Saturday, 8 December 2007

Is more than 2 considered a collection...????

This is the very deep and serious question i am asking myself today.....
If the answer is yes i think i may be in trouble.
Seems i have strated yet another collection...Hmmm, not sure when, why or even how this happened facing reality here that YES i have a collection thing happening now...oh well...
It all started with this so pretty Teabag Holder i had to have one day...well i mean i had to, it matched my cup and saucer naturally......LOL

It has now progressed to this....

Ok its not a HUGE collection but im scared of where it may lead.....i am not sure if or when i will stop. They are just so sweet and they really love it in my kitchen....
Only one problem...i dont drink tea..??????
Not really a problem though because seriously would you put an icky, sloppy teabag on one of them???? I think NOT.

SSShhhh please dont tell my poor darling Shane i have another 'issue' he is still coming to terms with the 40+ chairs !

** I'll leave you with some pictures of a couple of my roses...they are all covered in buds from all the rain we've had, i cant wait till they all burst! I have 12 bushes out the front under the windows so it will look beautiful.
This rose is my favourite as theres a story to it.

We call it 'Erics wifes rose' (we never knew her name). We bought our first home from a lovely lady who's father had recently passed (Eric,it was his house) and she told us that Eric had planted this rose for his wife when she was ill...she passed away not long after and i dont think she ever got to see the rose in bloom. When we moved i was torn between leaving the rose at the house where they lived or taking it with me and remembering its lovely story as i watched it grow. I chose to take it when i found out the people buying our home were NOT gardeners...i knew the rose wouldnt be looked after there any longer. SO now it blooms happily and more beautiful than ever before and i feel quite like i am keeping Eric and his wifes memory alive in that rose.

This next one is at my front steps, i bought it back to life when we moved in.Sorry about the glare in the photo.

Perfectly can you go wrong.....

And every now and then there are cute little people and the occasional kitty cat,resting on the stripey pink chair in my rose garden (which so needs weeding).

Have a totally gorgeous weekend everyone.

Tutt Taa Till Later
Pink Hugs,
Shann xo


Alison Gibbs said...

Tell Shane not to worry at least 40+ teabag holders won't take up the same room as the chairs.
I think that cute little Sam is more beautiful oops no I mean more handsome than the roses.

Dolly said...

My lips are sealed girl....
Shane will not hear it from me that Shann has a new obsession and she will not stop here! Soon the kitchen will be filled with pretty lil tea bag holders! lol

I have 7 of them myself and just love their prettiness!

You have roses, I have snow... wanna trade?

I have the same bench... mines red!

Hugz to you n Sam,
XO, Dolly

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I have a small collection of these too!!
I've heard that when you have three or more, it's a collection. But who makes these rules anyway! ;)

Sue said...

Yeh I believe it is 3 too! I love those collections that creep up on you," it was an accident",that's what I say to my hubby! Love the roses, and your model...
So what's happening with this lamp you won??

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Shannon,
What a beautiful story about 'Eric's wifes rose'. I'm so glad you decided to take it with you when you moved. I hope she rewards you with many a pretty bloom.

KARA said...

hello sweetie, sorry I haven't been around, brain freeze, thought I had.
Loving the teabag holder, now that would be great in my house we love tea, i don't have one of those, they are so darn cute. although I know I wouldn't want to use.
I think you are no where near addiction by another 20 and see if shane notices lol.
My hubby can not believe that you have 40 chairs he says where are they all.
love ya
p.s. I have tagged you hope you don't mind xox

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Well.... I think the pretty tea bag holders are a collection, but I think you are ok, not an addiction YET! LOL! Your roses are beautiful as is that handsome little Sam!
Southern Lady's Vintage

Katrina said...

Hi Shannon, they are adorable! I must be living in a bubble or something as I had never seen them before!! Think you got something going on there. Sam is looking very relaxed there in the sun :)

joan said...

Your roses are so pretty. I like your tea bag holders. They are very pretty. I'm not a tea drinker but am a big coffee fan. Tea has prettier accessories than coffee does.

Stephanie said...

Hmmmm, "issues" .... I like the sound of that better than my "addictions"!

You are fine, Shann, just fine! A few teabag holders & chairs here & there, if it makes you happy, no harm done!! Tap Shane ever so gently on top of the head with one of said chairs if he argues otherwise!!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Lori said...

Shannon, My Aussie twin, I have two of those and over here their not easy to find at all!!! I simply love them, and hey they don't take up alot of space! Just think, next Christmas you and me can do trees decorated with them. But boy I need to catch up!! Funny you have roses in bloom and I had a ice storm and have been in for two days! Marc spent 20 minutes this morning scraping the car windows so I could get him to school, there predicting more for later! So... ineed to get to the store like NOW!!! Love, Lori

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Oh crud!! I hope that lovely Aussie fellow that I was telling all about it wasn't Shane!! Come to think of it, he did pass out, and demand lollies and tea...Shane, old bean, I hope that wasn't you...

HeeHee! At least your collections are pretty, and pretty makes your house a home, and a lovely home makes for a lovely family, and after all, he would agree that that is what's best for Sam, right? ;)


Shabbyfufu said...

Thanks for visiting me today Shannon:-). I remember those teabag holders from my childhood home~not as pretty as the ones that you are collecting though! XO~ Janet


Hi Shannon, I'm sure that you need them and they are soooo pretty. Shane probably won't even notice for a while and by then it'll be too late. Luv your little rose garden and the pic of Sam he looks very happy watching the roses grow...
<3 Sharon

Siobhan said...

I love seeing little people in the garden! :) I will be getting another little addition to my garden on Friday!!! Yes, our puppy is coming home at last!

Your roses are beautiful and are getting addicted to your little collecting! lol


Peta said...

If you have three or more it is a collection! You need that "old bag" teabag holder LOL!