Sunday, 24 June 2007

I like Aeroplane Jelly......but when did they start making it with razor blades????

LOL No i didnt find Razor Blades in my Jelly.....
I have been sick this past week with a severe case of Tonsilitis and my throat was so sore that yep the Jelly felt like razors going down my throat! I wanted to scream with every mouthful but even that hurt. Why didnt i just stop eating the jelly, you might be asking your self......WELL it was PINK LEMONADE flavour...I COULDNT STOP. I mean c'mon, Pink and Lemonade together.....Yippee!
So poor old hubby had to pull his socks up and take charge of the house...HA HA HA. Oh you really have to see it to believe it.
Why is it that we can happily and easily 'Multi Task'. but men.....oh Lordy me what a drama.
I know that my husband personally is a little 'sookie la la' when he is sick and needs me to be at his beck and call every second, BUT this past week i did hear many a groan from the direction of the lounge room when i dared to call out (in my scratchy painful voice) for a drink to take my tablets. Ahhh they really are just big babies arent they.
ANYWAY moving right along...... When i had the energy i sat in bed and did a bit of creating (you really can only watch so much TV). My thing at the moment seems to be Jars and Polka Dots. Dont ask me why, its just turned out that way LOL. So today i hopped up and took some photos of them all.

These first ones i made last weekend along with the Cupcake Flowerpot (which is on ebay at the moment). They are sooo darn cute.

I made this one just for me, for fun and was really pleased with how pretty it turned out :)

And of course...something very Pink and Cupcakey.....

Last but not least....DONT LOOK MUM !!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! This is part of your Birthday Present !!!!!
For everyone else....
Scroll down.

I made a Fairy in a Jar for my lovely Mum as part of her birthday prezzie next week (26th). The little fairy is actually my niece, mums Grandaughter, HAYLEY, sitting in a bed of roses. She lives in Queensland so we hardly ever see her. I thought it would be nice for mum and my stepdad to have this little memory of her smiling at them each day :) We all miss her so much.

I was actually thinking i may take Custom orders for the Fairies and people could email me a photo they wanted me to use. I will do one of Sam and he will be a Cherub in a Jar. I also had the idea to do little Fairies in Garden keep watching this spot. I just love getting creative!!

Thats all for now :)
Hope everyone had a gorgeous weekend!

Much Hugs,


P.S YAY only 2 more weeks of plaster to go.(Sam is now trying to 'bang' it off his leg by hitting it against everything.....the mind boggles.)


Jules said...

wow how cute are they shannon.see what tonsilitis does.The fairy in a jar is sooo sweet.Have just finished someones Tiara box as befits a tiara.
The jars are a lovely idea.

nbeltane said...

Shan, these are all so fab. love them. that jar is divine, your mum will love it... what a lovely idea

Ele said...

As always, your stuff is beautiful. Sorry about your sore throat. Hope all is well soon!

Lori said...

Oh how I love the cupcake flower pot but don't see it on Ebay. Will you take any orders for the cutie pot? Lori

Stephanie said...

These are just waaay over the top COOL!! I don't even know which I like best ~ I love them all!

Wonder what you could do if you were well?????

Love ya,
Angelic Accents

Peta said...

Love them and men are totally useless when sick! Mine also leaves me to die when I am not well!

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

oh shannon! i just might need one a chubby fairy jar for ashy =) hugs, debbie