Thursday, 4 December 2008


Yes, Christmas has not only 'spewed' all over my house, but it has in fact 'spewed' all over the front yard too.
Oh dont be grossed out by the 'spewed' thing will you. I pinched that expression from my sweet pal Jules @ Whimsical Notions, Jules has such a way with words....she cracks me up ALWAYS and i love that Christmas has SPEWED all over her house!
Has christmas spewed all over your place too then?? Go on, admit it and then say it out loud with me! CHRISTMAS SPEW! HAHAHA.
So anyway...i digress...whats unusual about that....? Nothin'.

This year i had the idea to draw, cut and paint large wooden christmas cut outs to sell. So off i tootled, pencil, jigsaw (well Shane did that part for me) and brushes in hand. Oh geez the neighbours must have loved me...NOT...not only was there noise from the jigsaw but i tend to curse quite loudly when things don't go as i see them in my head (yeah, i can admit it, i swear my head off).
And a big HURRAH and THANKS BABE to my hubbs who kept coming home from work to me saying "Can you cut another snowman for me...can you cut another reindeer for me..?"
He's a good egg that fella of mine *wink*

So here's just a few on my front yard right now. They are all glittery and gorgeous!

Ok i couldnt help myself...i HAD to do a PINK Reindeer! I HAD TO i tell you!

A couple of mischevious lookin fellas..heehee.

I had more but some have already found new homes and silly me didn't think to take photos first (the blonde hair strikes again).
Sam of course is totally hysterical that i am selling these...WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SELL EVERYTHING?? he asked me. I think I'm gonna have to watch and make sure he's not outside telling potential customers to GO AWAY, DON'T BUY OUR STUFF ! Seriously he would do that...he has a mind all of his own that boy. Love that kid!
Oh well if the last few don't sell then i guess we have more for our display!

On another note today, something that rhymes with CHRISTMAS TREE is MUMS CROOK KNEE(say it out loud, it rhymes, see.) My mummsky is in hospital today having a full knee replacemnt! EEEKSSS! I'm off to see her soon and take her a nice bowl of fresh fruit salad and some Country Home Ideas magazines to flick through (so she doesn't have to resort to watching the dreaded soapies on TV..LOL)ooops no offence to anyone who watches them..i just know my mum doesn't like them.
Tomorrow if shes feeling better i plan to bake some scones and take some up there with some fresh cream and jam so her and her 'roomie' (who is having the same surgery today as well) can feel a bit spoilt.Oh i just may have to eat one or two myself....!!
So if you could send some well wishes this way for my lovely mum im sure she'd appreciate it. Its gonna be a looong and painful road ahead for her. Thankfully i can be there to help her out each day at home while she recovers.

Okies im off to make fruit salad now!
oooh and dinner too i think, b4 i go. Mmmm good weather for casserole im thinking....YEP !
Whatcha having for dinner tonight girlies?

Love n Pink Kisses,

Shann xxxxx


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Please tell your sweet Mama that she is in my thoughts. Also, to rest and do what the doctor orders!! When my mom had knee surgery, she was stubborn and overdid it, and it just made the recovery take longer.
Happy Christmas Decorating!!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Shannnn...Enough already!
With a very long 6acres of grassed area here,Those chrissy cutouts would look beautiful!
Shame we are states away!
Hope your Mumma goes well,My Mum had that surgery and itwas very hard going the recovery process especially with the Pysio but she has a better life now she had it done.
Almost worth it to get fresh fruit Salad and Scones though!

Now for dinner...We have preschool chrissy concert tonight so have to do a quick dinner...
I make the mini meatballs and buy the jar of sweet and sour:)

our shabby cottage said...

Shannon, they look stunning and your son is right - don't sell them, you've got to keep them...or make some more!

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Shannon that pink Reindeer is as cute as a bugs ear....Lilly Cottage would love one of those....hmm wonder how much it would be to fly down there and get it....Love your decorations, let the spewing continue...
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

marie christine said...

Hi shannon, so happy you are back ! Please tell your mum lots of kindly words from me. I have to say,I love, "j'adore" your reindeers ! I would like one of those... of course ! A gorgeous autralian reindeer in France !! Enjoy your day !

Bride2Be said...

Very cute yard signs Shannon; love the snowmen:) I'm having a give-away this week, pop on over and check it out! Happy Holidays!!


My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Hey Shann,
Ive also been awol for awhile but am back & have a lot of catching up to do. Love how your front yard looks, they are just sooooooooo cute. Give you Mum (& her roomie if you like) a big hug from me & give her my best. I have yet to get into the Chrissie decorating but am getting there.
Luv yah

Lyn xoxox

Linda said...

Hi Shann,
Looooove the pink raindeer, hope your mum recovers very soon from her knee replacement.
Cheers Linda

Romantic Living said...

Oh the pink reindeer is soooo cute! Great job!


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sweetie! LOVE the reindeer!! I would have HAD to also, lol!

LOVE the trees in your header, how beautiful!

Love you lots,

Lori said...

Shannon, Oh please tell Mum my thoughts are with her! Those stinkin knee replacements are painful! Of my 9 surgeries that was the worst pain ever! Now I adore the pink reindeer! And love your banner. Gosh if we were neighbors we'd pink everyone else out!! Wahoo@ Miss you bunches, give sam a big kissy from me. Love,Lori

Rue said...

The cutouts are really sweet Shann :)

I hope everything goes okay with your mum's surgery.


Anonymous said...

OMG I MISSED YOU!!! hehe im so glad you back in action! Loving the pink reindeer and snow men! sooo cute! I am hosting a blog party you need to come join in! and help spread the word! its going to be super fun! I hope you mom is okay and will be up and moving soon! BIG BIG BIG HUGS


joan said...

Hi Shannon,

I love the pink reindeer. What a great idea! I hope your Mom is doing well, I do miss her blog. Tell her she has to blog while she is recovering. At least once the recovery is over she shouldn't be in any pain anymore. Give her lots of good wishes from me. It looks warm there, will you send some my way? :-)

Sondra Behne' said...

hello happy I came across your blog. It has been a pleasure to view your postings.

Do stop by some time and check out the pink contest that we have going on right now @

Hope to see you there.


Country Wishes said...

Love those Shann they are just beautiful, can you make them smaller and post them??


clare said...

Good luck to your Mum . Love the pink reindeer .
Clare's Craftroom

Sarah Baby said...

Hope your Mum gets better really quick. Just love the reindeers and their friends, its a pity you are so far away. The scones with jam and cream sound wonderful too.