Tuesday, 19 February 2008

And a good time was had by all...Well kind of.

2 days early in fact...oh man dont even get me started on it but....
Can you believe after all this time, waiting to go away and just vege out, lay still like broccoli, drink wine and generally have FUN, my husband gets sick on day 2 !
I know, i know, unfreakingbelieveable huh??! Well i kidd you not. He got sick. He is sick. We came home sunday morning instead of Monday nioght. When we got home i promptly said to him "Right, we came home because you are sick, so get to bed and be sick!"
I know its not his fault he got sick but really can you blame me for being totally bummed out? Sam was not fussed either way, he was missing the cats !

Ok so up untill Mr Sickie got sick, we were having a good time. Although Sam has declared he will "NEVER GO TO THAT BEACH AGAIN" after he had a bit of a stack in the water and sand...face first, when we were walking along the beach...poor lil dude. After the initial shock i couldnt stop laughing at him and of course took pictures of him all wet after the stack. Yeah i wasnt a popular Mummy for that. Bad Mummy, Bad.

On Saturday we drove down to Batemans Bay and a little town outside of it called Mogo and went to the Zoo. I havent been there for 12 years so i was amazed by how much bigger it was.
I am now officially in love with Otters. They make a little meow noise like a kitten..sooo gosh darn cute but they'd bite your finger clean off !
Oh and the Meercats..GOSH..they are too sweet.
The highlight of the day however was Sam feeding the Giraffe!
Everyone was so amazed that he just walked right up there, no fear, and off he went. I was a proud mama :) My lil' guy the sooky la la animal lover, just like his mum.


Oh Finally!

Ok i have to show you some Zoo photos...please dont fall asleep..
The Otters...cant you see why i love them??

Meercats! They are soo cute and so intelligent.

Sam and a Monkey in deep conversation....look the monkeys listening !

Part of the zoos White Lion Pride...breathtaking animals, they brought tears to my eyes.

This cheeky Bengal Tiger is called Rosco. He scared my socks off by roaring at me when i leaned in for this photo! Apparantly thats what he does best, he's a game player. yeah real funny Rosco.LOL.
I actually saw Rosco the week after he arrived at the zoo 12 years ago. He and his sister were seized by the RSPCA from a property not far from me. They and many other large cats were in dreadful condition. I was sooo ecstatic to see Rosco still there and so happy and healthy! His sister unfortunatley died a short time ago :(

Look at these cuddly Red Pandas, SAM and FRODO from the Lord Of The Rings movies, how cool is that!

You still with me???

Ok you want to see some beach photos now dont you????
Of course you do!
Ok on the way home from the Zoo we stopped at a place called Narrawallee where my Grandparents use to live and where i spent most of my holidays untill i was 16 and they moved away.
I took Sam down to the beach that i spent so much time on with my family, particularly my Grandad......i was a bit overcome with emotion going back there but to share it with Sam was so great and i know my Grandad was looking down on us and smiling that another generation was at "his beach". I hope it made him happy :)

Ok Ok enough, i know.
i promise thats it.

Back to reality now and to the DREADFUL TASK of sorting out this Website issue im having.
I am just itching to get it done and get my boutique OPEN !! i have so many pretties for you all! So PLEASE bear with me.

Okies i am off and i'll be popping by your blogs to say hi!

Lotsa Pink Hugs as Always,
Shann xo


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

What a beautiful beach!! Your little Sam is such a cutie! Loved all the photos of your trip!

debbie said...

welcome back! sorry you had to cut your vaca short... can't wait to see your web site =) hugs, debbie p.s. did you and your mom get your package yet???

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Loved your beach pictures. Also, love your faux cupcakes.

Mandii said...

looks like you all had a BLAST!! and going back to that beach was such a special thing to do. Hugs bell!!

Bek said...

Looks like you had a lovely time even though hubby got sick:). It is the quality of the holiday that counts.

Saw you new ebay listings today 2 cute:)

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Aah not to worry, looks like you had a great time anyway. Arent the meercats amazing, they are my fav too!
Alicia ~ time worn style

Alison Gibbs said...

OH NO! Bad luck Shann.
At least you had fun while you were there.
Hope Shane's feeling better.

Alison Gibbs said...

OH NO! Bad luck Shann.
At least you had fun while you were there.
Hope Shane's feeling better.

Country Wishes said...

Oh love the photos!! Shame ya had to come home early.Sam looks adorable!

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Welcome back, we have missed you! Sorry about the hubby, but your pictures were magnificent!! Can't wait to see your new website.

LeAnn :)

P.S. Your mum really missed you!!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Shann! OH, I am so sorry Shane got sickand you had to come home early :( Is he feeling better? What adorable pictures!! Sam and the giraffe, just TOO precious!! And how nice to get to go back to the beach you enjoyed as a child, that is so special!

Cant wait to see your website!


Lori said...

Oh Shannon, You made my day! Now I don't feel like the only mean wife who says,"If your so sick then go to bed!" Sam, adorable as ever. Glad you had some fun and how cute is it Sam mised the cats!! Love,Lori

Dolly said...

"WHAT..... No Shopping"???????
Ok next time hubby stays home and I go with you!

Sorry you had to come home alil early Shan, but know that we all missed you and are glad you are back home!

Loved the pictures....the water is so beautiful and clear!

Hugz, Dolly

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Aw Shann, I'm sorry that Shane got sick :( What a bummer, you got some great photos though! Sam looks so cute, and you guys look adorable together


Adeline's Shabby Cottage said...

Oh Shann, so sorry you had to cut the vac. short. I do hope hubby feels better.

Loved the pics!! That beach looks FABULOUS!!! And what a zoo! The giraffe is my favorite. I think 'cause I look so much like them. All legs and neck:) Sam is such a sweetie!

Can't wait to see your website!!

joan said...

Such great photos Shannon! Glad you had fun and hope your hubby is doing better. Glad you are back and can't wait to see your website.

Tracie said...

Yay Shann,
I'm so glad you're back - too bad about your husband getting sick - boy does he know how to ruin a good time! Your poor girl.

Sam's so cute with the giraffe, see animals know animal people I say, wonderful quality in that cute kid of yours sweetie!

Yes, your Grandad is smiling down on you and telling you to breathe - take it easy, you'll get your website issues figured out and then we'll all be there for you!

Do hope your husband's better - I would've been the same too though. Hey this is my vacation! He's a Shane though - that makes sense, so is mine, but Shayne. OK, enough talking. You better catch up ~
Glad you're back.

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Shan - welcome back to blogland.

Bummer about the holiday but you seemed to fit a lot into a small amount of time. At least you had a few days away and hopefully Shane will be feeling better soon.

Good luck with the new website.

Siobhan said...

Hi Shannon, Looks like you had a great time till hubby got sick which is a shame!

How long before your website opens??? I hope its sorted out.


Linda said...

Hi Shannon,
Sounds like you had a great time even though it was cut short. The red pandas are one of my favourites, I remember seeing them in a Sydney zoo when I was a kid.
Hope your husband gets better soon.
Cheers Linda

Gail McCormack said...

Welcome Back!! Oh never mind about coming back early. Thanks for the photos, I love the beaches around Bateman's Bay, the zoo looks like fun. How's that website coming along???

KARA said...

ok wow I wish I was with you, that looks yummy. poor little sam and shane I hope he is all wrapped up.
That beach looks so beautiful and you did not bore me at all with all the zoo shots, its so awesome to see parts of australia.
Love you sweetie
and trust me if I win the lotto you will be on the plane the next day

flyingstars said...

Beautiful Pics!

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi again Shannon, I have given you an award.Check my blog for details.

Gypsy Mermaid said...

I am soo glad you got to go and relax even if it wasnt for a long time!! your pictures are great I love looking at those kind of pics the ones that will always be remembered bc that is a family tradition! I almost started crying when you told the story about the beach and your grandpa! sniffsniff... okay wheres my tissue!!... coughcough back to what I was saying! Girl I am sooo excited about your new website! it will all be together soon and I can gasp at all your pretties!! big hugs!


Laurie said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the beach. You know how bad I want summer to come and say goodbye to our -40 temps!! The zoo looks like so much fun and Sam is a true animal lover. It looks like he made friends with many animals.
What a tender moment to take him to your Grandad's beach. He will have these wonderful memories always.

Linda said...

So sorry your trip was cut short, but I really enjoyed the beautiful beach pictures and the zoo too.
What fun for your little one to feed the giraffe. I have never heard of Meercats, they sure look cute. Linda

Rosa said...

Oh I am so ready to put my feet in the sand and surf. C'mon warm weather!