Monday, 11 January 2010

Gorgeous Curtain Hooks

It was my HAD TO HAVE day today.
While visiting my friend Rick at his store and delivering his Faux Cupcake order, i came across these gorgeous rose hooks sent straight from shabby chic heaven :)

They only had one blue and one cream in the shop........that sent Rick on a mission in the stock room looking for more......and YAY there was as if the heavens were smiling on me...ahhh bliss.

Now to get them on the wall. A job for tomorrow...first thing !Eekkkkkk i love them so !

okies, back tomorrow with my PIMPED BIRDCAGE, LOL. See post below :)

Love Shann MWAH xx


Anonymous said...

What a great find Shann!
Hmm which widow are they going on?
Don't forget to take pictures!

Sue said...

Ha! I went there Sunday, and bought two cream ones, Rick also went searching for them!!Good to see you back, I almost didnt check...

Anonymous said...

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