a look around and HELLOOOO how many chairs do i own??? I dont really think i collect them but...they just seem to 'Gather' at my place of residence :)
I am like a Foster Mum for unloved chairs LOL
Occasionally i sell make room for another hee hee.
Shane doesnt get it of course, its a girly thing.

Anyway heres some (LOL) of my chairs.

Boudoir Chair i have just done up. Listed on Ebay at the moment.

My 2 scrolly metal chairs.

My new chair i have also just done up. it was a mess when i bought it (for a whole .99 c )

My bargain parlour chair in my bedroom. i will re-cover it one day....

Another chair in my bedroom......

A couple of sweeties in the Hallway.

Ahhh my favourite chair in my sunny nook.

My Jarvi chair. I have another one beside it and also the 3 seater lounge. I adore it.

Chippy white Bentwood Chair.

Another Bentwood that i have just painted and rubbed back. i may paint some old roses on the seat and sell it.

I bought these 2 a while ago now.$30.00 for the pair! BARGAIN !! Just waiting to find the perfect fabric for them.I am definately keeping these!

See theres not THAT many. Actually i think theres more in the Guest Room...oh and wait i didnt include my 8 Dining Chairs.
Maybe i do have a problem after all.
Anyone know the phone number of Chair-a-Holics Anonymous????

Bye For Now
Much Hugs,
Shann xxoo
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Little La La's said...

Hi Shannon, that is hilarious cos I am the same! Probably 12 in the house (and some in storage)! Every room, including the bathroom! I love them. Some are green, pink, blue, have cushions and the list goes on haha. Katrina :)

Little La La's said...

Oh, and I have a real thing for candle snuffers!! :)


Hmmm, as already discussed with her, my darling daughter definately has an issue with chairs. Just how many can you actually SIT ON - lol. (You have to fight the cats for 'em).
Mwa :-}

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

I LOVE all your pretty favorite is the white chippy one!! I have been thinking about using mixed matched chairs at my dining room table since I can't make up my mind which kind I want! LOL


Ele said...

They are all soooo wonderful!

Jules said...

your name is Shannon and you have how many chairs,hmm now if they were ugly and daggy -big problem but they are shabbily pretty and scrumptious even so-no problem.Shane is a guy he will NEVER get it,worse he may even sit on some of em and ruffle the cushions.
P.S i think personally you maybe should be thinking about joining cushionaholics as well lol

Sue said...

I never thought of it till I saw your blog, but I guess I can add chairs to the very long list of collectios I have....thanks for pointing that out to me Shannon, oh and I collect candle snuffers too!Your chairs are lovely!!

The ParTea said...

You know.
Now after reading this post, you have shown me that, I too, am a chairaholic. Cafe chairs, occaisional chair, wingback chair, bishop chairs, the list goes on. And that doesn't include the future "projects" that are sitting in the garage! ~Risa

Stephanie said...

Yep, you are definitely a chair-aholic!! I love them all. Especially like that chippy old white bentwood one ~ I don't ever see bentwoods with designs on the back!

Can I come have a cupcake & some tea & sit in your sunny white chair by the window?

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