Monday, 3 August 2009

Sweet New Listings and a Sweet Friend

Hello lovelies! Thanks for popping by to visit me! I hope everyone had a gorgeous weekend like i did with my family.
Yesterday Sam and i spent a few hours in the front garden weeding, planting some more Primulas (pink of course) and mulching the garden beds. After that we had a game of 'badminton' in the front yard where Sam confirmed our suspicions that he plays like John McEnroe....LOL, including the hissy fits! What a crack up! Maybe one day he will make a fortune and keep his mummy in the manner to which she could become very accustomed...!

Now since my roses have all been cut back I've been missing i decided to play with paper and paint ones instead.

So this is just a little piccie of a few new things i have just listed HERE on my Website.

Now last Friday i had the pleasure of finally meeting in real life, a gorgeous Ebayer that probably lots of you know. Her name is Tiffany and her Ebay Id is ajrosey.
Tiff and i have chatted on ebay and made friends, but last friday Tiff did such a gorgeous thing and drove all the way over to my place to deliver a pile of timber shutters for me to use in my artwork! THANKS TIFF !!! So Tiff stayed for well over 2 hours and we chatted like old friends and laughed our backsides off about how similar we are (freaky hey Tiff). Oh and lookie at these itty bitty cuppies and snacks i bought for us. I sent some cuppies home with Tiff for her son Ayden who is 8 and is sooooo much like my Sam.

And no we didnt eat them all *wink*
I sooooooooooo recommend that you visit Tiffany HERE at her Ebay Listing or HERE at her Website where she sells gorgeous shabby chic cushions and raggy quilts...the girl can sew like you wouldn't believe! I have so many of her cushions and i NEED many many more. Notice i said NEED, not WANT. There's a difference hey, hee hee.
Make sure you tell Tiff i sent you when you visit her! Hmmm maybe i can even convince her to start a blog......Tiff???? Maybe????

Okey Dokey im off to start sanding a huge Queen Anne's going to be so hard to part with it when im done *insert sad face*, but i cant keep everything!

Have a gorgeous week everyone!

Love N Hugs
Shann xxxooo


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Sounds like a good time had to me...
Laughs,cakes...and things to paint!

I will have to pop by your website and peek at your new pretties...
It is hard parting with things...
Oh well just buy a new cushion to "cushion' the blow!!!
I obviously need more coffee...Or therapy!

*Noelle* said...

LOOOOVE those frames!! isn't it fun to meet new gals? wish i could come to australia and visit ya!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Sahnn, sounds like you have been having a fun time with Sam. How fun to have Tiff over.

Tiffany said...

Hi Shann, I had a lovely time and thank you so much for putting a link to my auctions and website - now I better get onto loading up more stock lol. Those frames are to die for they are truly gorgeous must go over and have another peak at the pink one. Thank you again for Friday must do it again soon! take care hugs to Sam xx Tiff

Carol said...

Those are the prettiest frames I've ever seen! Thanks for showing them off Shann. Kind regards.

Peta said...

I love Tiff's stuff! I have a few of her cushions and quilts.