Monday, 31 December 2007

Thankgoodness for Frozen Mixed Vegetables

They come in handy when you step on stuff !

So this is what i did.
I am FOREVER on Sams case about wearing shoes in the garden, front yard etc etc....i am like a scratched record...Sam put your shoes on, put your hat on, come and get some suncreen on...yadda yadda yadda...thats most mums but isnt it....

ANYHOO so im on the phone late yesterday chattin to my sis....i walk outside chattin away and head to the garden and start weeding (why cant i just sit still when im on the phone) as im thing... "AHHHH (insert swear word here)...something just bit me " My sis laughs ....THANKS SIS....i say I gotta go and race inside.
"Shane something bit me, get me something to put on it"
So good ole hubby grabs ice cubes..???? umm darl they will melt everywhere, can you get me something else???? Picture me hopping around going OWWWWW and shrieking this at him. So he heads back to the freezer and im yelling "Get the frozen veges we use for the dogs!!!!!"
And he did....
Ahhh they felt soooo good.

By this point my whole foot is throbbing and actually burning a thinking great a spider got me, a funnel web, a redback, oooh not gonna start having convulsions,foaming from the mouth, my legs gonna fall off....all sorts of nasty thoughts filling my head. I cant see a bite mark but. So i figure that theorys maybe out the window.Maybe.....

Then Dad comes in "whatd you do?"
"Something bit my foot"
he suggests i should wear shoes next time
Thanks dad, thats great advice....

So ive got my aching foot propped up on a pillow with the frozen veges...i ring my mummy for support:

Me: Mummy something bit me on the foot
Mum : When?
Me: About 45 minutes ago, i was outside in the garden.
Mum: Well look at it this way, if it was a Funnel Web Spider you'd be dead by now.
(Subtle as a sledge hammer my mother)
I tell you, the emotional support is very strong in this family...

After hours of severe ouchies i was still alive, with all limbs in tact.
I have come to the conclusion that it may have been just an ant,,,boy those things can really pack a punch if it was.....
Now i just hope that the little bugger got a really bad headache from my size 9 foot stepping on him ! That'll teach him (or kill him even) !

Today: said foot is just fine. May go treat her to an exfoliating scrub and then some toenail polish and pretty her up after her most harrowing ordeal. LOL.

And to my oh so concerned family...thanks guys...i think next time im injured i'll just go straight to the MANSON FAMILY.


Luv Shann xxoo


nbeltane said...

owch shan... that would of hurt.. could have been a bull ant..
hugs nicole

Sentimental Roses said...

Oh poor you ((hugs))!! I am so glad that you are okay Shannon!
It is scary when you don't know what caused it!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Shannon, Families are just so supportive. That is after they have picked themselves up off the floor from rolling around laughing at you.
Go exfoliate and paint - pink of course.

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

ha! ha! ha! shannon, you're a hoot! and your mum, gotta love her =) glad to hear you're feeling better. i think you and yur poor foot deserve to go get a pedicure. hugs, debbie

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

LOL! So funny Shannon!! Not to laugh at your pain or anything....but that was just too funny! Your Mom and Dad's response was great!!
Hope you continue to get better!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,

Wishing you good health & happiness for a wonderful 2008.
I look forward to keeping in touch with you through out 2008 & beyond.
Hope your foot is better! Glad I'm not the only mum that nags her kids about wearing shoes, hats ect...Keep up your wonderful blog entries through out 2008, I love stopping by for a read & laugh...


Dolly said...

Awww Shan I am laughing with you...NOT at you!

I am barefoot all summer... I hate wearing shoes... and I step on a bumble bee or two every summer!
I know that pain!
Gotta love family when it comes to support!

Hope the New Year brings you lots and lots of wonderful things!
Hugz and lots of luv, Dolly

joan said...

Okay Shannon, that post made me LOL, oh sorry I should be asking if you're okay. I love your kitty banner and the happiness is a new handbag. There is something about getting a new handbag that just makes you feel good! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

HGow Gorgeous is the new Kitty header!! OMG so cute!! Oh how are ya by the way?? Maybe it was a bee?? Poor little tootsie!! Hope you are feelin better today Bell!! Hugs mands

Lori said...

Shannon, That poor little insect just read your 2007 posts and found out how sweet you are and had to have a taste!!!! Happy New Year, my funny friend, and love the kitty! Love, Lori

Gail McCormack said...

Poor old you Shann! Just wait till next time your family wants a bit of sympaphy!
Glad it's OK this morning, they say the frozen vegies are the best as they sort of mold into the part you're putting them on.

Happy New Year to you all...
love Gail xxx

IsabellaCloset said...

Shannon, So sorry to hear about your foot.. I hope it will be Ok soon.
Happy New Year!
Hugs ~Mary~

Adla said...

Awww you poor gal Shannon,
Have'nt been around tyo your blog in awhile and I've surely missed a lot!
Sounds like your family loves you alot in that loving family way you know :), well good that you are giving your feet some pampering after the ordeal:)
anyway wishing you a happy new year filled with much creativity and joy.Cheers to 08'

xoxo Adla

David and Melissa said...

Your poor foot. I so understand, as I have family like that. Well I hope that you feel better and that so do you!
Take care!
Melissa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

KARA said...

lol shann, I am sorry sweetie to laugh at your misfortune but it has made me smile (which I have not done in days) your family are so the same as mine, i hurt myself a couple of days ago and my mom said it will be better before your married, i said I am married she went, oh well sh*t tough luck then. I mean soooo not funny.
I am sending you hugs kisses and negative thoughts to the darn ants.