Wednesday, 6 February 2008


The cats out of the bag, Elvis has left the building, The chicken's flown the coop.... and anymore appropriate phrases you can think of.

Yes girls..its that time...

Firstly im sorry to say that those who had a go at guessing were WRONG....bummer for me because i liked some of the guesses, expecially Gails one about a new kitty Cat :)

OK without any further ado......



yay, the crowd goes wild, its absolute chaos.....the applause is enough to deafen me..LOL !

So, pretty exciting for me. Lotsa hard work, i am madly painting, glueing, glittering,cupcaking, you name it, im doing it and loving it !

It will be a couple more weeks untill it's all up and running as we are going away on the 14th for 5 days and i wont have any computer access....OH NO how will i survive ! Im trying not to think about it.It's just too harrowing to even contemplate.

I will let you all know as OPENING DAY draws nearer and i hope you can pop in and have a little peek and please spread the word!

Perhaps i will fly my jet over all your homes to remind you.....

How cool is that hey !

Pop back in a few days and i'll have a little sneaky peak for you of what you can expect to see in my VERY OWN WEBSTORE...oh can you tell im excited???

Lotsa Pink Hugs and Kisses,

Shann xxxxxxoooooo


Scrappy Jessi said...

yeah! congrats! that is so cool!
good luck girl
have a great week

Lori said...

Congratulations Shannon my dear!!! can't wait to see what you have!!! Love and hugs Lori

WhineNRoses said...

Congratulations Shannon!!!
Good for you!!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Congratulations Shann.
Never thought of that one for the secret.
Sounds great.

celestina marie said...

Congratulations on your new webstore! Love the plane too!LOL
Best of luck, love your treasures!
La Rea Rose

Anonymous said...

Shannon that is so exciting. I too am in the process but mine will be awhile yet. We can learn from each other. Congrats!! Can't wait to see it.

Adeline's Shabby Cottage said...

Oh Shannon!! Congratulations!! If I ever get my links up and running, we'll have to exchange links!! I CAN'T WAIT to see your goodies!!


Alex Hughes said...

Yay! Well done. What a great step for you. I have watched you over the last few years on ebay and I love what you do.

Good luck with the new venture and I will be sure to help spread the word. Can't wait to see the 'store'.


PurpleFlowerFairy said...

you go pink girl!!! =) hugs, debbie

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Shan,
Great news.
I wish you lots of fun and success with this new venture.

Anonymous said...

Hey I am inviting you in on a spring theme swap! It is called Hanging up Springtime!! I hope you come and join!

Anonymous said...

congrads on the new webstore! that is awesome!! come fly by my house and visit! hehe

Heather said...


Sue said...

Oh Shannon, can I borrow your plane this weekend??
My website is nearly up and running too, again!! Cant wait to see yours, you will do very well!

Siobhan said...

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on getting your own webiste Shannon! I can not wait to see all your lovely items showcased.

I wish you all the very best with it.

Siobhan xo

joan said...

Congrats Shannon! I am so happy for you and I can't wait to see your website. Oh and I like your plane :-)

Tracie said...

Please come see my blog ~ I've got something for you!

I saw something about a website?!!!

Gail McCormack said...

Silly me, I should have guessed!! I remember you asking me some little bits of info which should have made realise....I'm a bit slow on the uptake and a bit slow visiting blogs lately too...sorry this CONGRATULATIONS is late but nether the less it is a HUG CONGRATULATIONS and the very best of luck Shannon, I know what I'm going to be looking out for when your website opens, starts with "C"

Gail McCormack said...

me again
forgot to say how clever the name on the plane is, or is it really yours...hee hee, fly over and pick me up please, it's the house with the red tin roof.
Have a wonderful holiday incase you don't post before you go

The Rose Cottage said...

Hi Shannon, I just love your blog, and your cupcakes are amazing.
Congratulations on opening your own shop I bet you will do really well with your talent :)


Katrina Chambers said...

Cool! Can't wait to see!!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Congratulations Shannon!!! I am so happy for you and wish you the very best!

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Hi Shannon, congratulations on your webstore, how exciting!!!! Will you have an opening party, will there be cake and bubbles and if so can we come and join you? We will wear our bestest pink clothes and pretty jewels!! Can't wait to visit...nothing like a bit of retail therapy as a cause for celebration. Kiss noises Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Congratulations Shann!!! I cant wait to check it out, I know if will be full of gorgeous pink eye candy!! Wishing you the best of luck, though I know it will be a huge hit!!

Love you,

Liz said...

Oh Shannon -huge congratulations on your very own web-site. I am finally back to Blog Land, and so good to catch up.
Hugs from N.Z.

Tracie said...

Well, now I had time to come back and read the complete post. Yay for Shann! I am so happy for you.
Will you please fly over my backyard so I can tell all my neighbors, "oh, I know her, she's Shann of the store, you know". I tell them all maybe I can work out something for your autograph if you feel like it!

I don't know what you'll do without a computer though - we'll miss you out here but will look forward to your return. You have a safe trip.

I'm tickled "pink" for you!

NeereAnDear said...

He He He.... I knew ... which is why I didn't post because I didnt want to open my big mouth... but you left the address on my blog .... when it isnt even launched yet... remember hehehehe




Alice W. said...

Congratulations!!! I am sooo excited for you!!!